The Inn Is Not Near



After a tiresome journey, two guest stopped off at a seclusive but luxurious Bed-n-Breakfast Inn for an overnight stay encounter a ghostly bug-a-boo who spooks them to death.

We had been driving for hours on open highway and I was pretty tired.  It seemed we were never going to see the lights or any scenic view of a town or city soon but only witnessed the head lights from oncoming cars that passed us.  I looked over at my fiance, who was droopy-eyed trying to fight the enticement of sleep before it consume him when I asked, “Honey, how much further to the next town?  I mean we've been driving for a good four hours now and we haven't seen anything but a few farm houses!  Do you know where we are?”


“We should be coming upon a town pretty soon sweetheart.  Don't worry!”


“Oh boy, I bet we're lost because I don't remember traveling these many miles to the wedding.”  I thought.


We came up to Manchester, New Hampshire from Bridgeport Connecticut to my friends Nick and Chassity's wedding.  They insisted that we stay and I sure wished we had glancing over at Torin who seemed to be dozing in and out, which made me quite nervous.  I was sure we were lost and after traveling several more miles down the highway, I noticed a billboard sign that stated,


“Come visit The Victiorian Comfort Bed & Breadfast Inn, 4-miles down Route 22 West.”


“Honey that sign back there says there is a nice little Bed and Breadfast Inn on Route 22 West just up ahead, let's take it, we're both awfully tired! We could get a good nights rest then attempt our journey in the morning!”


“Yea, you're right sweetheart. I am quite sleepy, then when we wake, I can look over that map again to get a better perspective on our direction of travel because I may have missed my turn off!” He smiled giving her a quick smooch on the cheek before giving his signal to turn on Route 22 up ahead.


Arriving at the quaint and cozy little Inn, as the curve driveway lead right up to the door of where the elderly Inn keepers greeted us. They were cordial and quite pleasant in their greeting. It was as if they hadn't seen a living soul for sometime. I glanced around at the beautifully lighted and manicured landscaping and it was quite enchanting. In the elegant lobby, the Inn keeper's inquired about our stay.


“So how long will you good people be staying with us?”


“Oh just overnight! I had hoped to make it to the next city but being that we've been on the road so long, we're just plumb tuckered out!” Torin smiled noticing the Inn keeper's serious grimace.


“Well if you're just staying one night, we've better put them in the “Madam Victorian Suite” Martha!” The Inn Keeper gestured.


She smiled and said, “Oh yes, The Madam Victorian suite would be just perfect for them! It's very elegant! One of our most used suites for those who aren't staying long.” She assured.


“Well thank you! We sure do appreciate that!” Tina smiled glancing at Torin.


“Say by the way, does Highway 224 run into the city?”


“What city?” The Inn Keeper asked.


“The city of Worcester?” Watching as they both laughed.


“What's so funny?”


“Oh no offense mister aahhh...”


“McCloud!” Torin assisted.


“Yes, Mr. McCloud, so many people miss that turn off and often end up way out here.  You'll have to travel about 85 miles back in the oppsite direction until you see the sign Worcester next right.”


“Why didn't we see that?”


“Because it's a much bigger sign headed towards that direct than coming towards it.  If that makes sense.”


“Wow! Well they need to do something about that!  It causes people to drive further than they need to!”


“Well we like it just the way it is because it brings more business to us!  Actually, we're your last option for the next 80 miles down highway 224 Mr. McCloud.”


“Eighty-five miles! Gosh, I hope I have enough gas to make it 85-miles back!”


“Oh you needn't worry, we have a gas pump on the premises. We'll just charge it to your bill.” The Inn keeper confirmed handing their car keys to a young good looking Latino valet attendant.


“Make sure you fill their tank before they leave Fernando!  We always take good care of our customers and Fernando will take good care of your vehicle.” He assured.


“Well thank you, we really do appreciate that! The Victorian is quite an impressive place! Are you all the actual owners?” Torin and Tina inquired.


“Well thank you and the actual owner was my Great Grandmother! Yep, for 50-years! She past on you know?


“Aw, we're so sorry!” They sympathized.


“Oh it's alright! She had some really good and memorable years here. She was a perfectionist, everything had to be just right and she loved to have fun! There wasn't a day that went by that she wasn't entertaining the customers.  Oh yes, she took pride in everything she did.  You know sometimes I feel her presence around me!”


“Really!” They both listened as she told her story.


“Oh yea! She's here!  If there is a cup in the cupboard that's hung incorrectly, a chair that's not pushed beneath the table right or a weed that needs to be plucked in a flower pot, it's strange but suddenly it's corrected.  I just say, “Thank you Great, Grandmother!” She chuckled. “Her name was Victoria, the Inn was named after her.  She spent her life comforting and entertaining her guest but she had gotten too old and feeble. It's what she loved most of all!”  She smiled finishing her story.


“Now, I'll just need both your signatures and your ID's then Martha will take you to your suite.  Breakfast is served at 8am and we hope you enjoy your stay with us! Have a restful night!” He smirked.


“Great, thank you very much!”  They departed allowing Martha toward to lead them to their suite.


Arriving to the room, Martha showed the amenities of the beautiful suite.


“Here is your sitting area and in the morning you can view the countryside while you enjoy a cup of coffee, just open these french doors to grab a breath of fresh air from the country breeze.” They followed as she showed them around. “Here is your master bath with his and her vanitities with a jacuzzi tub and separate shower.  There are extra towels, pillows as well as two comfortable robes for your relaxing pleasure.  Is there anything I can get for you all?”


“No, it's very beautiful! We love it!  Thank you!”


“Well we're awful glad to hear that! We want you to experience that warm and cozy feeling during your stay with us because we want you to come back to visit with us! Why some of our guest seem to never want to leave!”  She chuckled then added, “Oh, I almost forgot to mention, here is your complimentary gift basket filled with all sorts of snacks and complimentary bottle of champagne for your relaxing pleasure.”


“Oh how nice! It's beautiful! Thank you!”


“You're welcome! Goodnight and enjoy your stay!” She smiled exiting the suite.


“Wow, just look at this room! Isn't it fantastic honey!”


“Yes it is!” Watching her quickly undress.


“I know what I'm going to do, that is take me a nice warm bubbly in that jacuzzi!  You want to join me?”


“No you go ahead sweetheart, besides that comfortable bed is calling me!”


“Aww, why not!  Well, okay you get some rest and I'll join you in a little while honey.  I love you!”  They kissed passionately.


Moments later, while relaxing in the tub with her eyes sealed as the bubbling jets massaged her tired body, she embraced the tranquility. All was quiet around her.  Only the flickering sound from the white lit candles around the tub.


“Umm, this is heaven!” I thought nearly falling alseep in comfort when suddenly a cold brisked breeze that came from nowhere instantly chilled her.


She sat up in the tub to look around and all was still except for the hanging white robe that seemed to rock from side to side when she glanced up to notice that it was only the air vent that cause it's sway so she slid back into the nice warmth of the bubbling jets.  She began to close her eyes again when she heard Torin's mutter from the other room.


“Say what honey?” She listened but figured it wasn't much of anything and if so, he would have made sure she heard him a second time so she relaxed again. Staring at the candles that surrounded the tub was so calming until she felt her eyelids were becoming heavy.  She doozed for only a quick minute when she was alerted by a louder flicker from the candles as a cold breeze blew several out and the bathroom was much darker than before. Out of the corner of her eye, her robe fell to the floor as she quickly sat up in the tub, now a little curious she glanced around the large en suite for a more observant investigation.  Instantly, the jet pressure in the tub turned into a boil as she hurried to try to change the temperature on the tub setting gauge but the water had become sweltering as her flesh began to burn.  The more she struggle to get out of the tub, she would slip back into the sweltering bubbly water.  She panicked and screamed out for Torin as she struggled finally slipping down the two steps on to the floor.


“Shit!!” She scowled observing her red blistering body when she reached for her robe from the floor, she stood to notice how the water in the tub turn into a vigorous boil. She backed away shaking her head in disbelief to look at her blistered body in the mirror. Using the mirror light, she was inflamed with pain as she hurried to look into her cachet case for her an all purpose cool cream to quickly apply to her burns but when standing back into the mirror to apply the cream, she was terrified by an awful looking being staring back at her.  She screamed dropping the bottle of cream to the floor and attempted to dashed out toward Torin in the bedroom when the door abruptly slammed in her face.  She screamed out for Torin and began to bang loudly on the door but for some reason he didn't answer her.  Consequently, she had her cell phone and decided to call him in the other suite but he didn't answer. Instantly, the lights began to flicker.  “Oh no!”  She ran back to the door and bang again quickly turning the knob calling out to him when the lights suddenly went out.


“Torin!!!  She continued to bang but its was useless, he didn't hear her.  Undoubtly in a deep sleep because he was quite tired.


She was terrified in the dark when she tried the light switch a few times but no luck but when she turned to witness some type of figure standing in the dark midst she feared it was something awful.


“What is that?” She freaked as she eased over to the other wall realizing she held her cell phone in her hand and thought to take a quick flash to catch the image but when the flash lit up the room instantly the figure was gone.  Quite befuddled, the figure seemed closer in the darkness then before as she eased back towards the door then used her flash again and it was gone.  This time in the darkness the figure was very close when she panicked feeling for the door knob and turned it when it opened.  She quickly flashed a few times easing around the door and out bath suite quickly closing the door behind her backing away from it.  In the lighted room she ran and leaped into the bed next to her husband who was sleeping quite sound.  She quickly glanced around the luxurious room and suddenly became at eased because it was such a beautiful environment and the atmosphere was quite calming.  Although, her first impulse was to wake him and suggest they leave as quickly as possible, she chuckled thinking that her imagination had ran away with her and that rest was all she needed.  She cuddled next to Torin then pressed the button on the over head light and attempted to lay down when she spotted that figure in darkness again.  She sat back up staring at it in the darkness for a while and the figure never made a move. She reached up over her head to pressed the button of the overhead light and once again it disappeared.


“Okay who are you and what do you want?”  She shivered avidly glancing around the suite.  Even though she was quite scared, she waited for some sort of sign from the ghostly entity.  She leaned against the headboard snuggled beneath the covering and decided to shake Torin, she was quite scared and needed him to investigate the matter and protect her from the fright but he wouldn't budge.


“Torin!” She whispered. “Torin I'm scared!  There is something very haunting in this suite and it's scaring me! I'm afraid to fall asleep!  Torin!!”  She shook feeling his body temperature had dropped.  He was quite cold when she turned him he had the most horrid look on his face.  Something terrified him to death when suddenly hearing the button on the overhead light go “click.”  She went ballistic then turned to witness a gruesome aged pale-faced looking woman lying next to her in the dark.  Her terrifying scream could be heard all during the night.


“Nooooooo!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!”



The Inn keepers laid in their bed listening to her loud mantra from the level below and smiled.


“It seems our guest are a little agitated tonight! I feel terrible putting them in that suite Martha!  Bless her soul but Victoria just will not rest!”


“Why, you know they were only staying one night! This is not a Motel 6!   This is a place of relaxation and tranquility!  The Victorian is known for its name from generations and we certainly aren't going to let two guest turn it into some sleep-over-travel lodge.  And you know Victoria wouldn't have it any other way!  That's why they are a guest in her luxurious private suite, she'll give them an extended stay, even if it kills them!  They both laughed.

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