Introducing Basil & Thyme



I am now continuing with my first excerpts of my book "Percival: The Mrodic Wars". In this, I introduce two of the other major protagonists in the book, Basil and Thyme. Initially, Basil was Percival's rival in love. Things changed...

"As with most clear days, there is always a dark cloud on the horizon. In Percival's case, it took the form of Basil and his infernal second-in-command, Thyme. Basil was big and burly, and quite the opposite of everything that Percival stood for. He walked about with a swagger and a gleam in his eye. He was comfortably off, though his riches could not compare with those of Percival. But he had something that Percival did not — muscle, brawn and the general air of the adventurer. Thyme was his helpmeet, his shadow. A fine looking specimen, he followed his master everywhere, whispering things into his ear. Always scheming, always looking this way and that, shifty-eyed little Thyme always seemed to be able to control Basil's mind. 

It appeared to Percival that BAsil's main objective in life was to court Bessie, and this he did with his usual careless air. If there was a thorn in Percival's side, that thorn was Basil, and on nights that Percival could not sleep he would dream of Basil. Basil, a grinning devil, evil and mocking, daring Percival to beat him back.

On the fateful day that this saga begins, Percival awoke in the morning, as he did everyday, at the same time. As he sipped his morning tea, he gazed out of the window at the roses in his garden. But this time his eyes were fixed on the thorns. His mind was on Basil and Thyme.



What happened next? 


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