Secret Of Love



Music is the heart of any sound as an image is the soul to many inner secrets.

   One Christmas Season I was standing at the door as I flipped on the switch to light the tree. As I stood there about to take a photo of the tree in all it's glory, thoughts begin to roam. A single image that stood as one of many symbols for so many years was one of the greatest love's of all. I looked at the angel that stood upon the top of the tree. The shape of the tree as it spiraled down with all its many colors now glowing. From that simple single image I began a journey to wonder of the true secret to love. How one simple image could build so many memories, good and bad, in all of us. I began to wonder why. Little by little I would study that single image to write the 1000 words that would unfold the many secrets behind the souls that built the dream. The Secret Of Love.......

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