Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson's mother raped him when he was a child, she is brutal and cruel.

Blackclaw Woodlands

The Lady Flarice checked as I lit the firestorm, she moved back when I hurled Alexia's body onto the combustion, Smithson twirled. She veiled her mouth and nostrils, the stink of burned flesh reached the Lady Flarice, she shuddered.
      “Can I have some liquor?”
I approved of Lady Flarice’s performance she had gone through it bravely and only drawn from it for a moment, I remembered, as she brought the sword down into Alexia’s stomach, it was a definitive moment. As Lady Flarice uplifted the sword, it spangled, and I scrutinized the minute silver stars shimmering. The moon accentuated Lady Flarice, as she plunged the sword into Alexia.
      “You did well.”
She was desolate and the health was filched from her.
The Lady Flarice was different, but my perception the same.
      “She was a good person.”
“That is one of the reasons why she died.”
Digging the vestiges into the dirt, she pondered on her bleak future, and her face was sad.


      “We are going to see mother against my better judgement,” I said to sis.
      “I am not sure how Hanson's death has affected mother so be careful,” she replied.
She rejected the offer to accompany us sis was resolute. I dialed Rheanna in relation to our trip and she was annoyed.
      “Smithson is very special I did not want him to meet mother until he was strong. Jolenson is already marked that is why I am taking her.”
      “Thank you for your honesty!”
      “You must stop striving to be sarcastic.”
I shut off the cell and Rheanna telephoned again, but I blanked the call.

Elaina's House

Elaina guessed something was wrong, but she anticipated the trip and twittered about the event, I wished she would be quiet.
      “Our visit will be good.”
“Mother is vindictive.”
      “Does your family hold secrets?”
       “If I told you the story you would not believe me.”

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