Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 20



Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 20 – Common Ground 15 By: Khandker Habib Ahmed (All rights are reserved by the author) (Consecutively after last section)   Gulshan: Mr. Knot, do you like fast food? Mr. Knot: Yes, I do....

Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 20 – Common Ground 15

By: Khandker Habib Ahmed

(All rights are reserved by the author)

(Consecutively after last section)


Gulshan: Mr. Knot, do you like fast food?

Mr. Knot: Yes, I do. At times though….

Gulshan: Why do you like it? You do not know that fast food is unhealthy….These are called


Mr. Knot: I know that. Nonetheless, if you eat at times, I think it will not have much effect on

                 your health and mind. Also, it is a choice and the ‘right to choose’ is the essence of the

                 concept of democracy. 

Gulshan: By saying so, do you mean that you can choose anything you like in democracy?

Mr. Knot: Why so, Gulshan? Although there is a right of choice in democracy, I assume that it

should have a limit. It is not a offending that someone doesn’t like your choice. However, it is offending that your choice hurts someone or troubles the society as a whole. If your choice hurts anyone, it cannot be a practice of democracy then. This is because democracy protects the rights of people, and you cannot, by your choice, stamp on those rights. In special circumstances, you can discuss the matters of contention. 

Gulshan: And what about ‘personal freedom’?

Mr. Knot: Look Gulshan, this is an extremely controversial chapter. I do not want to talk much

about ‘personal freedom.’ This is personal matter of particular individuals. I do not like to hurt anyone in any way with my words. I do research. Accordingly, it is helpful for the society that ‘personal freedom’ has a limit adjudging the concept of democracy. The rationale is the same as mentioned already. Your ‘personal freedom’ must not hurt anyone or trouble the society as a whole. I think that the substance of ‘personal freedom’ is not only attached to social elements; it has an ethical dimension as well. These are very sensitive issues. There are many different explanations on this matter depending on country, society, culture, religion etc. I have just mentioned only that part as necessary for my explaining the concept of democracy and the democratic system. 

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, your ‘Latte drink’ is so delicious….

Mr. Knot: Thank you Gulshan, I like ‘Latte drink’ too…

Gulshan: Alright, Mr. Knot, did you ever hear the ‘melodious pitch’ of the Cuckoo in the United


Mr. Knot: Oh nice! I see that you are an exceptional nature-loving woman. You should hear the

call of humans because you came from the field of politics. People who hear ‘call of the cuckoo’ are surely romantic! I do not think I have ever heard ‘call of the cuckoo’ during my staying in the United States for last fifteen years. May be that they live in American rain forest. I do not know much about it…

Gulshan: Alas! If you were staying in Bangladesh, you would surely hear the ‘melodious pitch’

of the cuckoo there. On another note, please do not say me ‘woman’, Mr. Knot. I do not like to hear it. People assume that I am an age-old person if you say me ‘woman’…..

Mr. Knot: Listen, first of all, I do not have to hear the ‘melodious pitch’ of the cuckoo from

anywhere. I do not like the cuckoo because she is very shrewd and opportunist.  You perhaps know where she lays eggs. Is she not exploiting the labor of the hapless crow? Further, I called you ‘woman’ because you are more than forty years old. What should I say you then?

Gulshan: O. K., say me ‘female’ person…….

Mr. Knot: You mean that phrase ‘the river and the female person’ (Nodi O Nari), drifting is the

                  trait that defines both….?

Gulshan: Yes, Mr. Knot, you are a sorcerer of words….. Now, tell me about the litigation filed

                 against you…

Mr. Knot: Gulshan, this litigation was absolutely a false one. I did not do anything to them. I was

a substitute teacher for a regular classroom teacher on leave. The class was a sixth grade CTT (Collaborative Team Teaching) class where two teachers teach simultaneously. Naturally, I was working under the guidance of the other CTT teacher all the time. Later, I observed that the police arrived at my residence. The litigation continued for long one year. The parents of three female students separately filed a cause of action for ‘immorality’. I came to know that many fake lawsuits of this type are brought against the school teachers of their dislike in the schools of the city. I was very surprised. What immorality I could bring to the students whom I do not know even while working as a substitute teacher under the guidance of another teacher. Astonishingly, that CTT teacher whom I had been working with never showed up before the court even after notification from the attorney appointed on my behalf. I am talking about this litigation only to use its subject matter and the outcome in explaining the second ‘step’ of our points of discussion as mentioned earlier, just for academic research.

 Gulshan: You did a good job, Mr. Knot. But my question is how the police determined the

                 prima facie case? Did they do so simply from a complaint?

Mr. Knot: That’s also my point, Gulshan. I observe the misuse of the prima facie case even in a

developed country similar to that occurs frequently in a third world country like Bangladesh. Now, come to the real point. This is not allowed for in the concept of democracy. If so, you cannot implement the second ‘step’ (emphasizing on the practice of rule of law and rightsof people so that a rule based society could be framed) of your first ‘task’ (finding a common ground) for establishing the ‘streamlined democracy’ in Bangladesh. I am sure you now understand how crucial the ‘correct application of the law’ is in the practice of democracy!  

Gulshan: I understand, Mr. Knot. A complex matter is now clear to me. Alright, can you

               elaborate the concept of ‘hook’ that you were talking about a bit earlier?

Mr. Knot: I will, Gulshan. You are talking about the ‘hooks’ for foot-over-bridge, water-logging

                  because of polythene, and the proper waste disposal, right?

Gulshan: Exactly, Mr. Knot. Will you say it ‘foot-over-bridge’ or Podocharee Setu (bridge for

                the pedestrian)? What should be the exact term?

Mr. Knot: If the competent authority, upon discussion, likes to name it as Podocharee Setu

(bridge for the pedestrian) as a direct translation of ‘foot-over-bridge’, they can do so. However, if there is an ‘under pass’ (Vutol Parapar) instead of ‘over bridge’, there should be a separate jargon recognized, side by side, for it as well for clarity and distinction. Furthermore, the ‘foot’ in the phrase ‘foot-over-bridge’ does not refer to the foot of the pedestrian, rather it refers to the concept and the type of ‘over bridge’ with legs.I hope the matter is clear to you now, Gulshan.

Gulshan: You are only talking, Mr. Knot, not eating. Eat first, then will talk….

Mr. Knot: Alright, Gulshan…..

(To be continued)

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 [Disclaimer: A Few Words for the Esteemed Readers: The character(s)in this writing is (are) fictitious. They have no real existence. In addition, the main character, Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteemed readers in light of the real situation. Again, either in the dialogues of the characters or in the events, at least an issue, petite or hefty, has been unfolded with its proper description, scope and in-depth analysis along with a signal for likely solution, if possible, to it. If any reader has a dissension, other opinion, comment or suggestion, he or she may please inform the writer by an e-mail message or on Face Book or skype. My skype ID is: Khandker.ahmed898. The e-mail address is: khandkera0565@gmail.com. Because the characters are fictitious, whatever the description or analysis thereto, there is no reason of contempt for any person or party.  Therefore, I request the valued readers to count all explanations or explorations herein as merely an academic pursuit or from a research perspective. Thank you. Khandker Habib Ahmed, August 19, 2016, Bronx, New York]


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