A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 7)



A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 7: Getting to Know You Better)   All I knew this morning when I wokeIs I know something now, know something now I didn’t before.And all I’ve seen since eighteen hours agoIs green eyes and f...

A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 7: Getting to Know You Better)


All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn’t before.

And all I’ve seen since eighteen hours ago
Is green eyes and freckles and your smile
In the back of my mind making me feel like

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now

Everything Has Changed, Taylor Swift (duet with Ed Sheeran)

June, 2015 
7.45 A.M

Dear Diary,

Last week had been an emotional ride for me. Not only did I shed a tear, since like ten years ago, I’d also convinced James to stay over for a few more days!

All because Duke HAD to put his thoughts into my head.

Sighh. Honestly, it was probably that time of the month too. That’s the only reason why I’d been so damn emotional!

To make a long story short, after my dramatic outburst that night, James had made a phone call to have his plane ticket rescheduled.

He had also made an expensive international call to Dean and Rena, stating that he would like to stay at home for three more days, at least until Mum gets back.

I didn’t hear him saying the real reason why though, but I’m pretty sure when Dean found out about my little outburst, he was deeply in shocked. I had been too busy calming myself down to hear the rest of the conversation.

We didn’t have the hot pot dinner as we had planned either that night. Neither the two of us had any appetite to eat.

I’m thankful that Josh had taken the two Excalibellians out for a meal. For someone who is supposed to be the Prince Charming, Duke is a big eater.

Bless Josh’s pocket money for that.

I’d received a shocking present the very next morning: Mum made a surprise return! Her conference ended earlier than expected and when she heard about my little outburst, she’d made up her mind and came home as soon as possible. Mum had confessed that she too missed her sons as much as I did.

Maybe even more.

All in all, James had been very happy to stay until Friday before he really really needed to leave for work.

Mario, the Sous-Chef had been calling and begging for him to come back to work ASAP because there will be celebrities coming to dine at the restaurant for the whole of next week starting on Monday.

With Dean, the co-Owner and the Executive Chef now hospitalized, James is his only hope and replacement.

It was sad to see James off at the airport on Saturday morning, but at least we got to spend more time with him. Especially Mum.

Now that James had gone back, things went back to normal. Well, as normal as one could only hopes. With those Excalibellians around, there’s no guarantee that every day is a peaceful day.

Now that his frenemy, Zenon, knew he’s here, he would drop by every now and then and messed around whenever he could. Usually it’s my head. Though, lately we haven’t seen much of him.

Speaking of which, I’ve recently noticed something very strange going on between the Prince and his Butler.

At first, I thought nothing of it. But lately, it became so damn obvious; the constant exchanged looks, the whispering when they think I’m not around, and that secret hand movements — it’s driving me nuts!

I don’t care if they’re powerful wizards or Royalty, they’d better NOT be doing anything stupid or there will hell to pay when I found out what it is!

Much love,

JOSH Campbell yawned loudly and stretching his arms and back. Creaking his neck, he let out another loud yawn until something hit him on the arm and he winched.

“Close your mouth when you yawn, idiot.” Anya scolded her favourite young uncle.

On her right hand was a flying swatter, which she had just used to hit him. Putting the swatter away, she resumed eating her the cereal in peace. Sitting at the head of the table was Rosy, who simply shook her head. Already gotten used of her only daughter’s behaviour that it didn’t surprised her at all.

“Josh dear, not that I minded you eat breakfast with us for two weeks now, but when do you plan on returning to your own apartment?”

“Until that darn new neighbour above me decided to move in! Honestly, who does all the cleaning in the middle of the night anyway?” Josh stabbed his fork on the innocent scrambled eggs before putting them into his mouth.

“If it bothers you so much, why not tell them to stop? You’re a policeman, aren’t you?”

“Believe me when I say that whenever I got there, they always not at home. I’d tried going there early in the day, hoping to have a word with them before leaving to work and surprise, surprise, they’re not at home!”

“Why not going there at night then?”

Josh snorted loudly. “Tried that one too. Still the same result. And don’t you dare telling me to go there in the middle of the night. After a long tiring day dealing with criminals, the last thing you want is to deal with people — annoying and irritating people. All you wanna do is just relax at home and have dinner prepared for you.”

“Get yourself a wife then.” Finishing her cup of coffee, Anya stood up, taking her bowl and cup to the sinks for a wash. Turning off the faucet, Anya excused herself to go and fetch her bag and files in her bedroom.

A moment later, Anya returned to the dining room with files and bag on each hands.

“I’m going to school now, Ma.” She went over to Rosy and kissed her cheek.

“Have a wonderful time at school, honey!”

Josh got up from his seat, taking his coat along. “I’ll drop you off to school, Anya. Rosy, do you and the boys need a ride to Home’s?”

“Oh no thank you, dear.“Rosy shook her head gently. “Duke and Aidan would be accompany me to Home’s today. Won’t you, boys?”

Duke nodded. “Yes. There are much for us to discuss with Madam!”

Anya raised an eyebrow suspiciously. “Discuss?”

Her suspicious was interrupted by Rosy clearing her throat. “Anya sweetie, you will be late if you don’t leave now. Be sure to say hi to Steve and Emma for me!”

“Will do. Bye!”

Anya listened to the song played on the radio with a broad smile. Josh was singing to the lyric and happily tapping his hands on the wheel. He wore his famous wine red sunglasses, which he proudly claimed, made him looked cool and mysterious, and a good way to impress the ladies.

It’s not rare for Josh to drop Anya off at school using the police car. He loved spoiling the little brat, after all. Adding to that, it always fun to see how her peers’ reaction when a police car came to the school.

Those who knew it was just Anya, would simply snickered. While others who didn’t, would wondered who was the bloody idiot that had caused enough trouble to have the police to actually come over.

Either way, it always amused him to see their reactions.

Josh pulled over the car in front of the university gates. Anya unbuckled the seat belt and got out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride, Joshie!”

Josh waved his hand. “Take care yourself, kiddo.”

At four-forty five o’clock in the evening, the last class had finally ended. Packing her stuff, Anya saw her two best friends were waving at her outside of the class. Smiling, she waved back at them and signalled them to wait.

Emma Greens and her boyfriend, Steve, were waiting outside of Anya’s class, when they heard a commotion made by group of girls as they passed by.

“Did you see that hot guy at the front gates? He’d winked at me!”

“No. He was winking at me!"

“As if, girls. He was actually winking at me!”

The discussion ended up in a heated argument that made Emma and Steve shook their heads.

“Those First-Year students sure have a long way to go with those attitudes.”

“Whose attitudes what now?” Anya asked, finally came out from the class, carrying files and slightly heavy bag.

“Nothing for you to be concerned about, doll. Don’t worry about it.” Emma cheerfully.

“Oh, okay.” Anya nodded then smiled. “Then, shall we go? I’m kinda hungry. Do you mind if we stopped by" Her little conversation was rudely interrupted by the noisy sound her mobile phone made.

Anya quickly took out her phone from her jeans and looked at the screen flashed at her.

‘Duke calling...’

Crap. “Excuse me for seconds, guys!” Anya ran ahead and clicked the green button.


“Greetings, Miss Anya. Have you finished with today’s lessons yet?”

“Yeah. I’m actually just about to leave the campus. Why?”

“Ah, an excellent news for me then! Say, if you don’t mind, could you meet up with me in front of your school’s gates?”

“What? Like... Right now?”

“Yes, right now.” Duke’s background filled with women shouting in a high-pitched voice. “I’ll be waiting. Please hurry!”

“Wait, Duke—!” He hung up the call.

“Really, that man!” Anya growled irritatingly.

“Who were you talking to?” Steve approached her from sideways.

“N-No one!” Anya laughed awkwardly. ” Actually, it was my cousin. You remember Duke?”

Steve and Emma nodded. Briefly remembering the happy-go-lucky man whom they’d met a month ago.

“What about him?” Emma asked.

“He said something about work, so I have to go and check it out myself. I’m very sorry for this. I’ll make it up to you guys. I promise!”

“It’s fine if you have to go, Anya. But before that, we’ve something very important to tell—"

“Thank you for your understanding, Emma, Steve. I’ve got to go now. See you later!”

Anya ran fast like lightning, leaving her two best friends stunned and eating dust.

Emma frowned and sighed loudly, putting both hands on her hips.

“Just when we were about to announce her the great news.. But it does seems like she is very busy lately. Don’t you think so, Stev?”

Steve nodded. “Between classes, deadline assignments, and managing Home’s, it’s impressive that she could manage them everyday. But now that her relatives are helping her, I feel a slight relief to know.”

Emma hugged her boyfriend’s left arm, and rested her head on his chest.

“Yeah. But I can’t help to think she’s keeping something from us. A secret.”

“Maybe it’s personal matter? You and I both know how stubborn Anya is. She won’t tell us something when she knows she can handle them.”

“I guess you’re right. She’ll tells us when the time comes, right?”

Steve nodded, sighing in containment. “By the way, do you think she’ll freaks out when we tell her that we’re officially engaged now?”

“She might.” Emma smiled bashfully at her fiance and kissed his cheek. On her left ring finger was a golden Five Carat’s Diamond Engagement Ring.

When Anya arrived at the Entrance Gates, she was hardly surprised to find it was once again crowded and filled with girls swooing and melting at the sight of the Excalibell Prince.

Groaning and sighed, Anya made her way through the crowds until she finally reached the other side of the gates.

Wiping the sweat on her forehead, Anya made her way to the Excalibell Prince who was standing under the shades of a tree.

“Yo.” She poked on his shoulder from behind.

Duke turned and smiled broadly at her. Unlike before, he didn’t bother to pull her into a hug and simply standing there with a big smile on his face.

“Greetings, Miss Anya. I’m glad you could make it.”

Anya shrugged. “So, what do you need me here for? Wait a second... Why are YOU even here? Did Aidan told you to take a day off again? I’ll kill that man!”

“At ease Miss Anya, please! I have Madam’s permission to be here. As a matter of fact, she was the one who’d told me that I should be the one telling you about it myself...”

Anya scoffed. “That’s not a surprise. Whatever the two of you have been up to lately, I bet on my bank account it has something to do with magic, isn’t it?”

Duke gulped.

Anya narrowed her eyes. “What have you done this time?”

Duke took a long deep breat and exhaled.

“Miss Anya. I know ever since we crossed path, life hasn’t been the same for you as well as your family. Though they are less affected by the situation, nevertheless, I apologised sincerely.”

Anya watched with guarded eyes. Once Duke confirmed she wasn’t going to say anything, he continued.

“Starting today, Aidan and I are moving out from your place, Miss Anya.”

“What?” Her eyes instantly widened.

“We realised our presence in your household must have been a nuisance to you and your whole family. Thus, we’ve decided to move out.”

“But...” Anya stuttered.

“Ah, worry not, Miss Anya. Although it may seems hard for you to believe, I do keep some money in a bank account in this world.”

Duke puffed his chest forward proudly at the next words came out of his mouth.

“I used to work as a Fencing Instructor at Marian’s old all-girls private high school. Her father is a very strict and wise man. Despite my Royal background and wealth, he’d wanted me to be able to earn money by myself. Should anything were to happen to my kingdom, at the very least, I am able to provide for Marian once we are married.”

“And so, Marian got me a job as a fencing instructor at her old school. I’d worked there for over a year and half. I’d earned more than I could counted for! With the money that I’d earned and the ones that I’m earning, it’s more than enough for us to pay full wagon for the condominium.”

All the while Duke had been rattling to her about his savings, Anya kept on staring at him as if he was a ghost.

Only few words stuck in her head:

Moving out. Bank account. Fencing. Prestige School.

“Miss Anya?”

Anya snapped out of her mind and shook her head. Massaging her now throbbing forehead, she sighed.

“So let me get this one straight; you and that damn butler are moving out from my home?”


“You used to be a fencing instructor at Marian’s old all-girls prestige high school?”


Anya sighed again, rather heavily this time. Her reaction was not at all what Duke had expected to see. He had thought she would be jumping for joy, with hands clappings and even danced around on the pavement a little when he announced that they were moving out of her home.

After all, it was to her advantages right? No more of Aidan’s constant verbal abuse. She didn’t even want them over in her place in the first place.... Right?


Anya glared sharply at the young Prince, but said nothing.

Duke laughed nervously at her silence.

“Anyhow, why don’t we go to my new place now? I’ve been dying to show you anyway.” He quickly grabbed a hold on her wrist and led the way before she could protest.

THE place which Duke had taken her was the last place Anya had expected to be in. She gawked unashamedly at the big logo signboard of a tall building condominium with dark tainted glasses structured like a big cup of glass.

‘Le Frost’ — The most expensive condominium in the whole neighbourhood. Only the high and might ones could afford living there and bought a unit. Hell, the cost of buying a unit worth Anya’s two years of allowance at alone!

Beside Steve, she knew no one else who was wealthy enough to buy a unit at the said condominium.

Yet, here was one who had purchased it.

“Is something the matter, Miss Anya? Do you not like my new place?”

Anya rapidly shook her head. “It’s nothing. I do like it. I’m just...Surprise, that’s all.”

Duke smiled widely. He gently pulled her to an opened lift before closing it. Pressing the number ‘20’, they waited in silence as the lift ascending to their destination.

While waiting for the lift to stop at their floor, Anya silently pondered. Gazing at the handsomely man standing beside her, humming a tune happily, she sometimes forgot the man she sometimes bossed around was actually a Prince from another world. That being said, of course owning a unit — a penthouse, nevertheless  at Le Frost shouldn’t be a problem for him at all!

Anya mentally sighed. Decided to ease the atmosphere between them, she suddenly asked, “So Duke. What made you chose this place as your new base?”

Duke tilted his head slightly toward her.

“The place is very strategic. It’s at the centre of the city, and also closer to your apartment and Home’s, as a matter of fact. Isn’t that great, Miss Anya? Now we can visit each other whenever we wish!” Duke smiled broadly again.

Anya shook her head. She let his contagious smile affected her this time.

The lift stopped on the 20th floor, made a soft ting sound before the door opened widely. Being a true gentleman that he was, Duke allowed the young lady stepped outside of the lift first.

Unlocking the door and key in the password code as taught previously by Aidan, Duke opened the door and revealed his new home.

“Welcome to my humble abode, Miss Anya. Please come in. Don’t be shy!”

Anya hesitatingly entered the apartment. It wasn’t like it was her first time entering a bachelor’s pad — she’d been to and slept over at Josh’s apartment countless times before — and yet, Anya couldn’t got rid of the awkward feelings she experiencing as she entered the penthouse.

The place was wide and spacey. The flooring were covered with wooden tiles (like the ones she had), and the walls were painted in light pale peach. There weren’t no fancy furniture except for a normal six-seating rectangular table in the dining room, one long and small sofa, a small coffee table at the centre, and opposite the table, a plasma television screen in the living room.

Anya sat down on the sofa while Duke excitedly went off to the kitchen to serve his guest a drink.

“This is too awkward...” Anya sighed. Looking around the penthouse, she couldn’t help but to be amazed by the interior design. “Whoever did the design must be paid a lot. I’m envious.”

After a minute or two admiring the design, Anya decided to check on her mobile phone for any messages.


No messages or missed calls from Mum asking her whether she would be coming to help out at Home’s whatsoever or not.

Sighed, she kept her phone inside her jeans pocket and waited for the Prince to arrive.

Would he mind if I switch on the TV? Anya thought. It’s really hard to believe that I’m at THE Le Frost! I wonder how Steve would react if I told him I’d been at Le Frost before him? He would be in shock, no doubt. And then he’ll start asking questions after question and...

Anya quickly shook her head. No. No matter whatever happens, no one must know the truth about them.

Sighed again, Anya checked on the clock hanging on the wall that read: five thirty-five.

We came in around five twenty-five. How long does one really need to make a simple drink anyway? Getting up, Anya made her way to where the kitchen was.

“Hey, Duke? Need some help in there?”

The sound of glass breaking caught her immediate attention. Anya fastened her pace to the kitchen.

“Duke? What—”

Anya gasped at the sight of scattered glasses and trails of blood on the kitchen’s floor. Her eyes moved from the broken glasses to the Excalibell Prince, who was hissing painfully on the sink.

“What the hell happened to you?” Anya rushed over to the sink. 

Both of his palms suffered deep cuts from the scattered glasses. Anya found a couple of clean cloths not far away from the sink, and put it near counter. She then turned on the faucet and let the running water washed away the blood on his palms.

“I watched,” Duke winced when Anya applied a bit of pressure to the wound. “I watched how Aidan had done it so easily, plenty of times before. I-I thought it would be easy, and tried to do it for you... But it seems, I’m pretty useless at it, huh?” His voice broke at the end of the sentences.

Anya turned off the faucet. As gently as she could, she covered his wounds with the clean cloths, and led him to the living room.

“Do you know where do you keep the First Aid box?” Anya asked, once she had the Prince seated on the sofa.

“I think it’s on the top shelf near the stove.” Nodded, Anya went back to the kitchen while the Prince sulked.

A couple of minutes later, Anya returned with the First Aid box. Taking a sit beside him, Anya carefully treating his wounds.

She wrapped the last bandage on his right palm and looked satisfied at her handiwork.

Duke had not said a word the whole time she was treating him. He gazed on the floor. Truth be told, Anya did not like the crestfallen look on his face at all.

No. She’d much prefer to see the constantly sunshine look on his face than this.

Finished cleaning off everything, Anya then headed to the kitchen.
Now that the Prince had already been treated, she could find out exactly what happened.

First thing’s first, go to the crime scene.

At the crime scene, Anya spotted the broken and a few shards of glasses were lying on the floor. 
Carefully, using her fingertips, she picked up the big shards first and threw it into the dustbin. Anya did that for a couple of minutes until everything had been cleared out and disposed. Once everything had been cleaned, Anya processed on with her next mission. She walked to the stove and — Aha! The culprit has been found!

“Mission accomplished, Detective Romans. Well done.” Saluted to herself for a successful mission, Anya grinned to herself. Looking at the electrical kettle that was lying on the floor, carefully, she picked it up,dried it and then placed it back on the stand. Anya then pressed the switch button and left it to boil while she proceeded in finding the cups.

By the time Anya came back to the living room, she was carrying a tray of two cups, a small mug, and biscuits that she’d managed to find in the kitchen cabinet. Duke was still sitting unmoved from his seat with his head down, sulking.

“Don’t beat yourself up.” Carefully putting the tray on the table and looked at him with hands on her hips, Anya said, “Listen, I appreciate the courtesy and gesture that you wanted to make for me. Really, coming from you, it’s such an honour. But, it’s not like I expected anything from you at all, Prince. And I’m not telling you this to insult you either. The fact that you do not know how to do stuff such as serving tea to guest is normal. You are a Royalty. Royalty aren’t supposed to do those things anyways. So don’t beat yourself up over it, okay?”

Duke lifted his head ever so slowly. Long bangs still covered his face, he said with a melancholic tone in his voice.

“My mother had been a commoner.”


“I think, the reason why I wanted to do things that commoners often do in their daily lives was because my mother had been a commoner herself before she wedded Father.” Anya watched as Duke smiled warmly at the mentioned of his beloved mother.

“Mother had been a florist, according. Her flowers were always bloomed beautifully, even during the harsh cold of winter. Father had once said he’d fallen deeply in love with her at first sight. He had been a Crown Prince, on an official visit to the town due to an opening of a new restaurant sponsored by the Royal Family when he came upon her. He’d said she was the most beautiful creature he’d set his eyes on.”

Anya smiled fondly at the King’s words. Slowly, she walked toward him and took a seat on the sofa beside him.

“My mother had been a strong, hard-headed, and kind woman. She was loved by everyone; from the lower-class where she’d grown up, to the high class when she’d become the Queen. Even the Senators had loved her. When she died giving birth to me, I’d thought Father would loathe me for taking away the love of his life... I’d thought everyone would too.” Duke’s voice broke a bit.

“But he didn’t. Neither did anyone else. Instead, I’m constantly showered with love and great wonderful memories of my mother by Father and everyone around me including the servants. It made me wanted to get to know her more, especially her roots. That’s why... That’s why I enjoyed staying here with you, Miss Anya. Living in this world with you taught me everything I’d wanted to know about my mother.”

Duke smiled charmingly. He took her hand and gently kissed the back of her left hand.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Anya smiled back.

After a moment of an understanding silence between them, Duke’s cheerful self came back to life. He stood up and stretched his arms before turning to Anya with gleeful eyes.

“Miss Anya? Would it be a bother for you to teach me how to cook?”

“Cook?” Anya raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. Since we are now living separately, I would like to be independent enough to at least be able to cook. I can’t always relay on Aidan all the times, can’t I? Besides, despite being my Butler, I know Aidan has a lot of things going on his plates besides taking care of me. For example, the challengers.”

His voice grew serious. “Miss Anya, there are times when things will get dangerous for as long as we are unable to find a way back home and stuck here in this world. Again, I am very truly sorry to dispose this upon you. But no matter what happens, I will protect you. You’ve become truly a dear friend to me despite our obvious differences. I promise I won’t let any of those challengers touch a hair on you. So rest assure and don’t worry, Miss Anya.” Duke smiled warmly at her again.

“I’m counting on you then.” Anya smirked back.

Duke grinned broadly. He then unexpected pulled her toward the kitchen. “That being said, Miss Anya, let’s make dinner!”

“Ah, Duke! Wait!” Not stopping for a second, she was continuously being dragged to the kitchen by a very exciting Prince.

Exactly at six forty-five o’clock later, a big bowl of spicy Meatball spaghetti with garlic breads, along with hot bowls of mushroom soup were being served on the dining room.

“And that’s how you made dinner!” Anya grinned proudly at their achievements. Meanwhile, standing beside him, Duke couldn’t get rid the wide smile on his face even if he tried.

“I-I made these? All of them? I can’t believe it!” He looked at Anya. “You’re a brilliant and kind teacher, Miss Anya. Thank you!”

Anya shrugged. “You’re a good student. And you’re welcome.”

The two of them chuckled before taking their seats at the table.

“This tastes wonderful!” Duke praised, sipping on the mushroom soup.

“The spaghetti’s good too. You really followed the recipe through.” Anya nodded.

“I have you to thank for.” Duke smiled. “Without you helping me, I doubt I could made them properly.”

“Practise makes perfect. I appreciate the compliments, though.” Anya winked. 

Together, they ate while chit-chatting happily.

By the time the clock struck at eight-thirty in the evening, Duke was walking Anya back to her home, despite the young woman’s protest by saying she was capable enough to walk home on her own.

Duke however, refused and wouldn’t hear any of it.

“It is very ungentlemanly of me if I let a young maiden such as yourself returning home without an escort, Miss Anya. Besides, I’d made a promise with Mister James before he left that I will watch over you in his stead.” The Prince had stated firmly.

Great. Another James. As if Josh isn’t enough. Anya sighed and shook her head. She’d eventually let him to walk her to her apartment.

By the time they arrived at Anya’s apartment, they were just in time to see Rosy unlocking the front door with Aidan, carrying groceries bags in his arms.

“Mama? You’re back early tonight.”

“Oh, hello sweetie! Yes we’ve decided to close Home’s early tonight. Did you went to Duke’s new apartment? Pretty cool, right?”

Anya nodded. “Yea, it’s cool. When did you go there, Ma? This morning?”

Rosy nodded, opening the door and let them in. Aidan’s sharp eyes gazed upon Duke’s bandaged hands. He frowned immediately.

“What happened?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you on the way back home. More importantly,” Duke turned to Anya and and held her hands. “Thank you for tonight’s dinner lesson, Miss Anya. I’m sorry for causing you trouble even thought you were my first guest...”

Anya shook her head. “It’s cool. Take care not to injure yourself now.”

With one final wave and wished them goodnight, the Excalibell Prince and his Butler parted ways.

“WHAT a day!” Anya yawned tiredly as she got into the bed and getting ready to sleep.

Looking at Casey who was already curled up on the blanket, she softly brushed her furs.

“Well, at least dinner was okay. He really was a good student. Maybe after this, he’ll have that butler to teach him something else.” Anya smiled to herself.

Stretching her arms and legs, Anya got up from the bed again and switched off the light near the door.

Light turned off, Anya returned to her bed, yawning sleepily. She was just about to land her head on the soft pillow when a small light coming from one of the bookshelves caught her eyes.

“What is it now?” Anya groaned and covered herself with the blanket and turned her view away from the light. Unfortunately, even with herself bundled up with the blanket, she could still see the ray of light coming from the bookshelves.

Frustratingly, Anya tossed the blanket away and angrily marched toward the bookshelves. Once there, her eyes widened at the source from where the light was coming from: it was a golden ring that she’d found inside an old pouch a couple of months ago.


Anya gasped loudly. She had totally forgotten to give this ring to him! Before Anya could react, the light from the ring shone her whole room very brightly. When it stopped a minute later, neither Anya, nor the golden ring were found in the room.

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