DC Alt The Justice Society: Four Seasons Vol 1 Chapter 5



The loss of Steve Trevor has brought retired FBI agent Speed Saunders onto the case

 DC Alternate – 
The Justice Soceity: Four Seasons

Volume 1 “Autumn”

Chapter 5 – Cyril “Speed” Saunders

   When Saunders left the FBI to form his own detective agency his friends and family thought he had lost his mind.  So far business was brisk enough for him to bring in one of his old colleagues as a full partner. Saunders and Bradley Investigations had been a success but until now their clients remained at a local level.  When his secretary informed him that Silas Ferris on his way, Speed knew that his agency was about to expand to a new level.  A job from Ferris Air would certainly have been a boost in and of itself, but to have the head of the company, but to have the head of the company personally request the job was another thing entirely.  Cyril wondered if it had something to do with the aircraft they had lost a month ago.  His colleagues still in the FBI had given him a heads up on it as an enticement to bring him back into the fold.

   Sitting across from Silas Ferris, Cyril had to admit he had misjudged the old man.  He has assumed he would want his plane back but he would bet his agency that Silas was more interested in the pilot, and kept speaking of him as one would a family member.  There was probably a story behind that, but it did make the job simple.  Find Steve Trevor, and hope that he is still alive.  If the plane could be found and could be retrieved then do so but it is not a priority.   When he brought up the costs involved it cemented the deal.

   “Any cost I’ll approve so long as you find him.  His mother was a pilot for Ferris air long ago.  I suppose I should have denied his flight plan knowing that it wasn’t just a test for him but a search for where we lost her as well.”

    He would do his best to find Steve Trevor’s body; it would bring the older man closure.  There was, however, no need to bring up any further grim conclusions the Mr. Ferris probably had already envisioned.  They had lost two planes of differing generations in an area to the east of Nassau.  The FBI might not be able to help Ferris and other people might have qualms about venturing into the area but Cyril had an ace in the hole in the form of Arthur Curry, a contact from his time in the FBI.

   He had been meaning to make contact again with Arthur but the time had slipped away with setting up his agency and then with the workload that followed.  Cyril had first contacted Arthur and his father while chasing pirates off the coast of Florida.  That case had certainly expanded far beyond what he had expected.  Pirates were one thing but a long abandoned city under the sea felt like something out of a dime novel.  It was a find of the ages that brought Cyril far too much attention from his superiors, petty superiors who made his life hell until he simply had enough.    The Book that Arthur Curry wrote, “Uncovering Atlantis” made them a mint, and thankfully so.

   If Father and Son were still off Florida then he could certainly ask Arthur if he could borrow their boat and likely their services to look for Trevor.  Depending on where the plane was lost he supposed Trevor might have made it to one of the islands.  Looking over the reports he at least made it past Nassau, witnesses noticed his plane flying east.  His destination was the island of Eleuthera roughly fifty miles from Nassau so whatever happened did so between those two locations.  He would have plenty of time to study the maps; it would be a long drive from Boston to Miami.


   As Cyril arrived at the Curry household outside Miami he once more practiced what he would say to them.  He would be asking for a substantial favor to go out again so soon after returning from another expedition to Atlantis.  At the door to greet him was Martha Drake, Arthur’s aunt.   If Arthur and his father, Tom  Curry, were the minds behind the expeditions then Martha was the heart that kept them going.

   “Have you had much luck with that device Arthur brought back?”  Among the many artifacts brought back was a mirror that had saved their lives.  They weren’t certain how or why it worked but it worked much a crystal for scrying.  Through this mirror, the expedition was able to navigate the dangers of an underwater temple.  Although he had Cyril had his doubts if they had seen the actual Atlantis it seemed tied to it, perhaps a fishing village.  Of course, that might have been what Atlantis was all along given how time distorts stories.  Before this, if someone had asked him if magic existed he would have said only in fairy tales.  There were miracles but those seemed so distant in the past and it didn’t seem to fit together with the loaves and fishes of the stories of his youth.

   “I believe so. It is almost like those motion pictures being made.  It seems to tell stories now and many of them are very entertaining.  I’ve been thinking about becoming a novelist and describe the stories I see. Some of the stories I see are not so promising.”

   “Oh, monsters? Many horns and claws on them?” the two entered the house heading towards the library where Martha spent much of her time.

   “Much worse, the human kind.  Far worse than what happened during the Great War.  There are better stories to use, however.   I even have a picture or two.”

   Cyril looked over the drawings spread out on a table to see a few strange ones.  There was a picture of a girl with long blonde hair, the surf reaching up around her while she wore a gold shirt with green trousers.    He could have sworn it looks like Arthur if he had been a girl.

   “I saw this girl and others exploring the same places you boys did.  I also saw that cousin of yours in Louisiana.  I don’t know how to explain it. It is like looking into another world sometimes and this other worlds is like our world but not.  There is another world where instead of sailing west explorers developed here in this nation and sailed east.  Whenever the mirror shows these worlds there is this symbol I can’t read very well that appears with it. I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell the difference between the worlds. It is like this mirror takes in information and just creates like a moving picture book.  It appears to be very creative.”

   “Be careful with that thing.  It saved our lives but there is so much we don’t know about it.  Is this why you weren’t surprised by my visit?”

   “Yes, I saw you going on an adventure with the boys again to another hidden island.  Please be careful and take this with you.”

   Cyril looked down on the book of Greek myths, there was no way Trever made his way to the Mediterranean, they certainly weren’t going to Greece.  He still took the book when offered.  With all the strange things he saw on the bottom of the Atlantic there was no telling where this little adventure would take them.  With a laugh he thought to himself, may you live in interesting times.  He wondered what would be considered interesting after seeing Atlantis.

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