The Marshmallow Monster Family



Written on the 25/5/12, this story came about after a question was posed! "What is a Marshmallow monster". Which after much thought, well here is the end result. I hope you like this story.

There was a Marshmallow Monster family; Mommy Marshmallow Monster was warm and cuddly and sweet. Father Marshmallow Monster was full of mischievous ideas and quick with the jokes. There was also a son that was slightly scary in a boyish way. The last member of this family was the daughter who was sweet as a pretty flower.

One night Daddy Marshmallow Monster burst through the door with a large smile on his face.

“We are going to go sailing tomorrow.”

 The family were so excited that they all jumped around the room. The little girl called Marshie asked “How are we going to do that, Daddy?”

 With a big smile Daddy told the whole family that he was lent a boat by the one of the three bears.

 The Marshmallow Monster family all got up early the next morning. As they were sailing a big storm whipped up. By the time the storm had finished pushing the boat around the Milky Way Sea, the Marshmallow Monster family had found themselves on a deserted island called Cookie Island. As the name says, the whole island was made of different kinds of cookies; the trees were made of a mixture of sweet and chocolate cookies.

 As the family searched around for help, but found none, Marshal and Marshie were so scared that they started to cry. Mommy and Daddy Marshmallow Monster hugged them and said, “Don’t be scared, we will be fine.”

 This made Marshal and Marshie feel less scared. The whole family walked all over the island, they saw odd looking animals as well as plants.

 Marshal helped his dad build a cookie house, which was built just as the rain started (which fell as choc chips). The Marshmallow Monster family lived on the island for some months. During that time, Marshal and Daddy Marshmallow Monster built a boat. When the time was right, the Marshmallow Monster family once more took sail. They didn’t get far when they sank. The family swam back to the safety of the island.

 The family sat on the beach roasting marshmallows and thinking of what to do next, when it started to rain and the family ran to their cookie house. No sooner had the last member of the family got in through the door, the storm outside turned so furious that it frightened the Marshmallow family.

 Sleep was had by none that night; in the early hours the storm passed. With the rising of the sun the very sleepy Marshmallow Monster family emerged from their shelter, to find the place wrecked with all sorts of debris. The kids ventured out to see what could be found. To Marshal’s surprise, he found a boat under a fallen branch. He raced back to his dad who was pulling debris away from the house.

 Marshal told his dad about the boat, and the whole family went to see. Dad was amazed at how sturdy and undamaged the boat was from the storm. The whole family pushed the boat into the Milky Way Sea. They had not got far from Cookie Island when a fierce storm whipped around the boat. The waves crashed all around them, they were lucky not to be capsized. After riding the rough waves they found themselves on another island. The family thought they would never see home again.


Suddenly, Mr and Mrs Gummy Bear came up and said “G’day mate, are you OK?”

 The Marshmallow Monster family sat there looking glum. Mrs Gummy bear asked “Why are you so glum?”

 The Marshmallow Monster family replied, “We can’t get home.”

Mrs Gummy Bear laughed and said “Mate, your island is just over the Rainbow Bridge!”

 The Gummy Bears offered to drive the Marshmallow Monster family home, where they found all their friends waiting for them with warm hugs and smiles.




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