A spider taught her



Part 1

The moon was at it's Waxing Gibbous phase. A 7 day phase before the Full Moon. 

She knew the connection she wanted to make, but not how to make it. There was an opportunity to sing at an event and meet with artists of whom she was a fan, but she had no word from them. Then she remembered something she had read. If the universe is guiding you observe all that you see.

A spider caught her eye. A dead one. A large, female, dead spider. For three years in a row only two spiders survived the insecticide around the entrances of her home. The same to spiders followed a path to mate, but this time the female met her fate.

As per usual the male started out coming through the bathroom window upstairs. One year she took both spiders out from downstairs, to find them in the same place within two days. She did the same again — the same thing happened. So she left them be. The spiders usually traveled into her bedroom, then into her daughters bedroom — then out of sight. This year the male spider stayed put. Every morning she would go to the bathroom and notice that the spider, with its missing leg, was still wondering around the first room — waiting...

If a spider has ever taught me a lesson, she thought, then it is not to do as a spider would. She had been waiting for a response before she made her move. This spider was waiting for something dead. Something that would never arrive, but it chose not to change its course — or to meet its goal.

So with that she booked a ticket and set off on the 14th of October for an adventure. She arrived at her destination, and soon realised that her messages had not been sent. Not like that stupid spider! — she thought. She sang, and learned how to improve- from the most surprising place. She met someone who recorded a few songs the next day

The next day the moon was to be full at 5:23pm. She arrived home and began cleaning, to find the spider was downstairs. It's patience had also grown thin, as has its body, which now matched it's dainty leg.

The spider was out of sight....

but a new one caught her eye...

A spider from a dream.    




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