Death and Determination



A genocidal demon lord is determined to destroy all life. Does he succeed?

The demon lord looked tired. He had finally made it to the throne room of the final kingdom that had resisted his genocide. But he had ended up losing the entirety of his forces, to overwhelm the final army. The last remaining army had been composed of almost every single living person, human, elf, and many more species, even more than the brightest scholars had known existed and they had fought down to the last child, managing to win virtually every battle, at an unimaginable cost. By the last battle, only the Demon Lord and the last member of humanity remained. The Demon Lord appeared in person and broke the back of the last living human and left her to die, starving and alone. By the time the Demon Lord had finally entered the Throne Room of what he intended to turn into the capital of a kingdom of undeath, the young girl who had defied him to her last breath was dead. But she wasn’t forgotten.


The massive throne room should have been abandoned. But it wasn’t. Sitting atop the throne, was a single person. The demon lord couldn’t help but be shocked to see that he had left someone alive. One person. A single sentient life-form, out of everyone who had ever lived. The demon lord couldn’t help but chuckle. Which very slowly turned into a near maniacal outburst of laughter. It stopped when the man sitting on the throne stood up.


“You killed virtually every sentient being who inhabited an entire world, and you laugh?” He said, his voice composed of raw emotion. The fury that the presumably young man felt was visible as he began to shake, to tremble from fury. The armor he wore began to glow and slowly began to look as if it were fusing to his skin. The Demon Lord felt something akin to joy as he wondered if it hurt to feel one's own armor fusing to their skin. “I am the judgement of the universe.” Said the strange young man as he took his first step towards the demon lord.


The young man was evidently a warrior. The best evidence that the demon lord to back that belief was the scabbard that was secured fastly to his belt. But when he drew the sword that was fastened to the scabbard, all he held was a golden hilt. At least for a few moments. That was when the sword began to materialize.


“I am… the very Universe!” The young man shouted, and as he spoke the castle suddenly disappeared. Suddenly the two of them were in a grassy field. “I am going to punish you.” Said the young man who claimed to be an embodiment of the Universe. “For every single death. For every soul snuffed out by your hatred.” He said as he rose the sword and pointed at the sun, which was suddenly directly above them.


The sword began to glow, as if drawing in energy from the sun itself and when he pointed it at the demon lord, the demon lord felt something he hadn’t felt in an uncountable number of years. Pain.


Pain wracked the demon lord. And not just pain, but perhaps 1% of the total pain he had collectively either inflicted directly, or ordered to be inflicted. “The very determination that enabled you to successfully wipe out an entire planet, will doom you. You and I both know that you’ve never once been knocked unconscious, or passed out due to pain. Did you ever think that your own mental fortitude would come back to haunt you?” Whispers the self-proclaimed embodiment of the universe.


“This is what awaits villains who willingly hurt others. But just so you know, you accomplished nothing. We’re pulling in inhabitants of this world from another dimension. They’ll never know you. And your perfect kingdom of death will never exist.” He says quietly. “It was all a failure. You. Failed.” Says the young man, before vanishing.


The Demon Lord moaned in agony, before pulling out a crystal. He then smiled, and proceeded to hold the crystal up in the air, even as pain punishes him for all of his sins. “I’ll just go back and try again.” He said, even as his physical form began to vanish, swallowed up by a tornado of energy, which would send him back in time, giving him a chance to try again. “I. Am. Determination.” Said the Demon Lord as he completely vanishes.

Seconds later, the once grassy field is suddenly transformed into a deserted castle. The planet suddenly becomes gray and lifeless. But not free of movement. On the horizon, if anyone living was there, one would be able to see the first village of skeletons and zombies.     


A/N: Might turn this into a series. Or rewrite this with an alternate ending. Tell me what you think!

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