Journals of a Psychopath.



How does Clarkson the psychopath get away with it? I do not know, but he does frequently. He is so insane, but he knows he will never be caught.

Courtney's House

The isolated house inviting and large, with several rooms, they would be opulent, Courtney was out, and her lighted windows lured my sight-orbs.
One window was bare of drapes, I gawked, beautiful artwork decorated the wall, and the lights under the paintings, enhanced the striking art. Levering the frame, creeping through the gap, sandalwood, and jasmine scent roamed the air. The house was unheated and it was cold, too chilly. Dark-wood throughout her home, made me conclude a man lived there once, the style of colors, and textures the type a male would opt for. Her boudoir feminine and her bed unobtrusive, situated in the corner, a peach couch, and peach cushions nestled. Investigating her closet, it was crammed, the clothes fresh, and clean. Her favorite color was peach and Courtney’s clothes were coordinated with the shades, linked to the warm-color. Peering, in the drawer, and sex-aids were hidden, they smelled of her vaginal secretions. One was the shape of a penis and the anger boiled. Interrupted by Courtney, who was returning, and her laughter pealed, while she listened to the other person at the end of the cell. Hiding behind her boudoir door, my heart pulsed fast in my chest, her housecoat was on the brass-hook, and Courtney’s musk entered my nose. Sprinting the stairs and she rushed into the restroom, I crept downstairs. Crawling from the frame, I wondered if I would see Su Chang, I ruminated it was possible, as her group seemed to be on a bar-crawl.

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