Aftermath. Chapter five...



Alice's wedding kept everybody's mind occupied.

  Alice's wedding kept everybody's mind occupied: there was so much to do. The sitting room began to look like a white elephant stall. Everything from tea towels to earthenware, stainless steel pans to beautiful crystal ornaments. Alice was the lucky one she would be escaping this hell-hole.

  I worried about Amy even more. It was bad enough even when she had Alice beside her. What was it going to be like when she was left on her own? Alice had the same thoughts as me. Taking matters into her own hands she came home one night carrying rosary beads.  

  Wrapping them around the brass handle of the wardrobe door, we all felt a little ray of sunshine and hope. It resembled everything good, and psychologically we felt protected. I felt as if we should say a prayer when draping the door with such a symbolic piece. In the midst of this trying time in our lives. And things did become a little quieter...

  Coming home one night, Alice would find that she would have to spend the night alone. With Alice's head full of the upcoming wedding she fell into bed exhausted , just momentarily forgetting Amy wasn't there.

  The bed felt enormous. She had never had the double bed to herself before. She felt vulnerable and scared with nobody to talk to. She closed her eyes. Her thoughts weren't as positive now. Propping up her head to look at the rosary beads that shone from where they hung, she smiled at the positive effects the beads had brought into our lives.

  She shook off the visions of fear etched on Amy's face, only to have her own etched with fear. From within a piercing scream echoed around the four walls. knowing it wasn't of this world her heart sank with the realisation that we weren't free from it...

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