Journals of a Psychopath



Mariel the unsuspecting.


      “Rheanna is at the end of the phone,” Perry said.
Clutching the receiver, I listened to her rambling, and the swear words erupted from her mouth.
      “Cut that out.”
I shut the phone down. Rheanna rampaged through the humongous doors, Harry endeavored to stop her he grabbed her sleeve.
      “Please Clarkson take me?”
The east wall provided thrilling memories for her. Hastening outside for a smoke and Rheanna tracked me.
      “It is no wonder I seek consolation in the arms of Elaina.”
      “She is a slut.”
      “Elaina is not a whore.”
      “She behaves the same.”
      “You are tight and Elaina is good to me she satisfies me.”
Trembling and Rheanna's eyes were reluctant to release the brackish solution.
      “If I had known about your nature in the early days I would not be involved with you.”
      “You are mixed up with me and things are as they are so accept them.”
      “I need you please sex with me?”
Rheanna grabbed my hand and led me to the wall, because I was at a loose end, I boned her, she was so grateful.

Mariel's Habitat

Tapping the door, she gaped through the spy-hole, and jolted, as if she received an electric shock.
      “Who are you?”
      “Kim Lehmann told me to call in, she said you need a handyman, I perform Kim's odd jobs, you can ask her to verify my identity if you want.”
      “She has spoken about you.”
She unlocked the door and I was repelled by the cheap stink. Mariel’s room was opposite a brick wall, a neon sign pulsated in the bricks outside. The music thumped through the thin walls, the noise from the people in the upstairs apartment was distracting. Mariel’s dinner was on the table and the plate was piled high, Mariel eyed it.
      “Do you mind if I eat?”
      “No, go ahead.”
Observing Mariel and she ate the food greedily, she stuffed the rations in her mouth her teeth had bits of fare stuck between them. I pondered pertinent to the surrender, the Woodlander Warriors and the Archangel.

Elaina's House

She beamed and it looked as though history was repeating. I recollected when I first met Rheanna and her tanned tissue was evident. Elaina's feeding orbs were considerable.
      “I am excited relevant to the expected birth of my daughter, I will do anything to protect her from harm.”
I sniggered. Fixing dinner and she toiled over the stove, I was anxious to depart.
      “Jolenson will be her name, she is weak born with defects, which cannot be altered,” I said.


She was nervous, as I fixed the lamps, and Mariel offered some coffee, I asked for liquor. Handing me a beer it was tepid.
      “The refrigerator has packed in.”
      “Shall I fix it?”
Mariel's gratuitous manner appalled, I was glad I nominated her for the sacrifice. Finalizing the tasks, I was ready to depart.
      “Join me for supper.”
      “That is an excellent idea.”
Perusing she crammed her mouth with the food, I beheld Mariel’s throat, as the sustenance traveled down. The meal concluded I wiped the dishes.
      “Shall we go to Rileys?” I asked.
Mariel was so pleased I was not relishing the time with her.

The Timber Figures and the Darkest-One

Striding from behind the Tree and Smithson was glorious, he was dressed in his pure white silk raiment, and Smithson's presence frightened Mariel.
      “Smithson is my son the successor to my domain.”
      “What does it mean?”
      “It concerns our supremacy the yield of women owing silvery-blonde hair.”
Mariel plunged to her knees in sheer dismay and horror. Securing Mariel to the slab with the chains, she squawked.

The Gas Station

Perry dispensed some liquor into the glass and he set the bottle of alcohol down.
      “Gracelyn has left me.”
      “It is your fault you screwed Merle.”
      “Gracelyn has wreaked her revenge and now she has Bart to keep her warm on these cold nights.”
      “Who is he?”
      “A guy she is shagging and I will bash his head in.”
      “No I will do it for you.”
      “I will sort him out and you stay out of it Clarkson.”
Realigning rapidly and Perry's eyes bulged. He performed an impression of his adversary.
      “She will regret it,” I said.
      “She has fallen in love and it is my error.”
Resting his head on his arms Perry’s body trembled I was nonplussed.
      “It is alright for you, you get away with anything I wish Gracelyn was similar to Rheanna. You made Elaina pregnant. No doubt Jayne will turn up again.”

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