Which book would you most likely want to read based on the sentences below? (They are all ideas for the same book)

Book #1 — This is the story of how I killed my father.


Book #2 — As a wolf, Life is never dull.


Book #3 — Fuliginous air left my lungs as I let out a heavy sigh.


Book #4 — With bustling streets and the smell of fresh meat, I was ready for my first kill.


Book #5 — Killers are not born; they are created.  


Book #6 — I watched my father, fervently,  as he stirred his glowing brew.


Book #7 — I am a Wolf.  


Book #8 — There was a poor blacksmith in our land, along with a powerful sorcerer.  They were the same person, but nobody knew.


Book #9 — As a wolf, I call him "Master".  As a child, I called him, "Father".


Book #10 — "No, please no!" The woman shrieked. I dug my claws into her wrists and aimed for her neck as she breathed her last breath.  


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