Aftermath. Final Chapter...



The new growth was in its infancy...

Already spring had sprung. The new growth was in its infancy, ready for bursting with new vigour. The lighter, warmer days were on their way. The smell of freshly-mown grass that had begun to flourish would fill the air ... that feeling of tranquillity repeating itself. Bees were going in and out of flower heads to collect succulent pollen ... another generation of chicks was calling for their parents with wide hungry mouths ... an explosion of golden daffodils with their yellow trumpets was swaying their golden heads in the welcoming of warmer weather. Every thing revolves. Everything, that is, except for the darkness. the darkness is patient. It can strike you down whenever it wants to: it's on its terms, not yours.  

  I was nowhere near ready to go back to work mentally or physically. My doctor had shaken his head when I said I had to go back. I was going against his advice.

  "Wot am I goin ter do with my life?" I asked myself. Nursing was killing me. The pain I endured was sometimes unbearable. I took endless numbers of painkillers to get me through my shift. My mind played tricks on the burglary, and of course that voice spoke with warning. Lying in the dark waiting, just waiting with anticipation for something to kick off in the night.

  "I could write that book I've bin talkin' about," I thought. I had started putting pen to paper, often staring at the blank sheet before me. I would take a notepad to work with me but went home in the morning with nothing written on it.

  "I'll start tomorrer," I would always say, but tomorrow never came. Eventually when it did, my attempts of writing the first page would end up with a line through it with pure frustration. "Sod it. I don't have the time anyway, " I said throwing the notepad in the cupboard. And that was where it stayed until months later. Until something told me in the dead of night.

  "Write your book."

  "How on earth do I start writin' a book? I've already tried that. I'm not an author. I don't know where to start..."

  From the beginning... Reflecting on my life and putting it to paper would be such a challenge for me. Was this what I was meant to do? Was this my destiny? Was it trying to stop me from succeeding. I wondered?

  Sitting alone on the bus heading home one day I look out of the window. In the distance I see the most beautiful rainbow arching its way in the sky. I close my eyes in silent prayer and smile...

Chapter One was in its infancy, with a little help from a pot of gold...


  Thank you to Scriggler for allowing me to share my memoirs with you. Any feed back on how to further getting my book out there would be so much appreciated...Thank you, to all of you who have retweeted my snippets. I'm now in the process of writing my second book:  although my next one will be a fictional one...

  Thank you once again. dyna xyna x

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