This is a very short 550 word story written in the second person. It isn't my usual style and although challenging to write this way, I had fun doing it.

Your eyes open but everything is a blur. You feel about you and find the deflated airbag. Your head hurts and so does your neck and you try to remember. Your vision begins to clear and you notice the windscreen is cracked. You check yourself and apart from the pain in your head and neck all seems okay, but panic swells up inside you as your mind offers an image of you trapped in a burning car.
You try to open the door but it won’t move, amplifying your fear. You fight your way across to the passenger’s side of the car, mind racing, breathing short and fast, you fumble with the release, the door opens and you crawl out in to the cold night air. Your breathing calms, there are no flames and the panic subsides. Where is your wife? Shouldn’t she be with you?
Part of the car is buried in the hedgerow. Tyre marks show the journey from the sharp bend in the road. You can hear the distant sound of sirens, somebody must have called an ambulance and you feel relieved that help is on the way. You lean up against the exposed part of the car and try to remember.
Music; a party. Yes – you were at a party, you cup your hands over your mouth and nose and try to smell your breath. You don’t feel drunk but you can’t remember if you had been drinking.
You arrived late, but nobody minded. Sarah offered to get you a drink, but you turned it down, thank god. The sound of the sirens gets louder.
Sarah looks beautiful as always and you are so proud of her. She is smiling and points, she had seen her sister and went over to talk to her. You tried to mingle, but the music was quite loud so proper conversations were difficult.
Eventually you became bored and wanted to get away, social gatherings were more Sarah’s thing. You couldn’t just leave so you looked for somewhere quiet, out of the way, so you headed upstairs.
The stairway was littered with people, some talking, drinking, kissing, but they didn’t seem to notice you. At the top the sounds from below were quiet and distant, you feel relieved. You walked along the landing trying the doors. The first two were locked but the third twists easily and the door opened with hardly a sound, and there she was, your beautiful Sarah.
The sirens are getting louder, they must be close. You can’t wait for them to arrive but you need the noise to stop, it’s making the pain unbearable. You slide down the side of the car holding your head as the world around you drifts in and out of focus. You wonder where Sarah is now; you really need her, but you’re glad that she wasn’t in the car, as she might have gotten hurt.
You are back at the party, back in the doorway of the room. Sarah is standing with a bed sheet wrapped around her and her eyes full with tears, but you don’t feel sad; you’re angry – and she isn’t alone.
The sirens stop and it’s a welcome relief. But it’s not an ambulance you see beneath the blue flashing lights, and then you remember everything.

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