Journals of a Psychopath



This novel is a must read.

The Lady Flarice’s Partner the Dyke

Fighting me, but then I overpowered the man-woman she was shocked.
      “What the fuck are you doing?”
The pure white silk gag was soft and I stuffed it into her mean lips.
Twisting the pure white silk band around her mouth, it gratified. Roping her arms behind her back, I jerked the sack over the man-woman’s skull, and she kicked my legs.

Blackclaw Woodlands

Regal clothed in the black silk robe. Ripping the pure white silk ribbon from her mouth, I eliminated the gag.
      “You fucking bastard.”
I yanked her panties Sam’s womanhood was dainty and stunningly shaped. Grabbing the hard dildo, I powered into the only part, which was womanly. Realizing Samantha had not coupled with a guy before Sam’s maidenhead was intact, I sniggered, she squealed corresponding to a pig. Continuing to attack her front-split, the dyke’s skull waved from side to side, and her vista-orbs protruded. Smirking, as mother did all those years ago, I packed Sam’s vagina with pure white silk, the man-woman wriggled, wrapping the furs around her, she spat at me.

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