Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson's daughter suffeers greatly at the hands of her brother Smithson when they grow older.

Elaina the mother of my psychopath's daughter

She was surprised when I strode into the Bistro and she was just finishing her shift.
      “Come to the bar with me,” I said.
Cheri an ex was sitting near and she tapped me on the shoulder.
      “How are you doing?” She asked quietly.
Elaina was awkward. She grabbed her purse, and scrabbled around.

Elaina’s House

Elaina undressed and flopped on the couch, clinching her waist, hauling her to me, her huge breasts squashed against my chest. Elaina’s vulva was inflamed with passion and her vaginal lips puffy. Her eyes were shiny and her hair was spread across the cushion. Boning her, she was very sexy. When it was over I looked at her flushed face and her hair was messed up.


Chapter Thirteen

Chantelle the dream

      “The Lady Flarice was dirty and her clothes in rags when she arrived, a Lady who pleads at the gate in disarray is assumed a Lady of ill-repute, the drawbridge watcher felt pity, and Lady Flarice was planted in our midst, she was devoid of coin or Knight. The Ladies shunned her in an effort to liberate the court from the rival. Sir Richard spied her and he fell madly in love.”
      “I am not surprised.”
      “The ladies of the court are envious and judged Sir Richard’s Lady insufferable, largely when adorned in fabulous attire. Sir Richard is the Knight with the greatest amount of coin and now the Ladies lower their eyes with deference to Sir Richard’s Lady.”
Listening about the Lady Flarice made me feel like having sex, Chantelle was happy when I took her in my arms, and kissed her.


She was searching for me and she lurked in the vast hallway Chantelle was worried.
      “Where have you been? I was frantic, I thought you were lying unconscious somewhere, you know I am worried about your wound, it has not healed properly yet.”
      “I am here and I missed you.”
Chantelle escorted me to her chamber and she gave me some liquor. If Lady Flarice had not existed, I might be content with Chantelle. Chantelle reposed on the velvet-padded chair and it resided by the substantial hearth.
Once dawn threatened to greet, I was outside Sir Richard's chamber, and impatient, I waited, I imagined taking the Lady Flarice. Unbolting the door, Sir Richard emerged, and his nightshirt was rumpled, Sir Richard’s hair was untidy. He was quiet, as he walked down the passageway. Shuffling behind to make sure he was on his scheduled route, I kept a close eye on Sir Richard.

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