I'm the Legendary Hero of a Fantasy World!? (Preview)



In Which We Talk About Light Novels, and I Share a Sneak Peak of a Future Work.


A brief introduction to light novels:


Light novels are a type of novella (well not officially but I consider them to be akin to novellas) which are gaining popularity worldwide but are very popular in Japan. These are short novels targetting middle and high-schoolers, and they tend to be somewhere between 40,000-50,000 words. They tend to be serialized in anthology magazines prior to being published as standalone books.


My personal favorite light novels revolve around a unique and startlingly popular subgenre of fantasy (popular at least in manga), which have been affectionately nicknamed “reincarnation” genre light novels. These are light-novels which contain typically ordinary main characters who were in the “modern” world and had an incident behalf them where they either died or were forcibly transported to an alternative world. In the other world they tend to gain unique and terrible powers which grant them great authority and make them frighteningly powerful. Additionally among Japanese reincarnation works there tends to be a common theme: the person was ordinary and when they died or were taken to a new location they became filled with a desire to live an extraordinary life, or one where they feel like they have lived their life to the fullest. Some examples of this could include: Mushoku Tensei, and Re:Monster (although this character wasn’t an ordinary person in his first life).  


What comes next:


I am working on a story in the style of a “light novel”. My story stars a man named Marco Perez, who is inadvertently dragged into a strange world by a woman who calls herself the goddess of mirrors. She promises him that though he’ll be going into this new world with immensely little knowledge, he won’t be powerless. He’ll be given 3 unique abilities: the ability to understand (and speak) all of the languages spoken by the strange beings who inhabit his new home, the ability to see through all illusions, and the ability to gain new powers and abilities if he witnesses them happening in front of him, even immensely powerful abilities and powers. She tells him that he’s the legendary hero, the only one who can defeat an aspiring demon-lord. She tasks him with preventing the would-be demon lord from killing not only her, but all of the other deities who rule this bizarre world and enslaving the entire planet. Poor Marco has no clue how to go about doing this and finds himself teleported from his comfortable bed in a city in the United States, to a strange new world filled with puzzling governments, crazy locals, and dangerous weather. If you are curious as to the type of writing you’ll experience, stay tuned for a tiny preview.


A tiny preview:

Marco was startled when he looked into the steel of the sword that had dropped from the gloved hand of the fallen goblin. If he could trust the reflection in the strange blade his face looked more or less the same it had when he was on “Earth”, at least aside from his eyes which looked totally different and quite possibly demonic. What had once been large brown irises were now completely white. Both of his eyes looked totally milky, and if he had seen someone with eyes like his he’d assume they were blind. His vision had never been more perfect, and even as he looked at the sword he held, he was beginning to gradually notice nicks in the metal and where the blade has dulled over time in impossibly perfect vision. He could feel his vision improving, and it felt strange. What truly frightened him about the transformation of his eyes was that he had seen demons with eyes like his in horror movies and scary T.V. shows, and he wondered if the so-called goddess had transformed him into a demon of some sort, or attached some type of spirit to him. He never considered the possibility that the transformation of his eyes had anything to do with the very powers he had been told he’d be given by the woman who called herself a deity.


Let me know what you think! I want to write my own mini light-novel, and I like toying with this idea in my head. If you like the little synopsis I gave, combined with the tiny preview, let me know! 

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