Fantasy story with a message that you should find for yourself

In the darkness of the cosmos, the only rays of light come form the Sun. The blazing sphere that through fire creates light, and illuminates the 8 planets that goes around it. From this ball of light, a burnt rock shaped like an x emerged one day, and flew from the molten core of the sun towards the third planet from it, which was Earth. At an incalculable speed, it passed the atmosphere were it burnt some more and felt in the middle of a street which was from left and right covered with buildings. The crashing thud scared the people that lived in the apartment complexes, and made them rush out their houses to see what created such a ruckus. Walking out they’ve seen that in the middle of the two apartment blocks , right in the middle of the road was a black X that seemed to be made out of granite. Fear did not let them approach, as they expected it to do something, but an hour passed and nothing happened. When the police was here and some people that work in secret organizations in the government, the rock was approached for the first time. Around it was a puddle of melted asphalt, and from the weird rock heat was coming like crazy. Some fire trucks were called, and jets of fire were directed towards the object. That filled the air around with steam that looked like cloud descending from the ground. When the rock seemed to cool down, some scientist touched it for the first time since it hit the surface, nothing happened, and the decided that this was just a curious object that our science knew nothing about. It was to be transported into a state facility and analyzed, so they could form at least some opinions regarding the nature of this extraterrestrial object. That was a problem, as the object was that seemed so light, was in reality heavy. They used every method that they could but the rock would not budge from its place. Solving that was not hard; they decided to study it in its location. They blocked the street and did a lot of analysis and every kind of research possible. Their conclusion was that the rock was of a previously unknown composition, it was a mineral that did not exist on earth and its chemical structure was something that also puzzled their mind and would require much studying and would lead to the addition of at least one element in the periodic table. That did not interest the people that lived next to it, they wanted the rock out of their neighborhood as they feared it might do them harm. To that the authorities shrugged as they knew not how to fix this problem, and all they could say to the people living in the area was to wait while they find a way to solve this. Some of the people moved and some tried to forget about it and live on with their lives. Weeks passed, and the rock did nothing, and all the talk about it was going down, people were interested in new things, and in time it just become a thing that everyone just accepted and went on. All that changed was the addition of a road sign, and some works that had to be done in order to make the road around the rock usable, and thus it became more like a landmark which attracted some curious tourists. After a year it became a thing perceived as normal, and that is when some of the owners of the apartments around started hearing a melody inside their head. It was not something that they perceived as weird, this tune seemed so natural, as if it always been there and they just noticed it now. Nobody talked about it as it seemed to be as natural as air to them. Soon everybody was hearing it, and it was such a soothing music, that made everyone feel content with their lives and happy. They felt so good that at times that would dance in their house; some would start painting on their balcony. Slowly the walls of the flats were filled with doodles, pictures of stick people, scenes of hunting, stuff that you would see in caves painted by ancient people. Other than that you would just see spots covered in bright colors like red, orange, yellow and pink. Weeks were passing by, and from dancing inside the house people started dancing outside, it would be just simple rhythmic moves that seemed to do in harmony as if they all learned this dance together, their eyes were blank and a smile was stuck on all of their faces. Around the X, people were performing this dance in circle. People driving by would give them weird looks but they did not care. When anyone would try to stop them from dancing they would go right back into it, and after trying that more then one time, people would get bored and just accept it as another reality of life. Day and night people from the flats would dance around the X, no around it there were 15 circles of people that danced like one. Soon people from other areas would join them; they would start campfires around, and would dance to a melody that resounded only in their head. IF you were to look at them you would think them to be a bunch of lunatics that dance to silence. Whilst they danced the dark color of the X would melt of and would drip down like petroleum, uncovering a shining silver metal, that had thins that seemed to be lights that you would expect form a LED lighting system. When all of the dark goo dripped down, this rock looked more like a lighting system for a party then an object from space. At intervals one of the lights would light up, then more lights, and even more. Soon it would be an array of rays going form one position to another, giving the effect of a light show. These lights would create many shadows of the people dancing around non stop. These parties would go on and people would dance without feeling in the least tired of moving around. While they danced their shadows grew , at first they were 15 meters long then they would go on to reach the roofs of the flats on the both sides of the road. One night the lights of the X were moving around at crazy speeds and people would dance with more energy than ever as the melody in their head speed up. Then with a bass that echoed through all of their being they stopped and moved no more. The lights of the X would also freeze in one position, which made the shadows of the people look like giants. The shadows started moving slowly as if the had a mind of their own, and the light would follow their movement, if you were to look attentively you would observe than in actuality the shadows followed the light and not vice versa. The light would go up and it would form the shadows on nothing. It all moved until they were directed at where the sun was. A long transparent white ray was directed at the sun, and the shadows which were also transparent started climbing the ray. This would go on for a long time until none of the shadows was on Earth. It would take them weeks to reach the Sun, but they were determined. Upon reaching it they started feasting on the only source of light in the area. The Sun grew smaller and smaller and the shadow would add fat to their spirit like bodies. When they finished consuming the star which brings us light everyday, everything went dark, even the ray of the X which still was on Earth went off. It was nothing like the dark of the night, this darkness covered everything like jelly, it was dense, and would give you the sensation of pressure, it made you feel like nothing existed. Then there came the light, but not from the X but from planet Earth. At first the light was weak, like a single candle, then like a street lamp, then like the moon during the night. After years it starting burning as bright as the Sun, and the X rock, was consumed into it. Thus one light gave birth to the other through sacrifice.      


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