From the 1st book, Jerry and Batresh rush to Pickwick Dam



Jerry and Batresh rush to Pickwick dam to save the boy

Jerry and Batresh sped towards Pickwick Dam, headed north on highway 45. She watched the display as the little family got into Betsy’s car. Eddie drove, calmly, but grinding his teeth together so hard they heard it from the display. His young wife knew not to speak. She looked out the passenger side of the vehicle. Denny, sat still in the back seat, looking out as the northern Mississippi landscape passed by.

Batresh could see the beast around the father darken, pulsing black and red. His face flushed, but he was eerily calm. “We have to get to Pickwick before them,” she said looking at Jerry. “Betsy knows me. You will have to deal with him.”

Jerry nodded and swallowed hard, focused on the road ahead. He pushed the gas pedal down. “Can you tell where they are?” he asked, glancing over at her.

Batresh, looking at the display asked, “Where is Denny?” The display changed to an aerial map of the landscape below. She could see Jerry and herself as a green light on the map. The boy’s family, red.

Batresh looked at Jerry, “We are a few miles ahead of them.”

Jerry pushed the gas pedal down further, increasing speed. Batresh continued to monitor the display. “Show Denny,” she instructed, as the display shifted back to the interior of the car. They heard the father shouting at Betsy, as she shrunk towards the passenger side door, holding her arms in front of her face.

“You Goddamn whore!” he shouted striking blindly in her direction.

“Eddie,” she responded, her voice weak and high, “Ain’t nobody been to the house, ‘ceptin’ that woman sellin’ makeup.”

He looked through the driver’s side window as objects whizzed by them. “I got people watchin’!” he yelled.

She began again, “I ain’t done nuthin’”

“Shut up,” he shouted, this time striking her left thigh with his fist. Immediately, her hands went down to cover the pain in her leg, leaving her face unprotected. Seeing the opening, he struck her left cheek. She brought her arms back up to shield her face, and began to cry.

“Goddam yew, and your son-of-a-bitch in the back seat!” he shouted.

Denny’s eyes were wide with fear. His little, fragile body tensed, knowing that he would be next. Tears stung his eyes. He looked helplessly at his mother in the front seat.

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