Benny the Blackbird & Sally the Seagull



This is a love story of how two different breeds of birds fall in love and raise their family. They manage to overcome prejudice and outrage from the other birds. Benny almost drowns when they migrate for the winter. How will they overcome the homeward journey?

Benny the Blackbird & Sally the Seagull.

Benny was just an ordinary blackbird, but he had a longing to go and live by the sea. So when he was old enough to leave the nest he flew to the coast to live.

He just loved it there he loved to hear the waves wash up to the shore. He even found that he could get enough food to eat by scraping among the pebbles searching for insects, with the odd worm thrown in.

He was on the beach one morning, searching for food, when he looked up and saw a seagull flying low along the edge of the water. The seagull was skimming the water looking for fish to eat.

Benny thought to himself that he had never seen such a beautiful bird before, and was so excited when it landed near him.

Bennywas normally quite shy, but he plucked up his courage and introduced himself to the seagull. “Hi I’m Benny, what’s your name?”


I’m Sally,”wasthe reply. “What are you doing on the beach?”Sallyasked, adding we don’t see many of your kind around here.”


Bennyreplied, “I have always had a love of the sea, and have always wanted to live near it, so I came here to live a few weeks ago.”


How unusual,”said Sally, adding “You’re quite a handsome looking bird, if you don’t mind me saying so.


Why thank you Sally, and may I say that you are the most beautiful bird that I have ever laid eyes on.”


Sallylowered her head and turned awayfrom Bennywhen she heard thisshe could feel her face go red with embarrassment and hoped that Bennycould not see she had gone red.


How would you like to be my girlfriend?the words even took Bennyby surprise.



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