The Hopes of a House...



This story is an effort made for people to make them love rains as much as I do! Although pretty crazy but a little effort hurt no one!

It is the evening of an urban couple. The clock on the wall hints it's time for them to arrive home after a day of hectic work, terrible traffic and the usual stress. The house patiently waits for the couple to turn up and make it a home. But at the same time the house also wishes that the couple arrive and not start a row for a change! 

After all a few shout, bangs and regrets were the sounds the house was used to hear since a couple of months. Unpleasant was the situation between the couple and the house was tired of it.

*Blink* and went the lights! The couple was home. The house filled with sighs after a long commute and the nearby chairs got occupied with the bag and briefcase. The couch got taken by the drained couple. Drained was their energy, but full was their fatigue. 

The play began. Changing of clothes and plans for dinner. Today there were even the added dialogues about the 'heat'. The month was June but the temperature did not say so. It should have been 23 but it was 32!

Alas, the house's hopes for amity went in vain.

No songs were sung anymore neither was there love. The only thing left was silence. 

How did life become this, pondered the guy coming to the balcony. He stood brooding over his vibrant past. He reminisced the time she said his name and blushed. But this situation was no more. He sighed but stayed.

In a different room but on the same track, she looked at the eggs cooking in the pan but her thoughts traveled to the past. Like he, she thought of them not carrying a briefcase always, but hopes. Hopes of a vibrant future, just as the present. But in their life the only color left was grey. Dull, dim and uninviting. Not just their life but the eggs were uninviting as well. Thanks a trip to memory lane, the eggs got over cooked as she overlooked!

She came to him for in the prospects of an improvised dinner but what she got was an improvised him! He was grinning ear to ear looking at her. How he looked was not erratic but ecstatic! She got close to him in search for a reason for his grin. He stood silent and let the soothing droplets make their way! They were tiny but powerful. The soothing droplets soothed not just the Earth but the couple as well. Both smiled and both grinned. 

Changing their clothes again but this time in jeans and tees, they headed out for a spin.

The house again hoped for a situation very grim but it was surprised when they came back smiling and not quarreling.

The weather remained grey. But the soothing droplets colored the couple red.

In the end, the hopes of the house were fulfilled. The house is indeed a home!


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