Love Full Circle(A Furry Tale)



Warning: Venturing in the world of children's writing. This is only an attempt.

There once was a Queen who ruled over a kingdom peacefully. Her only rule was NO PETS! Unfortunately someone did not get the memo on this, and as a gift foolishly gave the Queen the most adorable black and white kitty with the most brightest green eyes you have ever seen for the Queens birthday. The Queen’s council gasped.

“Don’t you know the Queens golden rule.” A nearby Page whispered to the foolish guest.

“What rule?” The guest whispered back.

“The rule of no pets!” The Page hissed back.

The foolish guest was horrified! He knew the rule, he had just forgotten all about it! He then bravely stepped forward, “Your majesty this poor kitten is the last to find a home. I can not imagine what fate will become him. I thought he would find a home here with you.”

The Queen was not a cold hearted …




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