Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 7



Our newest hero, Ariela, gets her morpher, while Rohan and James prepare to face a new enemy.

Chapter 7


The young girl leaned against the wall in her bedroom as she struggled to catch her breath. Her mind raced as she composed herself and sat down on her bed.

Alright Ariela, you just experienced something way too weird. Who were those creatures? Why’d they attack me? What was that sudden gust of wind? Did I create it? Is all of it connected to this mark on my chest?

Ariela stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Her long brown hair became frizzy, her clothes clung to her J-Lo-type body, and she smelled of sweat. She sighed as she decided to take a shower. As she headed towards the bathroom, her roommate, Stacy, approached her.

“Hey Ariela, a package came in for you,” she said pushing up her glasses. “I left it on the table.

Stacy was the same height as Ariela, but was thicker than her. She had short brown hair dark brown eyes and pale skin.

“Thanks,” Ariela said and picked up the small package.

Ariela looked at Stacy and smiled. Stacy smiled back and closed her bedroom door. Ever since Ariela met Stacy, she always saw her wear sweats and t-shirt. She even wondered if Stacy had any other clothes besides those. Ariela chuckled and went into her room. She stared at the package for a moment.

No return address or postage anywhere. Who would send me a package…?

She slowly opened the package. Questions ran through her mind and she slowly unfolded the flaps. Suddenly, her eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights. Inside the small package were a morpher and a small note. Ariela picked up the morpher and studied it. Aside from looking odd, she thought it was a toy. She placed the morpher back into the package and picked up the folded note. She unfolded it and read it.

“Meet me at the park where you discovered your powers and all will be explained.”

A chill ran down Ariela’s spine. She’s had a few stalkers back in high school, but this one took the cake. Not only did this person know exactly who her roommate was, but also knew about the park incident. She was scared, but she wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. Ariela quickly grabbed the package and her keys and ran out the door. Stacy opened her bedroom door and peeked outside. The dorm was silent. She grinned and closed back her door.



On the corner of Aurburn Ave NE and Bell St. NE, two Zen Buddha workers were closing the shop. While one took the trash out back, the other locked up the gate. The male worker turned around and was startled. Before him was a tall figure in a light brown trench coat and matching fedora. The male worker couldn’t see the figure’s face but could tell his eyes were bloodshot.

“Uh, sir, we closed,” he said politely. “We open at 9 am.”

“Do you believe in God?” the figure asked, noticing the cross necklace around the worker’s neck.

“Yes,” the worker answered with a confused look. “You looking for church?”

The figure laughed hard. The male worker shivered as he saw the figure’s razor sharp teeth shine brightly in the moonlight.

“Ah, mortals,” the figure said, “you’re sure funny, as well as tasty.”

The worker ran. The figured watched the male worker head towards the back of the restaurant. The male worker quickly found the other male worker and told him what happened.

“You crazy, yo,” the other male worker said with a laugh.

“We need to leave, now,” the male worker replied with frightened eyes. “He out to get us.”

“Well, mainly Christians,” The figure said, standing behind him.

The workers both screamed as they ran down the long back alley. The figure quickly appeared before them, stopping them in their tracks. They fell to their knees. Sweat dripped down their faces as they held onto each other, trembling in fear.

“Please, spare me,” the other worker said and shoved the male worker toward the figure. “I’m no Christian: me Buddhist.”

“You know why I like Christians more than any other religion?” the figured asked them.

They shook their heads.

“Christians taste better, especially when they lie and deny their faith,” the figure said quickly stabbed them both in their hearts.

Their eyes widened and their lifeless bodies collapsed. The figure held both their beating hearts in each hand and gazed at their beauty. Blood dripped onto the ground as the figure’s tongue extended towards the hearts. His tongue wrapped around one and pulled it into his mouth. He chewed happily as the second heart began to lose its rhythmic beat. The figure put the second heart into his mouth. He wiped the blood from his hands and walked away, disappearing into the shadows.



Rohan and James got out of the training room feeling satisfied. They drank their bottle of water as they headed towards Mihr.

“Well, how are the suits?” Mihr asked.

“Interesting,” Rohan answered.

“What Rohan means is that they’re complicated to use,” James replied. “How do we activate our weapons? And why does the body of the suit look similar to Toko Rangers?”

Mihr was puzzled. “Toko Rangers?”

James sighed. “They’re like Gatcha Rangers, but they came before them in the Ranger world.”

Mihr nodded. “I see. So, you don’t like it?”

“We do, Mihr,” Rohan answered, trying to bring peace to this conversation. “James has a tendency to fanboy when something he likes is done wrong. You should’ve seen him at the Atomic Five movie…”

“Hey, I was quiet during the movie,” James replied, folding his arms. “I just think Atomic Pink should’ve been a played by Aisha Hyuga instead of Kelly Sanders.”

“Like I’ve said, you mortals are funny,” Mihr said.

Suddenly, the alarm went off. Rohan, James, and Mihr quickly headed towards the control room.

“What’s going on?” Mihr asked.

“Our sensors have picked up a demonic aura around Aurburn Ave and Bell St,” one of the angels said still staring at his monitor. “I’ll put it on the screen.”

The screen lit up and showed a reporter pointing to two dead bodies.

“This is Rachel Waters from FX-5 News,” she said as she got closer towards the crime scene. “I’m here live to tell you about a mysterious murder that happened a few moments ago. Police are baffled as to whom or what caused this. But one thing is true: their hearts have been removed. We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.”

The angel shut off the screen.

“That’s just nasty,” James said, trying not to hurl.

“Who would do that?” Rohan asked.

“It was the work of a Pishacha,” God answered as his hologram appeared on the central column.

“Pish…acha?” James asked.

“They are demons seen in Hindu mythology,” God answered. “They are known as flesh eating demons and hide in dark places. There are several types of Pishachas that feed on a specific type of flesh. They often assume various forms, but their natural appearance is hideous.”

“Are they like Drogas?” Rohan asked. “And what do you mean specific type of flesh?”

“Pishachas are higher than Drogas,” God answered. “The Demonic hierarchy is a long complicated one for you to fully understand. To simplify, Drogas are the absolute bottom, while Pishachas are ten ranks higher than them. As for the other question, Pishachas craved a specific type of flesh. For example: a Pishacha might crave a mortal with a lustful heart or even a religious heart.”

“If we have a hard time with those Drogas, then Pishachas are ten times worse,” James said with his eyes wide open. “Great, now we need to level up a few notches before taking this guy on.”

“That’s why you have the morphers,” Mihr replied. “Your elemental powers alone are no match for a Pishacha.”

“But how do we find him?” Rohan asked rubbing his chin. “He could be anywhere.”



Ariela stood near the fountain at Hurt Park, waiting for the mysterious sender. The air grew cold and the sounds of the night life slowly faded. Soon, a fog rolled in and covered the entire park. A chill went down her spine.

“Show yourself!” she exclaimed, looking around.

Suddenly, Meka appeared through the fog. Ariela looked at him with nervous eyes and kept her distance from him.

“Do not be afraid,” Meka said with a smile, “for I’m the one who brought you your gift.”

“Why?” Ariela asked. “I don’t want it.”

“Oh, but you must: for the sake of your world rests on your shoulders.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Did you not hear the news? A group of scientists discovered a modern day Philosopher’s Stone and that stone will cause a false Second Coming of Christ if you don’t stop them. You bear the crest of God and were chosen to save the world. But there are people who are trying to stop you and also wear that same morpher.”

Suddenly, the image of James flooded into her mind. She remembered him wearing the morpher.

So, he’s an enemy. That would explain him trying to get to know me.

“Before you start going on a hunting spree,” Meka began, “you must know that there’s two more that’s your ally. I’ve found one, but the other’s location is a mystery.”

Ariela took a moment to let it sink in. Although her questions were answered, she still felt uneasy about the meeting.

“How can I trust you?” she asked.

“That’s up to you,” Meka answered. “But know this: you will be targeted and will need all the help you can get.”

Meka walked through the fog, slowly disappearing with each step. Soon, the fog vanished and the night life sounds retuned. Meka was gone. Ariela stood there, holding the package up to her chest.

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