Journals of a Psychopath



Enter the mind of my psychopath

The Lady Flarice’s Home

Undulating in my body and the envy was prevalent. I vowed she would be cut-asunder from her female partner. The murmurs of devotion I could hear enraged beyond reason. Dancing, a yowl of projection came from my lips, I would punish the man-woman connected to the crimes she committed, the main one her penchant for the Lady Flarice. I hated lesbians and the dyke’s ego would be stripped, I imagined the scene, I lifted my arms with the sensation that sources from victory over tribulation. I could not wait for the day Lady Flarice would be mine.
“You must accomplish much work before that event,” the Orator said.
“Why does it take so long?”
“This is a longstanding task.”

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