From the 1st book, Namazu journeys across boundaries



Near Death, Namazu journeys across boundaries

Namazu opened her eyes. A blue world floated like a balloon above. She lay in a room three stories tall and fifty meters long. Through transparent walls she saw stars sparkle against blackness. Aldebaran, stretching across the horizon, shone orange sunlight through arched ribbing. The Cathedral-like space turned slowly. As the blue world turned away, Nirgal, with clouds of orange, red, and yellow, swirled violently above. She was home, orbiting the blue water world of Mussara.

She thought of sitting up, and without exerting herself, she was sitting. She looked down at her legs and saw she wore a toga and drape. In the distance, two women stood, looking out. She thought of going to them, and with no effort, she was there. Elderly and hunched, wearing shimmering robes, a single purple jewel adorned each of their foreheads, medallions hung from their necks. Namazu wanted to ask where they were and how she came here, but the woman to her right shook a sistrum in response. The jingle of bronze disks accompanied her voice, “You came yourself.”

Aldebaran moved closer. The red sun cast an orange glow over the oceans of Mussara. In the distance, the yellow light of Sig approached. The white star would soon bathe Mussara in life giving light. Why was she here?

The woman to her left, knowing her words, spoke aloud, “You have come — unbidden.”

She heard a rustle of cloth, and turned. Walking towards her, an image of shifting light, moving in and out of focus, another woman approached. Namazu felt her energy as she grew closer. Her hair long and dark, she emanated comfort, nurturing, protective love. Namazu sighed with relief, as if she had been waiting. An unsettled fluttering passed over her, like feathers tickling her heart, the expectation of receiving what is longed for. Tears stung her eyes. The woman’s face, out of focus, but for her eyes, focused on Namazu.  

As they touched, everything blurred. White, blue, and red firelight, illumination of suns whirled around her. The space station dissolved as the woman held onto her. Namazu saw the woman’s hair of metallic thread, gold, silver, and copper as she reflected the light of a thousand stars.

Now, they stood on grassy ground, curved, stone benches surrounded them. Cedar trees grew in rows, tall, majestic. In the distance, rolling hills of green. They stood at a Greek temple. Ionic columns supported a sculptured cornice, stone stairs leading up to a portico.  

She wondered, who is she? but before the words could form, she knew. Before her stood the mother of all, creator, the bringer of life, source of love, the mother of universes. Her face pale, now dark, now ebony, blue, and red.

She formed a question, Where? And again, she knew.

It was the origin, the first world, the world where life began, the world where love came into being.

She was at Dingir. 


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