It Comes(Part 7) Confessions



Charlie sat there for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a few minutes. He had been listening to Brady's story. Studying it. Looking for any holes that might indicate that he was lying. But he couldn't find any. He still couldn't bel...

Charlie sat there for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a few minutes. He had been listening to Brady's story. Studying it. Looking for any holes that might indicate that he was lying. But he couldn't find any. He still couldn't believe what he was hearing.

", as I was saying" Brady continued "For the past ten years or so, I have been drifting from city to city, town to town, not really staying long in either one. Then, I happened to come upon this carnival. I needed some cash, so the old gypsy woman took me on to help out around the carnival. I guess you could say I was the grounds keeper. You know, doing this and that. Cleaning up the trailers and all that shit."

"I see." Charlie said "Go on!"

"Anyway, as I was cleaning the old woman's trailer one night, I noticed a couple of things. First, there was an old book sitting on a pedestal. It was bound with, what I can only describe as animal skin. It was thick too. Second, in the middle of the floor sat an old wooden chest with a padlock that looked like it was centuries old. I looked through the book but it was written in a language I couldn't understand. It also had pictures of creatures and demons. Gave me the chills. "

"And what about the chest?" Charlie asked.

"Like I said, there was a big padlock on it. But I still wanted to know what was inside. So I waited for a night when I knew the old hag would be out for a while. I grabbed a hammer and a chisel, broke into her trailer, and busted open the padlock. What was inside blew my fucking mind. I had never seen anything like it. It was beautiful." He said as he held up the blade. There were markings on it that looked like they were hand made. And writing that neither of them could decipher. But it was still a beautiful knife.

"So, you stole it!!!" Charlie piped

"Stole is such a strong word. More like borrowed."

"Do you plan to give it back?"

"NO!" Brady replied defiantly, like a small child.

"Then you STOLE it."

"Okay, fine, I stole it. Do you realize how much money I can get for this beauty?"

"You won't get anything if that creature finds you first." Charlie exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, anyway, I noticed the creature started losing interest in me. This is around the same time it started coming after you. So I followed it one night. And it led me to this warehouse. Just so you know, I'm not great at sneaking up on people or beasts. It must've heard me because it wheeled around and started coming at me. It leapt at me and got me in the ribs with its claws. The only thing I could think of to do was to pull out the knife. Well, it took one look at that thing and backed off. I took a swing and got it in its side. It howled in pain. Then it looked at me with those dark, red eyes. They were full of so much hatred and rage. It turned around and bounded off. This is about the time you heard me scratching at the door."

"So, this thing is afraid of a knife?"

"It's not the knife, it's what it's made of, which is Titanium. It has a vulnerability to it. I cut it, and it bled."

"Yeah....." Charlie began " But I can guarantee you that it will be back and it will be even more pissed off than ever. "

Great, Charlie thought, now I have a creature that prioritizes who it wants to kill. Just fucking great. 
"We can't stay here for too long. We have to get moving. It won't take long for that thing to pick up our trail again."

"You're right!" Brady replied. 
But just as Brady started to get up, he doubled over in excruciating pain. " hhhhurts."

"Let me see " Charlie said. He looked at Brady's wound. It didn't look good. It was getting infected and fast. "Youre wound is not looking good, my friend" Charlie said aloud. "We need to get you to a doctor. "

"NO!!!" He said adamantly "No doctors, no medicine. It won't do any good. The infections gone too far. Charlie, leave me here. There's nothing you can do for me. Please, save yourself and kill that beast"

"No, Brady. You're coming with me. We can make it." And with that, Charlie picked up Brady over his shoulder and started to walk towards the door. Brady was screaming in pain. Every step that Charlie took sent searing pain all through his body. When finally, he had enough, he yelled "CHARLIE, STOP!!!"

The sound hit Charlie like a jolt. Almost like being hit by a bolt of lighting. But he did as Brady commanded. 
"Put me down, dammit!!!" 
He put him down. "Believe me when I say, there's nothing you can do for me. NOTHING!!! Just leave me here and save yourself. The beast is coming. Go. Run. NOW!!!"

"I can't just leave you here." But even as the words were leaving Charlie's lips, he could see the wound decaying and spreading right before his eyes. It slowly spread over Brady. It was consuming him. Turning him brittle. And in the space of a minute and a half, Brady's body was nothing more than a pile of ash.

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