Finding a Logical Solution



Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective.

"By the way, I lied." she announced suddenly.

“What do you mean?”

“About the plot-line I sold you on last night.”

“How so?”

“It doesn't resolve logically.”

I tilted my head in inquiry.

“The only sensible finale,” she continued, “is for Hero to beat Villain in single combat.”

“Agreed. So?”

“He doesn't have the experience for that to be credible.”

“Hmmm,” I thought, “It seemed fine yesterday.”

“You were drunk.”

“Was I?”


I glanced at the bin beside my desk. Three empties bearing the image of a famous pirate nestled there. I knew it had been empty Tuesday morning so, barring one sip left in the bottle still on said desk, I'd averaged more than one a day. I concluded she might have a point.

“So how do I resolve it?”

“You're the author!”

“That's unhelpful.”

“I know. Tough!” she sniggered.

I emptied the bottle into my glass, and allowed it to join its siblings.

Amber liquid swirled for a moment. I savoured the spicy aroma, then downed it in one decisive gulp.

“OK, magic sword!”

“From where?”


“He died in chapter seven. No 'Use the Force Luke' for Christ's sake!”

“OK, what about Herald?”

“From Chapter two? So why not use it before?”

“True.” I conceded, “Trickster?”

“What's in it for him?” She had me there.

“Companion had it all along?”

“Don't be daft.”

“Lampshade it?”

“Do be serious.”


She raised an eyebrow in mockery. Given her incorporeal nature that was no mean trick.

“Yes I know, too pat.” I sighed, “Very well Muse, let's approach this logically.”

I opened the bottom drawer, and found another bottle.


© Marcus Brook 2017

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