A Nightmare Interpretation



My attempt at interpreting my own nightmare where typically I find it easy, this one needed more thinking.

I had this dream before waking up this morning and normally dreams don't necessarily bother me. Usually, I can determine each of my dreams importance to me, but this one is rather tricky. I'm typically very confident in whether or not to think too much on a dream I had, but this one was different. Perhaps because it contained two parts that may or may not be related.

The first part of my dream showed my husband being a total liar and hypocrite. I don't want to disclose all the details, but it involved another woman and it was certainly the opposite of what he claims to do whenever he's around other women. This worried me because after already having established what we agreed on was right or wrong when it came to dealing with the opposite sex, he sure didn't come off (in my dream that is) like he was following that. Perhaps it's an insecurity thing? Perhaps this dream came from the fact that my husband and I had an unfortunate fight yesterday. I know all couples fight, but I'm always afraid of losing my husband which could explain the nightmare. In reality, I trust my husband, but despite not believing in divorce ever, I fear he will come to that as a result eventually. Is there something wrong with me? Perhaps I'm crazy and need to see a shrink....

The next part was as though my husband was no longer in the picture... or perhaps temporarily out of the picture (at least in the dream sense where he wasn't around, not necessarily meaning that he left me in my dream). In this part of the dream, I met a man I had never met before. He wasn't a famous guy or anything, but he showed some interest in me... I don't remember much, but he had learned of the struggles I deal with when it comes to my husband and discovered that we both want children. It seemed he had interest in me because he was trying to comfort me and had me believe that he would be better than my husband. This part didn't make any sense to me as I never considered being with anyone else ever since meeting my husband and it certainly doesn't reflect reality. My husband's incredibly special to me. I just don't understand where this part came from. I'm incredibly disturbed on this one. What does it mean?

Perhaps I'll figure it out later; perhaps I'll never know.

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