Rose Mary Duck



Written on the 8/5/2012. This story came about watching my daughter, who was very tired, trying to keep awake while we were doing some running around.

One morning, Rose Mary woke up feeling very sleepy, and she sleepily ate her breakfast of captain bugs.

She walked to the local shops to do her shopping, and then she walked up to the bakery area, which was as far as she went. She was so sleepy that she fell asleep on a loaf of bread. The store owner woke her by saying, “Miss Rose Mary, you should go to bed.”

She walked to the post office to mail a letter, but she fell asleep against the mailbox. The mailman woke her up by saying, “Miss Rose Mary, you should go to bed.”

Rose Mary walked to a park bench only to rest, but she fell asleep instead. She was awakened by a voice asking, “Can’t you stay awake?”

Rose Mary sleepily opened her eyes and looked towards the sound of the voice. To her surprise, she found a doctor sitting beside her. With a smile, Rose Mary told the doctor her problem.

With an “Ah” and an “I see,” the doctor took out his notepad and a pen and wrote on the paper. With a smile, he handed the piece of paper to Rose Mary.

Rose Mary looked at the paper, which read Miss Rose Mary, you need to go home and go to bed. Rose Mary smiled and walked home and did exactly what the note said. Rose Mary awoke the next morning not feeling a bit tired.




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