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On Earth-3 Thomas Wayne Jr builds his court of Owls among the shadows created by Paris, The City of Light, in the United States of Europe. Operation Samhain is about to bring a long Halloween to the continent.


                                                                                 A Long Halloween

                                                                                 Vol I the Court of Owls

                                             “Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun”

                                                                                           ~Evita Peron

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     Takes place on an alternate Earth-3 of the DC universe. In this universe, many of the heroes are villains and the villains are often heroes. In Earlier versions of the universe, not all the villains were heroes. Pre-crisis Luthor was generally the only hero of that earth. This changed to a degree in some post-crisis worlds.

     In this world like in the comics Owl-man isn't identical to Batman but he's a rough equivalent and he's Thomas Wayne Jr the Brother of Bruce Wayne. A Long Halloween follows his story and that of Dr. Pamela Isley the Poison Ivy of other Earths, and something less poisonous in this reality.

     I hope you enjoy the story although it will get dark at a number of points. In this world, things are a bit complicated. Owl-Man doesn't see himself as the villain at all. He sees himself as the hero his world requires to save his city and nation from the disasters of a cold war. This, however, does not make him a hero and that will play out in the series.

     For Dr. Isley, it is about saving her childhood crush from a vegetative state all the while having to keep Bruce safe from his brother's intrigues and the Court of Owls he is forming to move Paris (the Gotham of this world) into a new age.

     Basic History of this Earth-3

     n this universe, civilization flourished in South and Central America before spreading to North America. In this universe, the equivalent of Rome formed in Florida spreading its empire across North America before falling apart in the late first century. With the Fall of Earth-3's Rome, the earth entered an extended period of minor wars and skirmishes as kingdoms formed among the empires remains. The old ways remained strong only in Florida where the Capital of Miami still retains Roman Architecture.
In 1492 a Floridian sailor by the name of Columbus sailed east to discover the British Isles kicking off a century of discovery. Floridian holdings would remain strong along the Mediterranean until the European revolutionary war.

     Primary General of the European armies was British General George William Fredrick, who went on to become the first President of the New United States of Europe, in 1792, establishing his capital in his hometown of London where it remains to this day.

     In 1861 the southern states along the Mediterranean attempted to break off from the union kicking off the European Civil war. Despite the carnage and destruction of the war several major cities along the Mediterranean were rebuilt into the trade capitals that they remain today.
It was the Great war, commonly known as the American's War, 1914-1931, that brought the United States of Europe to the world stage. While this war lead to the collapse of the Kingdom of York peace would not remain in the region for long.

     While the Americas recovered from a devastating continental war, the United States of Europe attempted a disastrous prohibition program leading to the rise of the Capone Family in Marseille. Corruption has been a known reality of this town even after the prohibition was repealed.

     In 1936 the Kingdom of York rebuilt its Army and Navy despite multiple treaties of Miami signed at the end of the Great War. Their invasion of Florida in 1941 kicked off a second Great War once more drawing Europe back to the old world. While the Kingdom of York was once more defeated this lead to the growth of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the leadership of the Soviet State of California. With the Close of the Second Great War in 1947, a cold war emerged with neither sides prepared to fight another global war. Since the commencement of the cold war, all of the American continent save the Floridian Papal has joined the soviet republics.

     The Soviet Empire has become mired in its war of the everglades unable to push past Floridan gorillas and there is an unexplained thing that wanders the everglades protecting the papal states from all external threats.

     In 1983 a shipwreck off the coast of Nassau lead to the discovery of Themyscira altering the course of the Cold War. Despite protests General Lane now leads an expedition to conquer the island before the Soviet Empire of American can get its hands on the many medicinal plants and gain a strategic advantage with the other resources the island presents.

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