Character Description (Session: Nova)



Nova is a strange bird who would rather the company of a man for friendship than romance. (Testing out a new character and working on this book tonight)

Nova spent her whole life waiting for the right man. Along the way, men became her only real companions. Female relationships quickly crumbled around her and the ones left had become damaged. Meeting Dominic was unexpected but not unusual. The two met through a mutual friend, and built a kinship quickly that would prove to be bullet-proof.

Nova and Dominic would spend much of their time attempting to get sober from their assorted drug choices. In Nova and her husband Tristan's relationship, Dominic would become a jealousy tool. Even though Nova had no sexual feelings towards Dominic, she would act to Tristan as if she did in a manipulation tactic geared towards making him express his feelings. As the marriage fails, Dominic tries to offer support, but has not yet experienced real romantic love. His relationships consisted mainly of picking from a bottle of pills or alcohol. The pretty, skinny girl willing to fuck him that matched his party of the year is the one that would hold his heart. He had no real advice to give her, and watched her fall into a spiral of causality with men that she wasn't entirely comfortable with.

The two go to clubs often together, where Nova decides to start selling hand jobs to support her drug habit so that Tristan will not suspect the missing money from their budget.


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