Aftermath. Chapter four...



Given to Pandora to guard the box, contains all the world's sorrows...

 Almost immediately things started to get much worse for us. We were inundated with bugs.  You would hear them at night, an assemblage of scuttering vermin running across the lino. Bad smells were noticeable in our room. The smell was indescribable: it was so rancid we would hold the sheet up over our heads. And just before my sister's twenty-first birthday she would be involved in a serious car crash. Events in our lives were having terrible consequences.

  The nights were starting to draw in: rain would leak through the bedroom ceiling. The old house was deteriorating even more with the changing of seasons, the roof giving way little by little. We could hear the howling wind in the rafters, making the old house a more sinister place to be.

  When walking by the house on the hill. I observed that its beautiful gardens looked neglected. The sloping lawns that had once been immaculate, lush, and well cut looked long and untidy. Weeds were allowed to intrude on the carpet of green. I knew I would never see the old man again, tilting his cap. No other would tend to its gardens in the same loving way. But still I would look up, marvelling at its sublime grandeur and wrapped in its mysterious splendour.

  "Wot is it that makes me look up at yer, welcoming  me with open arms?" I asked the house. It got to the stage as I approached the house I had to take a step back before I couldn't help myself from knocking on its door.

  That night after having our tea Amy looked tired and withdrawn. I knew something was troubling her: the twins weren't as vocal as they normally were.

  "Wot's up wi'thee?" I asked. "Ave yer fallen out with yer fella?"

  "I'll tell yer when Mum an Dad' ave gone out and the lads are in bed. "What she had to say had us staring at her in horror. "Summat came ter me last night and held me down." She said.

  My attention shifts back now to my other sister's accident in the summer of that year. Since tampering with the Ouija board things started to get worse. Was the accident meant to happen? did something cause the car to crash? It seemed that we had had nothing but challenges since that very first séance, all within less than a year ... the bad smells ... Joy hearing voices ... the dog refusing to stay in our room ... the bumps and the rattling of bottles ... the infestation ...and now it was attacking us in our sleep.     We had opened up a Pandora's box of evil. To late now there's no going back...

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