To The Red Line (Chapter 0: The Beginning)



Mika is young amnesiac Spirit who is also a Knight living in the Military Kingdom of Luyas in Fulaina, the Human World. After a mission gone wrong, Mika suddenly found herself trapped between the world she once knew and the world she had left behind years ago...

AURORA, is a universe that consists of two different worlds. There is the Human World known as Fulaina, and the Spirit World. Fulaina is a home for millions of species, and also the only place where peace still exists.

The Spirit World is a home to three powerful races. Such as the Spirits, that is the main and largest group, the Dragoons, the second largest, and lastly, the Witches, the smallest ethic group among them all. Being the largest ethnic group, the Spirits make the major populations of the Spirit World.

They are a fearsome bloodthirsty race known to have external appearance that closely resemble of the humans. The differences between them and the humans, are vast in terms of speed, strength, and intelligence.

The Spirit race possesses excellent motor flexibilities. They could have easily surpassed mankind in all aspect of physical and mental capability. Because of their high status qua, the Spirit World is under the ruling of the Spirit’s Royal Family.

With their belief that females born into the Royal Family, who are destined to bring great prosperities, endless fortunes and wealth no only to the Spirit Kingdom, but also to the Spirit World as well.

They are known as the ‘Chosen One’.

HEAVY footsteps ran hastily in the empty hallway of a dark old castle.

. Thud. Thud. Anxious footsteps storming on the marbled floors.

The doors of a chamber swung opened, immediately revealed a strikingly young and handsome Spirit King in his late twenties, wearing a piece of heavy golden armour with a family’s crest — Phoenix — printed on his chest.

His sharp pointed ears clearly heard the throbbing sound of his rapidly beat heart, long dark maroon tied in a high ponytail swung left and right as he passed through the corridors, and lastly, deep emerald eyes focused on the dark Coral painted heavy doors at the end of the long corridors.

The King stood at doors, gasping for air and mentally preparing himself for what lies behind the doors.

Taking a long deep breath and exhaled, he opened the door.

His eyes widened upon seeing two figures, standing at at the centre of the room, waiting for his arrival; a slightly older, matured male Spirit in a silver armour with the same crest as the King’s, and a beautiful, slender human woman in her early twenties.

Unlike the males, the woman wore sleeveless white garb that covered most part of her body, with an exception for her eyes, and a silver forehead protector, with a small silhouette of three wolves.

Both were familiar faces and members of the Chevaliers — the highest rank in the Spirit Army, and also his dearest friends.

The King moved forward with heavy steps, toward them. It was then, he realised on the woman was holding a bundle of something. It moved slightly, and caused the King’s heart to race.

Eventually, the King decided to ask them in a nervous hoarsely voice.

“How is the Queen?”

The male Chevalier approached him with steady steps, before he stopped in front of the King, and replied in a sorrowful voice.

“My deepest condolences for your loss, My King.”

Immediately a single tear fell from the King’s eyes. He fell on his knees, covered his face with his hands and grieved for the death of his beloved Queen.

One hand gently reached out and touched his shoulder.

The King looked up, and met with a pair of purple eyes belonged to the human woman who looked back at him kindly.

“Her Royal Highness the Queen is gone, Your Highness. However, she left you a very honourable gift — becoming a father.”

The tall and curvaceous, dark skinned young woman with deep violet eyes, gestured him toward a cradle behind her. Inside, there was a little pink bundle, the same bundle which she had in her arms earlier.

The King stopped halfway to the cradle and froze.

“Ferid,” said the male Chevalier patting on the King’s shoulders. He smiled encouragingly at the still-frozen King.

“Go on ahead.”

Ferid swallowed the big gulp in his throat, and continued walking toward the cradle. His expression quickly changed from sad to nervous and finally joyful as he sneak a peek at the infant.

Gently as he could, Ferid picked the infant and carefully held it in his arms.

“I have... A daughter?” Ferid asked softly and unsure.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Nodded the woman. “May I present to you, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess and the future Queen of this Kingdom.”

A broad smile appeared on the King as he hugged his newborn daughter who had bright scarlet hair, same as his beloved Queen.

“And also a son.” The male Chevalier suddenly spoke behind him. In his arms, there was another infant wrapped in a blue bundle.

The King’s smile froze. His eyes widened at the words spoken by his Chevalier friend.

“Son?” Ferid whispered questioningly.

The two Chevaliers nodded firmly.

Ferid’s eyes grew widened  at their confirmation. His eyes fell on the blue bundle in the Knight’s arms.

“It was truly unexpected, Sire. The Oracle did not predict that you would have another child, let alone a son.” Spoke the male Chevalier, with his head lowered, before his King.

A pair of Golden eyes looked down and worriedly at the male baby, who begun to cry loudly in his arms, as if sensing the current tension in the air. He softly cooed the infant before putting him down in the cradle beside his twin sister.

“More importantly, what will you do with the little one, Your Highness?” Asked the young woman again, being very careful with her words as not to doubt the King.

She trusted him. So does the Knight beside her.

Ferid looked at the newborn infants blankly. His twins.

A deep frown was formed on his forehead. True, it was rare within the Royal Spirit family to have a pair of twins, let alone, a pair of fraternal twins.

The birth of a female member to the Royal Family would be celebrate with such grand and excitement throughout the Kingdom, as the Spirits strongly believed that she was destined to bring great prosperities and fortune to the kingdom.

Unfortunately, the birth of a male Spirit was not given the same rights and respect, despite being born into the Royal Family, as he was believed to bring destruction and bad luck to the Kingdom.

For a while, the tension in the air rose between the three of them. The two Chevaliers held on their breaths.

Waiting for the King to make his decision.

Ferid gazed at the two infants in the cradle. Deep emerald eyes gazed intensively at their faces, before a widely smile broke on his lips.

“We shall keep them. Both of them."

One hand reached out and played with the Prince’s small and fragile fingers. “We shall take care both of them and keep them safe and sound. No child of mine would bring such bad luck. Such horrid belief should be eliminate immediately. ”

Upon hearing his words, the two Chevaliers let out a long relief sigh.

Smiling at his King, the male Chevalier asked, “What will you name them, Your Majesty?”

“I will name them... Makai and Mika. ‘Makai’ means ‘The Guardian’, whereas,’Mika’ means ‘The Future’s Light’, according to our Ancient Aspaniac language. These two shall be the lights and hopes in our future.”

The two Chevaliers nodded their heads and saluted before their King and the two newborn Prince and Princess.

An announcement of the birth of the twins, the future Queen and the Prince was made shortly and spread throughout the whole Kingdom and beyond. The news of the newly born fraternal twins had caused stirred and different reactions in the Spirit World.

Most of them had thought a catastrophe would be fallen on them when they learned that was one of the twins was born as a male and destined for destruction and bad luck.

The news of the newborn twins had eventually reached to the many ears of Men in the Human World. Some of them were happy to learn about the birth of the twins while others, had reacted differently.

Growing up, Princess Mika was deeply loved by her people and the entire Kingdom. The people adored and looked up to her as their Kingdom’s Princess as well as the one who destined to bring great Prosperity and fortune to the Spirit World; ‘the Chosen One’.

Unfortunately, the same fate was not shared by her twin brother, Prince Makai.

Being the one who was destined to bring destruction and doom to the Kingdom, Prince Makai was forced to live in an isolated environment for the sake of his own safety as there were many who dared to assassinate him by all means necessarily.

Even when the odds were against them, the relationship between the two siblings twins never stirred. They had a good and healthy relationship, very supportive of each other, and were closed.

King Ferid had made sure that the twins shared the same amount of love and respect by him and the servants in the Castle.

Unfortunately, the rapidly arose political issues had caused the King to be greatly concerned and feared of his children’s safety.

Thus, in order to make sure the twins were safe and sound, the King had unwillingly kept them away from the public’s eyes, and had them confined in a private manor behind the castle. He’d left them a cook, few servants and a heavily tight security surrounded the manor.

For many years, the twins lived in peace and quietly inside the manor, with their single parent, and the servants as their regular companions. Never once have they ever stepped outside of the manor, without being heavily guarded, with an exception of  a special occasion such as, on their birthday, a grand celebration would be held at the castle, or when their presences were truly needed in the castle.

It wasn’t until on that faithful day, the day that drastically changed everyone’s lives.

It was the day of the twins’ Seventh Birthday. on that special day, King Ferid made a shocking and surprise announcement of his newly engagement to a half-blooded Noble female Spirit named Reza, after years of losing his beloved late Queen who had died during childbirth.

Their marriage was based on a political unions between the Spirit’s Kingdom and Reza's family company, known best for its latest Technology Development.

Within the same year, a war suddenly broke out between mankind and the Spirits due to their own selfishness and greed of wanting the crown Princess and the prosperity that she was meant to bring, for themselves.

The war was later known as the ‘Great War’.

The battlefield took in a place was later known as the ‘Red Line’ — a passage that lies between the Human World, Fulaina and the Spirit’s World.

The long and hard battle between Mankind and the Spirits lasted for months before an unknown  force landed in the middle of the battlefield, and caught both sides off guarded with a huge powerful blast. Hence, stopped the war.

Mankind survived the blast. However,the same could not be said for the Spirits as they vanished completely and mysteriously.

No one knows what really happened back there nor did they knew where the powerful blast had come from, or what happened to the Spirits and why had they suddenly vanished without leaving any traces.

The story of the Great War became Mankind’s Greatest History, and the mysteries of the Spirits remained greatest puzzle to solve amongst the scholars. The Spirits who had once friends, had now become Mankind's greatest enemy.

After the Great War, the portal at the Red Line that linked  from Fulaina to the Spirit World, was sealed away, using a powerful and magical barrier created by a man known as the Master Oracle Khulai, in order to preserve and kept the two races apart from colliding with each other ever again.

As time went by, very few of people knew of the Spirit’s existence. Those who had lived the Great War, could never forgive nor forget for what the Spirits had done to their homes and taken away their loved ones.

They whispered bad words to the young ones, feeding their loathe and hatred toward the Spirits.

Years went by in peace as humanity began to rebuilt their lives after the Great War.

The tale of the Spirits that had once famous with terrifying and dreadful tales of its existence and how it had mysteriously disappeared during the Great War, were ceased to exist and forgotten.

Until now.

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