Witch Hunt By The Las Vegas Police



Seventeen Years Of Abuse Of Power It’s A True Story About A Government Witch Hunt!

Seventeen Years Of Abuse Of Power It’s A True Story About A Government Witch Hunt!

 Everything Is Connected...

​Looking back over many years later I now know why they say everything in life is connected.


It all started with a false allegation from someone in my past who felt our relationship ended badly. She and her family decided to report me as a big time drug dealer even though I had never used drugs at that point in my life. After that false complaint the witch hunt started and several months later my neighbor who never met me also reported me as a drug dealer to my Home Owners Association. Coincidence one might say I think not something was going on and the woman in condo 1222 was more than likely a cop herself or influenced to make the complaint by the police. The fact is I knew this was a conspiracy and a vendetta from someone in my past I could feel it. What surprised me is the amount of criminal actions by the Las Vegas police from the start. My phones had been wire tapped the whole time even without evidence. My 4th amendment rights had been violated from the beginning and its why this story must be told.


The police started looking into me and following me that's when they saw me hanging out with Brett and Dave. I did not know Bret and Dave or their backgrounds because I just met them at Hiltons Vacations in September of 1996 where we all worked. When the police found out I was associating with Brett who just happened to be a ex big time drug dealer the police made their own assumptions that I must be guilty. The only problem is I was not guilty of anything except being guilty by association.


The Las Vegas Police then started coming after me from 1995 - 1996 — 1997 — 1998 — by 1999 they had no evidence so they made it up and planted it.

So you see the false allegation from an ex girlfriend and then a the neighbor who reported me as a big time drug dealer because she was more than likely part of this conspiracy. Along with my new association at almost the same time with Brett who was a ex big time drug dealer led the police without evidence to believe I was guilty of being a drug dealer. The police at the top who were responsible for this conspiracy knew I was not a drug dealer but they led others to believe I was including other law enforcement.

Since I started writing my book I always knew something to the story was missing, it turns out that my ex girlfriends family member might have been a  Las Vegas Detective. Which makes this story even more interesting and a very large and illegal conspiracy.


The police then started coming after me for over 4 years and when they had no evidence they planted their own people in condo 1322. The police then proceeded to sell drugs out of condo 1322 in an attempt to make it look like drug dealing was going on from my area. I also believe they were hoping I would see the drug dealing and being a drug dealer would make an attempt to become friends with the people in condo 1322.  This way they could set me up and bring me into the drug trade and bust me and justify their illegal witch hunt. The problem was I am not a drug dealer and I only experimented with some drugs after years of anxiety and depression. The police then planted Kirk Sullivan at my work and tried to make the couple of times I did drugs with Kirk a major event. I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and the police entrapped me. To finish this long story the police were involved in a felony conspiracy and attempted to set me up and destroy my life.


The harassment became so extreme that I moved out of Las Vegas in 2001 and the Las Vegas Police followed me to San Diego across state lines. They then contacted the San Diego Sheriffs Department who joined them in this illegal witch hunt. After a few months living in San Diego the San Diego Sheriffs dept. started investigating me along with the Las Vegas police. The San Diego Sheriffs dept. tried to entrap me multiple times they even had an undercover cop named Dane Moody approach me at a Sushi bar and tried to get me to go out and party. I knew the Las Vegas police where trying to set me up again just like they did with LV Detective  Kirk Sullivan. Once again I said no to hanging out with Dane and he would call me over and over to go out and party. Remember the Las Vegas Police have been after me since 1996 it is now 2001 does that not sound like a conspiracy and witch hunt. This goes on until the summer of 2013 before finally they leave me alone. Its an incredible story and I know you the public will be amazed at the extent of what this corrupt police force did. I would love to tell you more but you will just have to read the book in 2014.....


>This is the background information on my story, my book is coming soon...

>I am now finishing the final book it took a few years because I wanted to tell the whole story. I was missing a piece of the puzzle but I now have the answer to finish the book.



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