To The Red Line (Chapter 32: Showdown)



FOUR figures gazed upon the entrance gates of the Kingdom of the Spirits’s grand castle. The once beautiful and magnificent castle looked dark, abandoned and haunted even in broad daylight. Despite it’s haunting appearance, one thin...

FOUR figures gazed upon the entrance gates of the Kingdom of the Spirits’s grand castle. The once beautiful and magnificent castle looked dark, abandoned and haunted even in broad daylight.

Despite it’s haunting appearance, one thing that bothered them was the fact there were no wild Spirits nor soldiers standing by at the entrance gates, waiting for them whatsoever.

Looking up at the clouds, the Spirit Princess narrowed her eyes when she sensed sandstorm was approaching them.

That can’t be good. Mika thought.

She turned to look at her companions. They too bore worrisome look on their faces. Looking back from them to the castle ahead, Mika never thought they would made this far. Even Shinji, who was usually the cool and level-headed one, had trouble to wrap around his head that they were still very much alive after all that they’d been through.

Initially, it was only the two of them that needed to go for this journey to the Red Line, to investigate the cause of the sudden appearance of the Spirits in Fulaina and fixed the problem. Shinji had expected great challenges awaited them on this journey, and had prepared himself for it. What he had never predicted was that this journey meant more to him than just a trip to the Red Line.

For one, Shinji had never thought there would be two additional members to his team; Kazuo had been secretly sent by his sister to aid him in this journey, and Guy who, at the beginning, had been reluctant to leave his adoptive sister in the hands of the two strangers; one of which, happened to be the leader of a clan who had murdered his mother right before his very eyes.

While Guy had finally found peace with Shinji and slowly but surely overcome his hatred toward the man, it had been a long and hard journey for them before Guy could finally put his complete trust in the man like he was now.

The challenges and obstacles throughout the journey so far had they’d encountered had forced to face them to face several personal issues including trust, old grudges and redemption. Looking back, it was truly a miracle all four of them had managed to stay sane after all that.

One thing for sure, the bond that they’ve shared became stronger and unbreakable. It could withstand anything that come their way — including the Spirit Queen.

“It’s time.” Shinji exhaled sharply. He scanned at their surrounding area cautiously. So far, there had yet to be any sight of the Spirits anywhere.

“Do ye think the Queen decided to let us waltz into her castle after all the hardship we’ve been through to get here?” Kazuo joked.

“I highly doubt that. Though, that would be some welcome for a homecoming.” Guy smiled at his friend before turning to his adoptive sister who merely shrugged.

“I haven’t seen her in years to know exactly what goes inside her. We should keep our guards up at any rates. But if my memories served me right, she’s fond of traps.”

“Looks like somebody got here first before us.” Shinji, who was leading the group suddenly spoke. He took several steps forward from the rest of the group, and kneel on one knee. He swiped the surface of the sandy ground and revealed a familiar red burnt mark — with the Spirit Royal family’s crest.

“Makai.” Mika whispered softly. Within seconds, she sprint forward, following her brother’s scent.

A sharp and loud blades clashing echoed throughout the empty corridors. Makai blocked the blade that was aiming for his head, and took several steps backward. He huffed and panted while pointing his blade at the powerful Queen.

Two companions stood at the sidelines, watching the battle in silence. They would gladly helped the Prince out against the Queen, but Makai had strongly insisted that this was his battle alone and that the Queen was his to take down.

“So the dark Prince has finally turned noble after all these years.” Reza chuckled. “You’ve made amends with your sister and now have decided to rebel against me? How pathetic.”

“Silence! I’ve waited eleven years for this moment to finally avenge for everything that you have stolen from me! You’re MINE, Reza!” Makai charged in full force. He swung his sword; left and right, left and right, aiming for her neck.

The Queen on the other hands, had easily deflected his every assaults. Makai’s blade was getting closer and closer, when Reza started to grin all the sudden.

“Prince, look out!” Leo shrieked.

Too late.

By the time Makai realised what was happening, he felt something a sharp pain struck him on the chest, followed by a powerful blast that made him flew several feet away from her.

“Your Highness!” Leo rushed over the bleeding Prince. Rinda followed closely, she stood in front of them and quickly formed a protective barrier to shield them from any incoming attacks.

Reza grinned mischievously as she licked the blood stained from her blade and at the foolish Prince’s own careless mistake. While he had been busily trying to get a hit on her, he’d left himself opened. With single swing of her sword, Reza had brought her blade down for a counterattack and slashed the young Prince across the chest, before sending him away with a powerful blast.

Mika and her companions arrived at the scene, just in time to witness the young Prince got struck down by the Queen.

“Makai!” Mika rushed over her brother’s side, who was being supported by Leo, while her companions stood beside Rinda, armed with their own weapons.

“Princess.” Reza smiled wickedly. “How very nice to see you again after all these years. Do you remember who I am?”

“Reza.” Mika hissed, pulling her blades from their sheaths. She took a few steps forward when something tucked her right wrist and pulled her back — Leo.

“Princess. I urge you to think careful about what you’re doing.” Leo’s golden eyes warned her not to do anything reckless.

Despite the warning, Mika pulled her wrist from his grip, and proceeded to move forward until she came face-to-face with Reza. All the sudden, the long deep hatred Mika felt toward the Spirit Queen, came in full swing.

Reza chuckled darkly. “I’m impressed. Never would I’ve thought you made it till this far. Well done, Your Highness.”

Mika’s lips thinned, tightened her grip on her blades. Taking a long deep breath, she exhaled and tried her best to keep a cool head.

Reza swayed the castle’s floor confidently, making her way toward them.

“You’ve changed, Princess. I can see it in your eyes. You are no longer the same spoiled innocent child that you had been back then. Those eyes,” Reza raised a finger in the air and pointed at Mika’s emerald eyes. “They have seen hardships and despairs, disappointments, and deaths even.”

“I have to thank you for all of that.” Mika retorted sharply.

Reza chuckled lightly. “Tell me, do you hate me for everything that happened to you? Had I not pushed you down into the portal that fateful night, can you still say that you would be the same person that you are today?”

A long unspoken silence filled in the air between them.

“...No.” Mika said a moment later, slowly shaking her head. “If you hadn’t pushed me into that portal, I would not have known a lots of things. Things of which I’d been ignorant and neglected as a child. If you hadn’t pushed me down into that portal, I would have regretted not being able to learn the truth about everything before it’s already too late. So no. I’m not mad at you, Reza.”

Mika strode forward menacingly.

“In fact, I’m grateful that you’d pushed me down the portal that night. Because if you hadn’t done that, I would have never met everyone. However,”

Mika glared sharply. “I will never forgive you for what you had destroying to my family, bringing this Kingdom down on its knees, and, made my brother’s life a living hell! Just for that, you will have to pay.”

Mika raised her blades.

“Interesting.” Reza smirked. “Does it means you’re planning to kill me then? I must admit I am quite shock. I never knew you were the bloodthirsty type, Princess.”

“You don’t deserve to live, Reza. But I’m not like you. I won’t kill someone just because it doesn’t fit in my plan. Your time has comes to an end. Step down now or I will make you.”

Reza raised one hand to massage the left side of her jaws. “How noble of you, Your Highness.” She spoke in a honeyed voice.

A cunning smirk formed on her lips.

“It is most unfortunate that I will not going anywhere unless you defeat me.”

In a flash, she disappeared from her spot and reappeared in front of Mika, bringing her sword down to strike her.

It was truly chaotic. Mika blocked an incoming attack with the blade on her left hand, before she dived in and thrush her other blade toward Reza. Hoping for once all, she could get rid of her smug face.

All of Mika’s pent-up anger, and frustration that were kept inside those years ago,she poured in every thrust that she made. Reza swiftly and easily parried the attack with a metal pattered on her left arm.

She had been fully prepared for this battle.

The Spirit Queen and Princess danced swiftly on the castle’s floor while clashing their blades. Ending their dance, Mika pushed her blades forward, and took several steps back to create a fair distance between them.

The Princess’s forehead was damped with sweats. Mika wasn’t expecting Reza to be a lot stronger than she looked. No matter how many times she tried to break through her defence, it always seemed impossible to do so.

As if she had barriers around her. Readjusting the posture of her blades, Mika was ready to charge again when she sensed two familiar scents passed by her — Kazuo and Guy. Both were running speedily toward the Queen.

Kazuo was the first to initial the attack. He swirled his chained sickle and aimed for the Spirit Queen’s head. Reza dodged the attack just as easily, and caught the sharp edge of the blade smoothly with her right hand.

“What?!” Kazuo gasped.

Reza grinned at the shocking look on man’s face. Wasting no time, she clenched the blade tightly in her hand and broke it to tiny pieces, before letting it scattered on the ground. Losing his balance, Kazuo tripped on the ground and landed on his butt hard on the ground.

Guy on the other hand, took the chance and performed a sneak-attack on Reza. He thrust his spear upwards in a spiral motion — left, right, left, centre, right.

Each moves and attacks that he made, Reza parried them just as easily.

Guy took a few steps back, regaining his posture. He breathed in and out evenly. Sweats were dripping from his forehead down to his chin.

She’s this powerful. As expected from the Spirit Queen.

Reza chuckled mockingly. “Foolish mortals. Do you think you could actually hurt me with your petty attacks?” Her eyes lightened up at the familiar crest on Guy’s uniform. “What do we have here? You carry the crest of that pathetic and weak Kingdom with it’s self-righteous Lord on your chest.”

Guy’s left hand went over his family’s crest on the right side of his chest. He gritted his teeth when she had taunted his beloved kingdom and father. His father might had deliberately destroyed everything that he held on dearly in Luyas, but Guy was never like the man his father had become.

Before coming here, Guy made a vow that he would make through this ordeal alive so that he could return home back to the arms of his family, Nana, the Knights, and the people of Luyas who he’d left behind during the war. For the sake of those people, Guy vowed to put an end to this war no matter what and helped rebuilding Luyas to its feet again.

Guy had closed his eyes and inhaled deeply when he heard a male whispered to him softly in his mind.

“Master, let me help you.”

What? Who’s speaking? Guy silently asked.

“It is I, your humble servant. Please, let me be a service to you and your friends.”

When Guy reopened his eyes again, they glowed faintly in amber. A silhouette of a man in a warrior garb appeared behind Guy before it merged into the man. An air of supremacy surrounded him.

Kazuo who was standing a couple distance away from him looked shockingly at the man’s new transformation. He remembered feeling the same aura surrounded his friend at the Milla’s forest when he and Shinji had gone all out in rescuing him from Mika’s wrath.


“I-It can’t be...” Rinda’s voice cracked, loud enough to be heard by Makai and the others.

“What is it, little lady?”

“I’d heard of rumours going around one of Priestess Miena’s Legendary Weapons, the ‘Gentleman Spear’. Rumour has it, the Gentleman Spear has a spirit being dwelling inside that chooses its own Master. Once being chosen, the Spear’s spirit will then, lends its powers and aids the Master in time of needs. It is said that the last Chosen Master had died in the previous Great War, taken the spirit with him. Then, how did he...”

“Indeed,” A deep male voice that wasn’t Guy, spoke calmly. “The previous Master who had the honour of wielding me was a man of justice. He was a man who had also happened to be a Knight of the Kingdom of Luyas, Julius Wilde Heartlet — this child’s grandfather. Ah, where is my manners? I am Aldo.”

Aldo turned his full attention to the Spirit Queen who frowned and looked a bit disturbed with his presence. He tilted his head slightly to the left with a knowing smirk.

“It appears the Spirit Queen has created a powerful barrier that would make it impossible to break around her. If you would allow me to assist you in this battle, Princess, I would gladly break down the barrier for you.”

Mika blinked her eyes when her name was being called. Still not getting over the shock that her adoptive brother was being possessed by something or someone, she looked at Aldo before slowly nodding.

“Thank you.”

Aldo took his stance, placing the spear in one hand.

“Don’t make me laugh!” Reza finally snapped. “What’s a mere weapon like you could possible do to defeat me?”

“A mere weapon, am I?” One moment, Aldo was standing in front of them, and the next, he disappeared. Reza barely had the time to react when Aldo suddenly reappeared at her blind spot, and thrust his spear forward.

Aldo’s face remained calm and collected as he repeatedly thrust his spear at every turns and chances he had — not even giving the Spirit Queen a chance for a counterattack.

No matter. With each thrust that he made, it was quite obvious to everyone, especially to Reza that the impacts from his thrusts had made the barrier grown weaker.

Aldo finally landed his feet on the ground, several feet away from the angered Spirit Queen to observe his handiwork when Mika appeared beside him.

“I’ve weakened her barrier.” Aldo stated calmly. “Though it is still not enough to break it completely. Forgive me, Your Highness.”

Mika shook her head. “No need to apologise. You’ve done a good job. Thank you, Aldo.”

Aldo nodded. “There is a way to break it down completely. In order to do that, I need your trust, Princess. Do you trust me?”

Mika weighed over his words in her head before she nodded without hesitatingly.

“I trust you. What do you have in mi—” Mika sucked in air when she felt something sharp stabbed her stomach.

Mika looked at the face that belonged to her beloved adoptive brother, but eyes that belonged to a mighty ancient warrior in great disbelief.

“G-Guy...?” From a far away distance, Mika could hear the rest of her companions desperately shouting out her name.

“Forgive me, Princess. This needs to be done.” Aldo twisted the blade,before pulling it out from her stomach.

As Mika walked back staggeringly, her eyes widened when Aldo raised one hand in the air, facing her and a bolt came out of it, sending the wounded Spirit Princess away in a powerful blast.


Kazuo screamed out of his lungs when he saw the Spirit Princess got stabbed by the man whom he considered as his close friend, and then blown her away in a powerful blast. Few steps from where he stood, Shinji, remained still. He was too stunned to even do or say anything. He only managed to snap out of it and pulled himself together when the ginger-blonde fighter threw a hard punch at Guy’s face, before he grabbed his collar and hauled the man up in the air.

“What the hell you’ve done to her, GUY?!”

Guy groaned as the blow on his face began to swell. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, the amber faintly glowed in his eyes had completely faded and replaced by familiar warm brown eyes.

“Kazuo?” Guy stuttered. His own eyes widened as they met with the man’s red face from anger, and eyes filled with despair.

“W-What happened? What..." Guy looked at the spear on his right hand, and gasped at the blood stained on the sharp pointed head. He released it immediately, letting it dropped on the floor. Face filled with remorse when he remembered what had just happened.

Before Guy could say a word, they heard a shout, warned them to look up. They barely had enough time to react when something was hurled at their direction — a big chuck of a falling pillar. Both men braced themselves for the impact when all the sudden, they heard an echoing voice, chanting a spell.

In a flash of an eye, a mighty fire dragon emerged behind them and spatting a fireball at the falling pillar. The pillar shattered, sending dusts and debris all over the place, and especially the two figures lying on the ground.

Kazuo groaned and spatted the dust that was in his mouth. Pulling himself up from the ground, he checked for any heavy wounds on his face and body, and sighed in relief when he found there was none. Guy did the same beside him.

Guy turned to his friend and asked, “What happened?”

“Hell like I would know.” Kazuo retrieved his broken weapon and looked around them. The throne chamber was, for better or worse, turned to a battlefield. There were broken pillar and crushed walls with a big hole at the centre, making the place spacious and cold from the cool wind outside.

“Kazuo, Guy! Are you two all right?” Rinda rushed toward them. She immediately examined and healed any injuries they had.

“Thanks, kiddo.” Kazuo smiled briefly. He was just about to ask her what had happened when a loud battle cry caught their attention. It came from the Spirit Prince who was charging wildly at Reza.

Swinging his blade, Makai thrust his blade repeatedly into the weakened barrier. With one final thrust, the barrier finally shattered.

“What? That’s impossible!” Reza gasped shockingly.

“Now is our chance to attack!” Shinji yelled, aiming his gun at the Spirit Queen.

“Fools! Do you really think mortals like you are able to defeat one such as myself? This is just the beginning! I’ll show you my true power!” Bat-like wings appeared on Reza’s back as she transformed into a gigantic four legged being with two sharp silted black eyes, a long snake tongue, and body of a mighty dragon.

Reza cast an even more stronger protective barrier around her — doubling the layers and make it even more harder to break through it this time.

“W-What the heck is that thing?!” Kazuo gasped, at the new transformation of the Spirit Queen.

“That’s her true form.” Leo stated. “Her Majesty is the last breed offspring between a Spirit and a Dragoon before their extinction, making her even more powerful than the Spirit Royal family!”

“Fantastic!” Kazuo said sarcastically. “Any idea on how do we get rid of the barrier before she kills us all though?”

Silence reply from the older Spirit.
From the corner of his eyes, Kazuo could tell Leo was working the gears in his head about the barriers.

Just then, he felt a surge of power came from the Spirit Prince.

“Your Highness!” Leo looked absolutely in shock that Makai had taken the matters in his own hands, without consulting him first!

“Leo!” Makai’s deep voice demanded his guardian’s full attention.

“If I’m not be able to stop myself within the limited time, then by all means, stop me.”

Not waiting for his reply, Makai charged forward and tried to bring down the Spirit Queen’s protective barrier using his fists instead of sword this time.

MIKA felt a sharp pain went through her body as she slowly gained conscious. She briefly wondered how did she managed to survive after being stabbed and twisted by a blade before being blasted away.

Blinking her eyes, the first thing her eyes were able to see, was the lights from the candlesticks that were hanging on the wall.

Mika blinked her eyes a few times and groaned when she tried to move her hands to touch her face.

“Well, well... Look who’s finally came back to the world of living!” A female voice said closed to her ears.

Instantly on her guards, Mika tried to stand up but felt a sharp pain across her abdomen that forced her to lay back down again.

“Ah, ah,” Lisa chided. “You shouldn’t move yet, Princess! Your wounds are just about to heal, you know.”

“My friends need me. I have to go!” Mika inhaled deeply and tried once again, to get up in a sitting position.

She gasped at the sharp pain on the left side of her bandaged abdomen but proceeded to stand up anyway. Halfway doing so, her head suddenly filled with dizziness.

Mika almost fell back down on the hard and cold floor when she felt a pair of arms caught her halfway.

“What a stubborn Princess you are.”

Mika’s eyes widened at the deep and smooth voice. She’d recognised that voice anywhere!

“You... Bastard!” Mika snarled.

Haru grew a smirk behind the half mask. Stepping into the dim light, he allowed her see him clearly.

“What a potty mouth you have. Not befitting for a young lady such as yourself to say those vulgar words, Your Highness.”

"Shut up! I’ll never forgive you for what you’d done to me — forcing a poison down my throat and made me nearly killed my friends... What makes you think I would be so nice to you?”

Haru shook his head. ”Tsk. Tsk. How disappointing. Perhaps you would recalled that we were the ones who had helped you in defeating the Huzzar. Without us, you all would be dead by now.”

His words made her stopped growling at him.

“No matter. I’ll be sure to ask for your favour some other time. Right now, Your Highness, just as you previously said, your friends need you. However, the main question is: How do you plan on helping them?”

Mika slowly frowned. How indeed? She had been debating about it even as she made her way coming here.

Mika knew defeating Reza would not be easy. Now that she had regained her memories, Mika knew how just powerful the Spirit Queen really was, though she never clashed blades with her before.

The hybrid of a Spirit and a Dragoon.

Haru words snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Did I not tell you before to be stronger than you are now?It takes more than just brute strength to defeat her. You need to be stronger — invincible.”

Mika remembered him telling her the exact same words at Milla’s forest before he’d forced the poison into her.

“There’s no need to tell me twice.” Mika snapped. “I know what I have to do — banishing Reza from the Kingdom for all of eternity is exactly what my brother and I had planned for— ”

“Not banish. Kill!”

Mika’s eyes grew widened.

Kill? Sure Mika had imagined killing Reza countless times in her dreams for ruining her life. But surely banishing the Queen from the kingdom for all eternity would be more than enough of a punishment for what she had done?

After all, Mika had no real desire to kill Reza in the first place. She doubted even Makai had no desire of killing her as well, though in his case, he just might.

Mika shook her head.

No. Killing is wrong. There is no excuse to kill someone just because they ruined your life. It’s better to have them locked away in isolation than having the guilt of carrying the burden of someone’s life in your hands. There’s no doubt about it.

“Killing the Queen is a wise choice, Your Highness.” Haru said, breaking her thoughts.

Mika scowled. “Why must I kill her when I can just have her banish for life? Tell me!”

When Haru didn’t immediately responded, Mika snorted.

“So you’re just all talk.”

Ignoring his glare on her, Mika turned her back at him, and moved forward with quivering steps, until finally, her legs could support her body weights. Once she had regained enough strength and tolerance against the still pain on her abdomen, she made her way out of the dark hall of the castle, following the light from the candlesticks that, hopefully, would lead her back to where the rest of her companions were.

“Princess!” Haru snapped, even Lisa was taken back by her Captain’s commend. She had never hear him yelled at someone before, for he was always a man who could keep a cool head.

Mika halted. Turning to look at him, her gaze never left his as she glared sharply at him.

“Unless you can provide me with a very good reason why the Queen shouldn’t live, I won’t do it! I refuse to kill her no matter what!”

Mika managed to take a good ten steps forward when she heard the man exhaled sharply.

“You will regret it, Princess. You will regret for not ending her life now when you have the chance to do it. Trust me when I say that Her Majesty is much broken than she already is. Killing her is her only salvation.”

“Says who?” Mika argued. “You have absolutely no rights to say that about anyone! You didn’t even answer my question. ‘Killing her is her only salvation?’ what simpleton fool says those harsh and mean words to someone they know nothing about anyway?! Even if you do know the Queen much better than I am — which I have no doubt now you do, killing will not solve anything and it is never the answer!”

Enough! Mika gritted her teeth and stopped herself for saying anything further. While she had wasted enough time talking with this heartless insufferable man, her brother and companions were out there risking their lives fighting the Queen.

Leaving the two intruders behind, Mika speed ahead toward the exit. All the while, she prayed hard and hoped her brother and companions were still alive by the time she arrived.

SOMETHING was charging at Reza with an incredible speed before it got slammed into the protective barrier surrounded her.

Reza scoffed at the failed attempt of the Spirit Prince who tried to break the barrier by brute force. Even in his fury Spirit self, he couldn’t break it.

How pathetic. She had expected the proud Prince would eventually embracing his Spirit self in order to defeat her. No matter how much proud he was, even Makai had been well aware that he couldn’t defeat her in his normal state.

Reza knew very well how dangerous he could be when he is in that state. After all, it was her who had forced the latter to undergo those traumatic and abusive training just to see how far he could hold on in his Spirit form. Which was why, she had taken extra precautions after she had transformed into her true self by adding double of the barrier around her.

Frustrated he couldn’t break the barrier even when he’s in this form, Makai roared as he punched harder and repetitively against it, despite being electrocuted by the barrier.

“Time is running out for the Prince.” Leo commented. “We need a plan B. Fast."

He turned to Shinji, who seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“The barrier,” Shinji spoke. “It is breakable, isn’t it? That Aldo guy, he’d done it before. What if we combined our strengths together and break it all at once?”

“It might work.” Leo nodded, agreeing. “However, we can’t all break it at once. We’re risking our lives if we do just that. If there’s one of us who is strong enough and able to break it through the core with just one swing, then the plan might be work.”

“Leave it to me.” Kazuo pointed at himself with a smirk. “My chained sickle weighed at least twenty pounds. It may looked light and easy to swing to ye, but trust me, it’s no laughing matter swinging that thing. I’m your best man to do ta job.”

“How do you suppose to do that? She broke your sickle.” Shinji pointed out.

“Allow me to assist you then.” Spoke Aldo through Guy’s body. He offered him the spear now glowed in bright yellow light.

Kazuo cautiously took the spear and feel it with both hands. He gasped at the power emitting from the spear and how light it felt in his hands.

“It feels good.”

Shinji looked reluctant to let him do the job, fearing the worse could happen to the man. But time was precious. They needed to win this badly.

“Leave it to me!” Kazuo assured him before he made a dash toward the Spirit Queen who was floating in the air.

Makai noticed one of his sister’s companions — the man whose arse he’d just saved from being burnt to ashes earlier, was dashing madly toward them in high speed. He growled lowly, knowing the mortal’s presence would soon be yet again, a pain in his arse.

Reza wasted no time to sputter hot blue flame which Kazuo almost barely dodged the flame when Makai appeared beside him, and quickly formed a barrier around them.

As soon as the flame had dried out, Makai made his moves. He jumped in mid-air and summoned a fire dragon for a distraction. Using every ounce of muscles that he had, and together with the Gentleman Spear’s power, Kazuo delivered a strong and powerful blow into the barrier, and smashing it to tiny pieces.

“They’ve done it!” Rinda cheered happily, while the three men remained silence.

Though Kazuo had successfully smashed the barrier, they all thought something was still amiss.

Shinji stiffened all the sudden. Immediately, he sensed something was wrong. Looking at the older Spirit beside him, Leo sensed as well.

“Hey, look!” Guy pointed out with on finger in the air at their where companions were.

Shinji was about to say something when a purple deadly and poisonous gas suddenly burst out from the ground where Kazuo and Makai was standing.

Kazuo suddenly dropped the spear he was still holding, and fell down onto the ground. His body started to shake tremendously. His eyes rolled at the back of his head, and white foams came out from his mouth.

“You think I’d let my guard down so easily, mortal?” Reza chuckled darkly. She circled above them, and spat more of the deadly flame at them.

Guy and Rinda rushed to their friend’s aid, avoiding the flame in their path as they moved.

Once they arrived, Makai quickly formed a barrier on them while Guy and Rinda treated Kazuo.

“This is bad.” Guy mumbled. “He’ll die instantly at his rate.. We’ll have to get the poison out of him. Miss Rinda, would you lend me your assistance?”

Rinda nodded. Briefly, she stole a glance at the corner of her eyes, she saw Makai baring his fangs at Reza and growled loudly at her with deep hatred in his eyes.

“Miss Rinda?” Guy’s voice snapped her out of his thoughts.

“Yes! Sorry. What do you need?”

Arriving at the Throne Room, Mika gasped for air from all the running she’d been doing to get here. She did not realised until just now, how far she had been blasted away by Aldo. Her eyes soon landed on two familiar backs. Mika smiled thankfully that they were still alive.

Taking a couple steps forward, Mika halted when her eyes moved from the two figures, to where her brother and the rest were. Her eyes grew widened and she almost lose her balance at the sight of her companion, laying motionlessly and paled on the ground while her adoptive brother and Rinda were doing all they could to recover him.

No... Kazuo!

Tightened her grip on her twin blades, Mika looked up at Reza who smirked at her.

“Reza...” Mika spat through her gritted teeth and charged toward her. “You’ll pay for this!”

Meanwhile, Makai lowered his hands and deactivated the barrier when he sensed his sister nearby, and breathed in relief that she was okay.

His relief was shortened when he saw her charging toward the Queen with a killing intent.

Reaching out for his blade, Makai charged toward the Spirit Queen, determined not to let his sister took what was rightfully his.

“Back off, Mika! She’s MINE!” Quickened his pace, Makai repetitively delivered blows to his sister.

Mika ran faster than she ever had been in her life. Heart hammering on her chest, she dodged every last attack being thrown at her by her brother from behind. She increased her speed before she jumped, high in the air.

With her blades, she brought them down to land a strike on the Spirit Queen, when out of nowhere, a fast flying bullet hit one of her blades, ultimately caused her to lose her balances and missed Reza as gravity began to pull her down.

As Mika fell, her brother took the chance by raising his sword and cut Reza’s wings into halves, before he landed gracefully on the ground.

“That fool. Charging blindly...What was she thinking?” Holding the gun with both of his hands, Shinji sighed.

“Good marksman, Your Highness. Though, I don’t know if I should say ‘thank you’ on the Prince’s behalf.” Leo stated.

Shinji simply shrugged. Turning to others, he saw Guy was carrying Kazuo on his back with Rinda supporting him.

“How’s he?”

“Stable.” Rinda replied. “The worse part is over, but he still needs a professional treatment.”

Shinji nodded. Looking at Kazuo’s unconscious form, he felt some rage toward the Queen and clenched his fists.

Just hang in there for a little while. Please.

REZA crashed forcefully and created a deep crater in the ruined Audience Chamber. She cried out painfully at the heavy wound on her back where her wings had been sliced. She had reverted back to her human form. Her long midnight hair was in a mess. Looking up, she met with the twins’ cold and hard gaze on her.

Fear was evidently in her eyes for a moment, before it was gone and replaced with malice. Her face was cold and stoned, when she suddenly chuckled.

“Do it. Do what you’ve come here for — kill me.”

Mika tightened the grip on her blades. The temptation to kill her was high after what she had done to Kazuo.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’re scared?” Reza taunted. “Figures. A little spoiled Princess like you would never have the guts to strike someone. And yet here you are, calling yourself a Princess — wanting to be a Queen when you can’t even stand to have your hands stained in blood! How pathetic.”

Makai gritted his teeth and raised his blade. He was ready to strike the Queen, if it wasn’t for his sister who immediately appeared behind him and held him in an iron grip.

“Don’t.” Mika hissed lowly. “Do not let her get to your mind, Makai. That’s exactly what she wants, can’t you see? We must not let her get the best of us. Understood?”

Makai growled loudly, but nevertheless, abide to her command. Turning to face Reza once again, Mika said in a controlled tone.

“I’m not scared of you, Reza. Not anymore. Insult me all you want but you won’t get the best of me. Because this is over. You lose. You won’t be seeing a daylight till the end of your life. I’ll make sure of it!”

“You’re still planning to keep me alive? How noble and incredibly naive of you, Your Highness. What makes you think I couldn’t escape from whichever prison you’re planning to keep me in and seek out my revenge against you again?”

Keeping a cool head, Mika sighed softly before lifting up her chin, and looked at Reza straight in the eyes.

“I hate you, Reza. My hatred for you is more than anyone else I have in this world. But even so, I would rather keep you alive than staining my hands with your blood. Now, before I keep you locked up for the rest of your life: why? Why would you go through any of these? For what? Revenge?”

The Queen got on her feet slowly. Anger and hatred still filled in her face. She clenched her fists until her knuckles turned pure white.

“Yes. For revenge.”

Mika had expecting it to be the answer. “Why? What have we ever done to you to deserve this?”

“Why I did were none of your concerns, Princess.”

Mika snapped. “You have NO rights to say that!” Tears were filling in her eyes and rolled on her cheeks.

“You have absolutely no rights to say ‘it’s none of my concerns’ when it is in fact, MY concerns, Reza! Not after you had so cruelly and deliberately destroyed a child’s life! Something had happened to you in the past and I demand to know what it was! My brother and I deserve an explanation for all the things we’ve been forced to go through because of YOU!”

For a moment, there was a glimpse of sadness and pain in the Spirit Queen’s eyes before it disclosed back again. Reza’s face grew hardened.

“Tell me!” Mika spat, getting frustrated of waiting.

Reza glared sharply at the twins again. Makai looked like he was ready to tear her apart if it wasn’t for the iron grip of his sister on his wrist. His sister looked much calmer than he was, though anxious.

“Your Majesty?” Leo suddenly broke the deep intense air between them. He moved forward, until he arrived behind the twins.

His facial expression was a rare and unusual one. He was paled and looked like as if he’d just swallowed a bug.

“What is it now? Speak up, man!” Makai frustratingly asked.

Leo lowered his head. “You Majesty, I have one question to ask; does the reason why you created a war... Does it has something to do with this?” Leo took out something he kept in his sleeves — a small piece of worn out photo.

Reza’s eyes grew big with uncontrollable anger, clenching her fists tightly.

“W-Who is this?” Mika whispered, looking at a picture of a young male toddler.

“You have some nerves, servant." Reza’s sharp tone caught their attention.

“You’re not denying it. So it must be true.”

“Shut your mouth!” Reza shrieked angrily. “If you dare to open your mouth one more time, you will be sorry—”

“What are you talking about? Who is this child, Leo?” Makai asked. Demanding to know the truth, he turned to his guardian.

Leo kept his gaze upon the Spirit Queen. His eyes filled with despair and sadness as he spoke the next few words.

“That child... Was Her Majesty’s. The one that she’d lost — or being forcefully taken away, by a cruel wealthy Spirit. A Spirit, who was none other than her very own grandfather — Haemon."

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