The Last Place of the Fairies



This is a story about a little girl who loves her Grandma. They are having an evening together in front of the fireside and her grandmother tells her a story, a story about Fairies. The whole story is written is rhyming verse and tells of what happened to the Fairies.



One winter's night, the ground covered in snow

I sat by the fireside, the room all a-glow

Outside there was thunder, inside I was warm,

So safe with my Grandma, we hid from the storm.


The firelight made patterns, the walls seemed to dance

Little flicker of Fairies then gone in a glance.

My Grandma said she had a secret for me

And one that was true as true as can be.


I snuggled beside her and looked up to her face

She smelled of sweet Violets and mothballs on lace

My Grandma said "It is time you should know

That there is a place where the last Fairies go.


"For thousands of years they had lived all around

Side-by-side with us humans till the humans then found

That one single Fairy three wishes did make

Then that peace with the Fairies they started to break.


"So many captured but none they set free

That the whole Fairy race they started to flee

Away from those humans and out to the West

Where they found secret places and there did their best

To build Fairy Kingdoms, though smaller in size, 

Far away from those humans with their prying eyes."


"But Granny," I said. "Oh how do you know?

This story of Fairies and where they did go?

Are there still many Fairies in places today?

Have you met them yourself? And what did they say?"


"Well, when I was a child, not much older than you,

I lived with my Auntie alone just us two.

I felt a bit lonely, with no friends could I play

As all the dear children they lived far away.


"Then one day on a walk, having nothing to do

I found  a new place that nobody knew.

It was deep in our woods and I'd walked quite a way

Till I stopped at a clearing that was lit bright as day.

"The sunlight poured down and lit up that place 

I could feel something different but see not a trace.


"So I sat in the clearing on a tree fallen there

Then out to the middle I started to stare

When some little movement then caught my eye

And as sure as can be I heard someone cry!


"I looked down to a primrose where the movement had been

And there sat on the top the strangest sight I had seen!

A little girl Fairy all dressed in gold 

Her dress made of petals, her shoes of green mould.


"But why are you crying" I asked the Fairy.

"I can't bear to see children alone" replied she.

"Oh do not worry as I am just fine.

It's just friends that I need. Say, would you be mine?"


"Oh yes! I know I can trust you " the small Fairy said.

"As your goodness it shines from your toes to your head!

As a friend there's a secret that I can now show."

"Then she flew high above where she started to glow.


"Then out to the side and swinging back down

Sprinkling dust on my head which she spread three times round.

Starting quite slowly I started to see

Magical things now appear before me!

The colours around me they started to change,

So much brighter and varied while both pretty and strange.


"The colours so bright that they actually glowed

Till they lit up the woods where a pathway now showed.

We walked down this pathway and what could I see?

But hundreds of Fairies now appeared before me!


"There were some in the trees, there were more on the ground.

Fairies up in the air and just flying around.

Some painting toadstools with brushes of moss

Others buffing the ivy till it shine like a gloss.


"There were Fairy-Folk children just running quite free,

Flying hither and skither and playing 'catch me'.

There were tired ones just resting, old Grandfather types,

Who sat under tree stumps smoking Fairy pipes.


"Their clothes made of flowers, their wings shining bright

They really did make such a colourful sight.

Everyone was so happy, they all had such fun.

All helping each other while they worked in the sun."


"What a wonderful story! Oh Granny what then?

Did the Fairies then like you and make you their friend?"

"Oh yes my dear child, and they loved me so.

I was never alone for to them I could go.


"But of all the dear Fairies the one I loved best

Was sweet Golden Primrose who showed me the rest.

So one day we'll travel, alone just us two,

To that special place to the Fairies I knew.


"They are still there and just waiting for me

And I know they'll love you, as I love you you see."



By Colleen Laybourne-Smith













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