The Last Note — By Munesh Ramnarine



Munesh: I hope you guys enjoy reading this, it was pretty dark and a very taboo topic but its what came to my head and I just went from there. This is entirely fiction and is not related to anyone. I'll be putting up more stories soon and I promise the next one won't be dark!

As I stand here on the top of the mountain, all I could see was the cold, white, thick layers of fog that surrounded me. I had been climbing slowly up this mountain for days, knowing that at the top there would be nothing for me. All I know is that this is the place people go when they have completely given up on life — where no one could find your body because of the never ending blizzard that could cover your body in an instant if you stopped had moving. I'm up here because I don't have anything else in my life for me. I think its time for me to leave this world and move on to something bigger... something different. If you are reading this, you have found the letter that I threw off of the top of this mountain. If you come looking for my body then that must mean either two things, one: you must not know much about this mountain, or two: you came looking for me knowing what really would happen if you make it to the top.

I've done it all in my life, and now... I have lost it all. Honestly, its weird that I'm even writing letter. I did just climb a mountain where no one ever returns from, and no bodies can ever be recovered. But I felt if I left without saying goodbye it would have made me a bad person. This is my goodbye to the world. I have no where to run, no where to go. This was my only option in my life. If they caught me, I would have been tossed into jail for the rest of my life — and that will not happen; not in this lifetime. I know what I did. The people after me know what I did too. I'm not spending my goodbye telling you what I did either. Just know that I did something — and thats why I don't deserve to be here anymore. If only you knew what I did... you would say the same thing I did. Goodbye.


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