From the 1st book, 2 versions of Amun pursue the Tlalocs



2 versions of Amun pursue a Tlaloc vessel over the Arctic

Running over pine needles and broken branches, Amun finally caught up. When he sat down, the craft responded to Taharqo’s orders. The shift lifted into the air and turned northwards. The technically superior Tayamni vessel located the Tlalocs as they were passing over glaciers north of Canada. They shot towards the them in a blur.

The June version of Amun, turned around to face the October version of himself. “Now, I will ask you the question I came to ask.” He looked into the face of his twin, observing his own face, surprised at expressions he’d never seen in the mirror.  He continued, “Why did you come to the past?”

Amun responded to his earlier version, “We received a message from the Jovian portal. It told us Yellowstone would erupt in a few days.”

The earlier Amun smiled at the later version of himself. “But,”

“But,” his later version finished his sentence, “…it was a trap.”

The earlier Amun looked at him questioningly, “Who attacked us?”

“The ones who sent the false message, the Tlalocs.”

“Who?” the earlier version of himself asked.

“They are helping the Potacas,” he looked ahead, but could only see the sky, beginning to illuminate with the rising sun. “Or rather, the Potacas are helping them. They left the Galaxy millennia ago.”

The earlier version of Amun looked down at the floor, “The Himalayas?” he asked, referring to the crashed Tayamni Mothership 9,000 years ago.  He turned back around, and focused on the display showing both ships. He saw the distance between them decreasing. He thought of his teammate Hedu, promising himself to retrieve her body.

“Incoming!” Taharqo shouted, as the ship lurched to the side to miss a weapons payload.

They could not see the Tlaloc vessel, but they watched it on the display. “Commander?” Taharqo asked, looking back at Amun.

“Don’t return fire yet.” the October version of Amun instructed from behind him. “Let’s see where they are headed.”

They gained on the Tlalocs. As they grew closer, they began to detect the voices again. Once more, they had the sensation of hearing hisses and clicks, but understanding. They looked at each other as they realized what they were saying. Both Amuns looked at each other when they understood their destination was Lake Toba at Indonesia. “It was a smoke screen,” the later Amun explained. “They were never at Yellowstone.”

The earlier Amun nodded. He looked back at the October, version of himself, and continued, “They will be using the water of the lake as a cannon, blasting down to the fault line, fracturing the geology.”

“Hydraulic fracturing,” the later Amun continued. They both looked at each other with realization.

“ANOTHER ONE,” Taharqo yelled, as the vessel lurched downwards. The payload sped above them.

Ptah looked at both Amuns questioningly. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

The earlier Amun responded, “The greatest catastrophe to befall humanity was an eruption at Lake Toba in Indonesia. The lake is a caldera. It was an extinction event 75,000 years ago, fewer than a hundred humans survived.”

“They want a replay,” the later version continued.

“OK, Taharqo,” he ordered, “do your worst.”

Without moving, Taharqo sent telepathic commands, via the receiver to the ship. They saw, in quick succession, red, green, and orange beams shoot from their ship to a destination in the distance. On the display, they saw the ship ahead of them maneuver quickly. However, the orange beam hit its target. They began to hear louder voices, questions directed to Tecpatl. They heard the command to abandon ship. Blurred, lighted, coffin-like shapes shot out from the Tlaloc vessel, voices yelled, shouting orders.

Amun looked down and saw they were over glaciers. “The Tlalocs won’t do well down there,” he said. Then, the light on the display dissolved. The Tlaloc vessel disintegrated.

“On to Lake Toba,” Amun ordered Taharqo, as they streaked over northeastern Asia.

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