The Only Reason



A portion of a book: "Barely surviving a nightmare, Carrie begins to realize her trials have just begun..."

Peering into the mirror, Carrie Maisely slowly pressed her still shaking hand up to her cheek, squinting her eyes closed against the pain. She was truly frightened, this time, Brent had told her he was going to kill her. It wasn't what he said, it was the way he said those same words she'd heard a dozen times, looking straight ahead, so quiet and calm. She knew without a doubt he meant it and that fact made her heart beat fiercely, her entire body shaking. Carrie knew Brent would kill her as surely as she felt the beat of her own heart and she just had to get away, how she would manage that, she didn't yet know.

Carrie knew she was risking her life by remaining at the house with Brent, she just had to find a way out. Brent woke up the next morning, "The guys set up a hunting trip for this weekend, so I'll be gone a couple of days."

Carrie's breath caught as she tried to keep the excitement out of her voice,
"That...that will be fun for you." she replied, walking over to the sink to get the breakfast dishes soaking. The rough sound of the chair leg against the tile announced Brent was getting up and Carrie couldn't help jumping a little. Carrie shivered as she felt Brent's arms creep around her waist, squeezing harder than was comfortable.

"What will you be doing while I'm away?" Brent asked in that tone that sent chills down Carrie's spine, not the tingly, happy kind, but those cold ones, shooting ice through your veins.
"I'll probably just hang out here." Carrie inhaled as she felt Brent's arms tighten, eliciting a low groan from her before she felt the pressure released as Brent turned and left the kitchen.

Carrie thought about her life and how she'd allowed herself to be this person she had become, this weak, insecure, and timid creature. She couldn't even see her old self, the one before Brent, before the control, before the abuse. She felt like a shell of the girl she used to be, that girl was gone, forever if she didn't do something immediately.

The old Carrie was confident, outgoing, bubbly, and full of life. This Carrie, afraid of speaking her mind, scared of saying the wrong thing, too little, too much, or making Brent angry. It would be so much easier if it were only Carrie, but she had another life to worry about, that of their daughter, Sammie, sweet, innocent Sammie, who wasn't old enough to understand.

If there was a reason why Carrie should leave, that was it, if not for herself, then she had to do it for Sammie. How could she stay with Brent and continue exposing Sammie to the abusive actions of her father against her mother? Sammie may be too young to know what's happening now, but soon enough she'll realize and then what? She'll grow up thinking that's how a husband treats his wife? Carrie knew she couldn't let that develop.

The arrival of the weekend brought a new sense of self-worth and hope to Carrie as she packed Brent's hunting gear into his bag, accepting the chaste kiss he placed on her forehead and walking him out the door, thinking to herself, "this is the last time he will touch me and I'm happy." Carrie watched as Brent approached the vehicle that would provide her the chance she needed to escape the abuse she'd suffered for the last six years.

Carrie entered the house, heading straight for the suitcase she'd placed underneath the couch bed, the one she'd secretly packed as Brent slept in the other room. As Carrie reached for the handle to pull it out, she felt a sharp, tear wrenching yank on her hair, forcing her head back and her fingers loosen one by one from the bag.

"You lying bitch!" Brent snarled, "I knew I couldn't trust you!" He bit out, pulling her head further back until he was looking directly into Carrie's eyes, his face contorted in the evilest, terrifyingly wicked way. Carrie attempted to scream, turning to silent agony as Brent began using his free fist to strike her face, each thrust of his knuckles echoing in the room's silence. The tips of Brent's boots sliced into her sides, piercing the delicate skin. Carrie's eyes bulging from the intense stretching of her scalp Brent was doing his best to rip apart.

The pain was so excruciating, Carrie saw flashes before her eyes, Carrie fought with all her might to keep from succumbing to the darkness pulling at her from all directions. Faint whining could be heard, breaking the morose stillness of the room, casting a bleak shadow on the two inhabitants, one overcome with fury, the other fighting desperately to hang on to her existence. Carrie pulled against Brent's hand, causing more stinging in her head to search out where the noise was coming from and cried out, "No!" little Sammie standing there holding her tiny fist in her mouth, bright Blue eyes, rimmed with damp lashes wide and staring.

Hearing Carrie's voice must have snapped Brent out of his mania because the fist and feet stopped punching hitting, the pressure slightly released from her hair. Carrie looked up into Brent's eyes, noticing a flicker of clarity surface, quickly extinguished, the extreme hate returning, along with it, the pain. Carrie gulped in the bit of air she could manage in between blow after blow, each one seeming more powerful as Brent continued his assault.

A sliver of hope filled Carrie when the front door swung open and someone yelled, "Police!" The next thing Carrie knew, the pummeling came to an end and she hurled into the darkness that called out to her. Unbeknownst to Carrie, Brent was handcuffed, forcibly removed from their residence, placed in the back of a Police car, and taken to jail.

Carrie woke to beep, chirping noises, confused at first as to where she was, her memory swiftly reappearing. Carrie sat up, searching the dim room frantically with her eyes, darting from one side to the other. Terrified Brent would pop up and start hurting her again. She couldn't possibly survive anymore torment, she knew she wouldn't.

Carrie relaxed immediately upon witnessing a nurse arrive beside the edge of her bed. The nurse grasped her hand, patting it reassuringly. Carrie endeavored to smile at the nurse, however, the misery it caused was too much to bear, so Carrie just used her eyes as best she could to show her gratitude.
"Glad to see you're awake sweetie." the nurse said softly. "How long have I been here?" Carrie asked, startled at how raspy her voice sounded.

"Two days." "I'm surprised you're awake this early, a lot of folks would be out for at least several days with the kind of battering you endured."

Carrie lifted up her hand to touch her face, curious about the extent of damage done and cringed at feeling a huge lump where her cheek used to be. She ventured on, lightly caressing the rest of her features, grimacing at the discomfort of each new discovery. Carrie's vision began to blur, tears gathering in the corners began trickling down her swollen flesh.

"Oh honey, it looks worse than it is." the nurse said soothingly.

Carrie looked at her, the tears continuing to flow. The nurse stroked her hand a final time before swinging around to leave. Left alone, Carrie's mind was spinning with myriads of thoughts. One of which was where she would go from here. She closed her eyes, trying to blot out the unwanted images creeping into her brain, opening them at familiar clip clopping out in the hall, that could only be one person, her sister Julia.

Carrie swiveled her head toward the door as Julia entered with a big smile plastered on her face, a fake one, Carrie could tell, especially telling, were Julia's too shiny eyes, glimmering with unshed tears. Carrie loved her sister and appreciated the fact that Julia was trying to put on a strong front for her, but she really just needed a hug.

Carrie reached out her arms and Julia embraced her, squeezing a bit much, but Carrie didn't care, it felt so good to be held and she couldn't help herself, she sat there and cried like a baby. Several minutes later Carrie gently pulled back from Julia and laid back on the bed. Julia studied her with silent regard then said confidentially, "Brent will never do this to you again!" "You have my word on that." Carrie wondered what her sister meant by that, but decided she was being the protective big sister she'd always been.

"Craig and I are taking care of Sammie, so you don't have to worry about her." Julia promised. "She's alright, misses her mommy, but we're doing what we can to keep her entertained."

Carrie sighed in relief, "at least I don't have to be concerned about my baby girl." Carrie fought back the tears that threatened to flow uncontrollably and looked at Julia as she stood up. Carrie knew she was prepared to leave. She understood Julia had so many responsibilities, including the one Carrie had just added to her load, but she didn't want Julia to leave, she longed for her to wrap her in her arms as a mother would her infant child...Carrie knew she was reacting in an odd way, more erratic than usual. She also knew she would have to behave as an adult and gain her strength back quickly because she would need every ounce of power to endure whatever obstacles she'd have to overcome.

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