tO lOvE



To love is to welcome and to see off with equal ease.

- I'm sad I'm leaving — he said, pulling her even closer into his still moist naked body — I won't see you for a while.

- I'm happy — she smized, snuggling her body further into his groove — I get to miss you.

- Are you not sad I am leaving?

- I am not.

- Auch. Isn't that a bit heartless?

- On the contrary, babe. My heart is full, so full I don't need you to be by my side to love you -

 she paused for one conscious breath — to love is to welcome and to see off with equal ease.

- Wow... wherever you learned that?

- Every lifetime offers us the chance to learn the biggest lesson of all.

- The biggest lesson?

- Yup. The master lesson: Love.

- So, how long did it take you, you know... to learn the master lesson?

- Only the guts of four thousand years, give or take.

He delicately ran his index finger along the curve of her back, then tenderly kissed her shoulder.

- Well, I love you auld lady, and I will miss you.

The Peruvian Sage

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