Journals of a Psychopath



Lady Flarice does not know where her girlfriend is, she suspects it has something to do with her stalker. The novel has twists and turns and is worth reading.


Addison was one of Charlenson’s friends and the one redeeming feature, her hair presented as silky naturally curly it enhanced her face.
      “I want you,” she said.
      “Addy we are only mates.”
(I made Addison wait.) Ainsley, a fan slunk to me, her dyed-blonde hair required touching up, the roots were dark. Greasy and Ainsley’s skin seemed sallow, her nose large and her body fat. (Most women fell at my feet, largely too slow to see my nature, and my silence was perceived as strong, rather than the inability to relate at any level.)

The Lady Flarice’s home

She answered her cell.
      “Hi Mariel, I am scared, I want to know if Samantha's disappearance is associated with the stalker.”
Terrorised she trembled. Dancing behind the tree and I jumped into the air. She opened the drapes I perceived the sadness on her cute face. The Lady Flarice surmised the man-woman spent the time alongside someone else, her assumption was correct she expended her time with me. Desire to race to the Lady Flarice overwhelmed, but I did not. I was gladdened the first goal was achieved the man-woman no longer roamed the earth. I would no longer need to look on her unsightly face.

The Pit Stop

Gradually the shift went by, edginess besieged, I washed cars, and swept the unit, none of those duties eased the frustration. Despising the simple folk and it included the people around the town. I could not see how they bore such humdrum lives. An old woman limped on the sidewalk, stopped. Her life could be similar. How many injustices did she suffer? Did she deal with them valiantly? the woman tottered by, so did my attention.
Rheanna hurried around the bend, she bustled across.
      “We will go to visit my father soon,” Rhea said.
      “I do not want to see Caldwell yet, do not forget he snitched on me, and does not approve of me, besides I prefer it as it is.”
The contemplation involving the recompense I would gain, when Rhea's father found out I was boning her would settle the score. He was involved in the jail term I underwent. Because I am tough and powerfully developed, an inmate began to test me. Attempting to subdue me, the strongest man failed, I struck him on the chin, and he fell to the floor. Bashing his brains to pulp with the small hammer hidden in my sock, the prisoners left me alone after that. The Trees and the Darkest-One had told me to date Caldwell’s daughter, the Purifiers and the Archangel’s orders fitted in with the agenda to make Caldwell’s life wretched.

The Lady Flarice's abode

Peering, her face seemed as white as chalk. Sitting in the tree in the yard and I saw Lady Flarice crying into her pillow. The Lady Flarice's cell buzzed, she answered.
      “Hey, Mariel, I miss Sam so much.”
      “It will get much easier, I know you do not want to hear it, but time is a great healer.”
      “I know all of the platitudes,” Lady Flarice replied.
The web of ties in the silken thread of insanity, interlocked in Lady Flarice's mind. Slinking nearer her heart, the satin-wires of lunacy penetrated her soul, and doused Lady Flarice’s psyche.
      “Just maintain your stamina and she will be yours,” the Speaker said.
      “Make it soon before I run out of forbearance.”
      “You will not lose your will to obey us, we are good at interpreting your endurance and your loyalty, we are in awe,” the Orator replied.

The Gas Station

Around Rheanna's ankles, her jeans bunched. Sliding over her shoulders easily, her skimpy top was pink. Speaking sweet words into her ear, the mushy words meant the world to Rhea, but to me the talk was worth nothing. Shimmering similar to gems, then her eyes embraced a tinge of anxiety, and Rhea shivered. Rhea’s mood changed, we laughed about our eccentric behaviour, the flush of orgasm radiated on her face. Smoking and we spoke in the language of lovers in low even tones. I did not mean a word of what I told her.
      “Clarkson I love you.”
      “You must leave the gas station.”
Her face appeared stressed.
      “Why do I have to go?”
      “I am busy.”
Rhea waited to see if I would change my mind. Perry gawped, as Rhea left the gas station, and envy could be seen all over his face, I knew he wanted Rheanna, he had checked her out on several occasions.
Perry could not be trusted, he moved in on the women I dropped many times.
      “Do not think relating to making it with Rhea., I will not be responsible for my actions if you do.”
      “I am not nuts I know she is taboo,” Perry replied.

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