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Tales from The Ether of Nowhere The night began as every other. I quietly closed my eyes. Visualised and saw a majestic angel of white light, and silently beseeched him. “Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me. Archa...

Tales from The Ether of Nowhere

The night began as every other.

I quietly closed my eyes. Visualised and saw a majestic angel of white light, and silently beseeched him.

“Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me. Archangel Michael to my left, Archangel Michael to my right. Archangel Michael above me, Archangel Michael below me. Archangel Michael surrounding me. Nothing can harm me.”


I then visualised a sparkling ball of luminous white light surrounding me totally, and then sent out my call to the Ether of Nowhere.

“If we do not simply dream, show me something?

Show me a sign I am not alone in dream states, but visited from other realms. Prove thyself real!”

With that silent thought, I let sleep wash over me like a soothing wave of its hypnotic wand, and I woke in the Lucid World. (Maybe the Astral realm to others)


I was standing in a great hall of the unknown. Tapestries and paintings adorned it darkly painted walls. People bustled and walked in a seemingly daze. No one met my gaze as I addressed them as they passed.

I looked around and spotted a lover from another life, a lover from real life.

“What she doing here?” I thought and then a monstrous cry echoed throughout the hall.


A clamouring of voices shrieking,

“The beast is coming RUN!”

 Filled the great hall.


I ran to my lover from another world, and quickly grabbed her trembling hand, and without her really looking at me, led her to a side corridor.

The roars getting louder and closer.


My hairs stood up like soldiers rising to attention to all invisible drill sergeants commands.


I pulled her hard, dragging her behind me, to save her from the beasts roar and capture; and suddenly as we entered that side corridor.

The roars suddenly stopped and darkness filled the night, and then a light appeared in the distance.


The light slowly tapered towards us, it filled the long winding corridor like an escape route, like you find when there’s a power cut.

Wild shadows filled and danced strange pagan steps upon the darkened walls.


I looked in front, and chairs and tables lined the way.

School chairs stacked 6 deep next to a small table.

This was repeated all the way in the light and to the corridor end.


I felt fear rise up my spine, this dream in Lucidity City was different.


I pulled her hand harder, determined to save this figment from the real world even though I knew instinctively I was in a dream.


Undaunted I walked on, the silence was over whelming and suppressing.


I refused to feel fear.

It’s want they want the ghouls from the Ether who also stalk these dreamscapes or so I have read.

My protection spell will hold me safe.


The hand holding mine squeezed in reassurance as though reading my mind.

I never looked back, determined to reach the exit and to see the light beyond.


I pulled on and as I approached the corridors end, it seemed to be a fire door.

The metal door brackets gleamed.



“All I have to do is push them down and I am out!”

I thought.

A humming suddenly appeared; the rows of chairs and tables now disappeared and just in front to my exit, on a green table to my left, perched casually, was a figure.


About 5 foot four, dark clothes with a skirt. Bare legs casually swinging in a childlike kicking motion as they hummed with their face still hidden within the shadows.

I paused.


My spine filled with rippling emotions as the hairs really started swaying and rubbing together.


“Shall I wake myself up or push past, open the door and see what’s beyond?”


Silent thoughts fighting for answers.


“Let’s go!” I muttered.


The hand behind me squeezed harder.


I pulled her.

As I passed trying to ignore the thing on the table swinging its legs, its humming stopped.

Fighting the urge not to looked, it coughed.


As I looked, its head emerged from the shadows and illuminated in the half light.

It held my gaze.


Its face was beautiful but rippled in the half light, as if trying to maintain an illusion.

It really looked hard and deep as it firmly held my gaze, and whilst doing so


 (Whenever I have traversed Lucidity City, all its many inhabitants never acknowledge you, so this was scary – real scary!)


started to hum.


The hand I had so valiantly grabbed, to save from the monstrous roar, suddenly squeezed harder in a pumping motion, and I jumped.


When I turned to see her, my long lost lover from the real world, she too held my gaze within dark pools of black eyes.

It spoke,


“We heard your call!”


Its voice croaky and distant as if a low whisper.


Squeezing my hand tighter and tighter, pain started to take over.


I looked to the creature on the table who also smiled with black eyes. Silently mouthing...

”We heard your call!”


 And suddenly as if lightening was striking, I heard;


“Be GONE!”


The hand squeezing ever harder stopped. Its eyes looked up.

The creature swinging its legs, still smiling with perfect whiter than white teeth, winked and also looked up, and then they both vanished.


The great hall returned and a white figure reached out and held my hand.

It whispered; mind to mind.


“I watch, guide and protect. Wake up John.”


Its voice singing like a sweet lullaby sung by your mother.

With a light squeeze of its hands of shimmering diamonds, I woke instantly.

Pain free and relaxed. And tranquil.


“The ghouls had tried to feed off your fear; You did ask to see them though.”


“Why did I just think that?”

 I thought.


My next journey, I will have to be less trusting, less naive.


Ask for something different now I know the unspoken truth.


Lucidity City.

A landscape where dreams merge with the non living.


This is a true account from my many excursions.

Those who lucid dream has experienced its hold.


This was rather frightening but my protection prayer seems to have worked.


"Never venture into anything, even dreaming without a protection prayer.

For when we dream, we are truly vulnerable.


Until next time."


Tales from Lucidity 2017

John Duffy


A new series of revelations from the Astral Realm I experience nightly.

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