A Johnny Cash Experience



Some years ago, when my two oldest boys went to kindergarten, we had a nice Johnny Cash Experience (RIP, Johnny!).

I was driving them to and back from the kindergarten every day, and in the car we were mostly listening to Johnny Cash. My children were attending a Christian kindergarten, so they learned a lot about God and Jesus and stuff like that. I also have to add that in Bergen, our hometown in Norway, there is a lot of annual rainfall.

One day in the car, the boys were asking me if I wanted to go to a concert with Johnny Cash. I said I would love to, but it was impossible, since Johnny was dead. One of my sons asks me if he is in heaven, and I tell him that “yes, Johnny Cash is in heaven”. Then the other one states “He is together with God”.

 And I actually think that he is.


Some days later when we were driving back from the kindergarten, there was a lot of rain, and one of them asked if I believed that it would rain the next day too. I said it was difficult to say, and that we had to wait and see. One of the boys asks me if it’s true, that it’s God who decide the weather. I didn’t want to tell him that there are some meteorological factors too that have an impact — and that if children can’t stop lying, they have to grow up to become meteorologists.  

“Yes, that’s right …” I replied, and added “… and Jesus too, of course. There was maybe one second of silence, before one of them concluded.

“And Johnny Cash”.


So now we know that Johnny has something to do with it, but I like to think about it this way: If there is good weather, we can thank Johnny Cash. If the weather is bad, I would suggest that we still blame the meteorologists. 

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