Dustin and The Flying Umbrella



Dustin is a little boy who comes into a mysterious island with his lovely umbrella to discover a brand new paradise hidden from the world.

Every Saturday, a little boy named Dustin traveled to a small island not too far from the coast. Not many people went to the island because to them, they did not find anything special about it. However, Dustin found it to be a magical and peaceful place.

Dustin always carried a rainbow colored umbrella with him. Purple and blue were his favorite colors. This umbrella was the only thing that was left of his one true love that had left him long ago.

On this particular Saturday he walked on the beach, as he always did, singing a pretty love song. He danced while holding his umbrella and sat underneath the biggest palm tree on the beach. The birds perched on the palm fronds, the fish swam next to the shore, and the turtles and iguanas placed themselves on the rocks, in order to hear the little boy singing his sad, but beautiful love song.

Suddenly, the branches began to sway violently and the wind got stronger. Seconds later, his umbrella flew away from his hand and started to float away from him.  Immediately, Dustin jumped up and began to run to after it, but he soon caught it. However, when he grabbed the umbrella, he was lifted from the ground and began to float higher and higher above the land.

He was now flying high above the island and he couldn’t believe what was happening. As he rose, the palm trees waved their goodbyes with their flowing fronds, thanking him for the pretty song he had sung. Below him, there was a huge forest and it looked like the trees were greeting each other as if they were waking up to say good morning.

Around him, the clouds and the sun were smiling and saying “Hello” to each other and Dustin. But the most wonderful thing of all was in front of him. Rising above the green forest, He saw a gigantic blue castle that sat in the middle of the island and was surrounded by a beautiful garden of flowers.  

Dustin then landed in the beautiful garden and began to look at the pretty red flowers that were next to him.

“Hi nice boy.” said the flowers

“Hi, how are you?” said Dustin a little surprised.

“We are doing really badly.” said the little flowers sadly. 

“We are all so very thirsty, but the rain is away traveling now so we haven’t been able to drink any water for weeks.” They cried almost to the point of tears.  Then the smallest of all the flowers asked.

“We wanted to know if you could help us by bringing us water.”

“Yea of course! I would be glad to help you pretty little flowers!” Dustin said.

Oh thank you! You are so very kind! They said happily.

Dustin immediately began to search for a watering can, or any other container that may already have water. However, he could only find an empty bottle. Suddenly, he had a great idea.  Sitting next to some green and purple roses, was a large wicker basket. He put the little red flowers into it and decided to take them with him on his search to find water.

He walked over to the castle in order to find someone who could tell him where water was. As he got closer the large castle door he began to notice something strange.  It was made of thick ice and around the door frame were little white carnations. 

Also, on a large rock next to the door he saw something really weird.  Asleep on the stone was a cat made of fire!

“Um… excuse – me…” Dustin said a little frightened. 

“Oh wow! What are you?” said the Fire Cat startled.

“Excuse me Mr. Cat, My name is Dustin and I am a human.”  “I’m here because I am looking for some water for these little flowers.”  “Do you know where I can find some?”

“hehehehe! oh no! I’d never want to see water! Said the cat.  “If you were to put it on me I’d disappear!” But I do know where you can find some so that you can help those little flowers.  In the very top of the castle, in the highest room, you can find the eternity watering can.  The water in this can is never ending! However, you must watch out for the owners of this castle; the purple king and the pink princess.

“Don’t worry Mr. Cat I will watch out for the king and the princess! And thank you again for the information! Said Dustin . 

“Good luck little human!” The strange cat said yawing and falling back to sleep.

The large ice door then melted in front of him leaving a huge cloud of steam that went immediately to join the other clouds in the sky. Carrying the basket of flowers in one hand and his magical umbrella in the other, he entered into the castle. After walking into the castle he saw a large sparkling staircase made of shiny white diamonds.

But, everything else was made of pink and purple with walls made of pearls. Dustin then quickly ran up the stairs in order to find the eternity watering can. Suddenly, before he had reached the highest room in the castle, large golden stalagmites began to fall from the ceiling.   Running, to avoid being crushed by the dangerous rocks and wanting to protect his precious flowers, he ran into the highest castle room for safety.

Inside the little room, sitting on the window sill was a watering can that was protected by a force field of electricity.  Dustin walked towards it in order to take it, but before he could grab it, he felt something pricking his back.  Turning around he found standing before him, five plant soldiers wearing large helmets made of feathers and armor made of bronze.  They were aiming their wooden spears at his chest.  Soon after, the Purple King and the Pink Princess walked into the room.

In a very cross voice the Purple King said “What wandering traveler was bold enough to cut the flowers from my imperial garden?”

Dustin, frightened couldn’t come up with the words to explain why he had cut the plants. If he didn’t think quickly, he could be captured and locked away. But suddenly a great idea popped into his head.

“Excuse me Lord Purple!” Dustin began. “But the reason I cut the flowers was so that I could give them to the most beautiful girl on the island: the pink princess.”

The Pink Princess began to blush as Dustin handed the basket of little flowers to her.

Suddenly, the wind blew into the little room carrying Dustin and his umbrella outside of the window and into the air. 30The Pink Princess, leaning out of the window and calling out to Dustin said: “Will I ever see you again?” But Dustin just answered.

“Don’t worry, Pink Princess I will never forget you.” 

Out of nowhere, a strong storm began to blow. The clouds suddenly became an angry gray color and began throwing bolts of white lightening down at the inhabitants of the island.  Dustin was now dangling   high in the air, gripping the handle of his umbrella with all his might. But then, a powerful bolt of lightning hit his hand making Dustin lose his grip.

He then began to fall into the forest below, but the trees caught him with their branches. They then helped him onto the forest floor and he began running in order to find his lost umbrella.  He came back to the beach and the storm had now ended, but there was no sign of his rainbow colored umbrella.

Near him a turtle and an iguana were having a conversation.

“Hey Turtle” said the iguana.  

“Listen, I heard rumors that an umbrella fell in love and has run off with the sea.”

Upon hearing this, Dustin became really angry.  He then jumped into the water and began to hit the waves. The sea was not very pleased with this and as a result sent him a gigantic wave which dragged him into ocean deep.

Dustin was unable to swim and every second he sank deeper and deeper into the sea. Finally, He was about to close his eyes, when all of a sudden a young and beautiful mermaid appeared in front of him.  The mermaid then kissed him and Dustin suddenly disappeared never to be seen again.

So, every Saturday, a rainbow colored umbrella flies over the blue castle island looking for its lost owner. What it does not know, is that he can be found swimming deep underneath the sea as a little dolphin that continue singing his sad love songs.

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