The Bateson's & The Queens Christmas Tea A Childrens Story



This is the story of the Bateson children Freddie Erin and Syd and their adventures. It's Christmas Eve and it's snowing. The Queens Chef, Richard Currybum is having a terrible time trying to prepare a special Christmas Tea for the Queen. Can the Bateson's save the day? 1st Draft



The Queens Christmas Tea


It Was Christmas Eve and Freddie Erin & Syd, the Bateson children were growing impatient as they sat in the cold waiting room at London station. The children had come to town with their daddy to buy their Mummy some last minute Christmas presents, but now bad weather meant all the trains had stopped running.

Outside the waiting room It was snowing. Heavy dollops of snow where turing everything white. Freddie, who was eight and the eldest of the children, watched as the tracks and the platform disappeared under a blanket of Icy white snow. .' He was disturbed by his brother moaning 'Where's daddy' Syd was five and the youngest of the children. Erin answered, without bothering to look up from her tablet. 'He's gone to find out when we can get a train home, and if there's no more trains today, somewhere for us to stay for the night.' Erin was too engrossed in a video about how to apply make up to look up from the screen. Erin was a typical seven year old girl glued to her portable tablet and fascinated by all things girlie. She was a girlie girl who loved girlie girl things. 'But I don't want to stay in a hotel I want to go home'. Whined Syd. Freddie stopped looking  out of the window and came over to sit by his brother. He tried to reassure him, like a big brother should. 'Don't worry it will be fine, Daddy said we will only have stay the night and then we can get a train home first thing in the morning.' He tried to sound cheerful, but Syd wasn't happy. 'But it's Christmas Eve and what will Santa think if comes down the chimney and we aren't in our beds. I bet he probably won't leave us any presents.' 'Of course he will' said Freddie trying to console his brother. 'Mummy will write him a note saying we've just popped out and we'll be back soon.'

'Why doesn't she leave him a note saying we are in London and can he bring our presents here'  said Erin, who was to engrossed in a tutorial on how to choose the perfect Disney Princess dress, to bother to look up at her brothers. . 'It's probably to late to do that now' said  Freddie. 'Santa's really busy you know, he can't just change his route last minute. 'Why not' asked Syd, who wasn't convinced. 'She could send him an email or a message' said Erin. Mummy said she's friends with him on face chat' Freddie tried to think of an answer, 'because...' he looked out the window again, 'Because it's snowing' He said. His brother looked out of the window, to confirm Freddie's weather report was accurate. He saw how everything was beginning to disappearing under a crisp white blanket. 'Why would the snow make any difference to Father Christmas. It always snows at Christmas'. He said grumpily. 'Well Because the traffics heavier at Christmas and theirs lots of roadworks that's why .' Said Freddie. 'He flys' said Erin 'So traffic isn't a problem. He stopped talking because he couldn't think of a clever answer that would satisfy his moody brother and his clever clogs sister. he was still struggling to think of what to say next, when the silence was broken by a very loud BOO HOO HOO coming from outside the room. It sounded like somebody was crying. 'What was that' whispered Syd. Sounding scared. 'Shush' said Freddie. Syd did what he was told for once, and the boys listened. Even Erin pressed pause on her tutorial and looked in the direction she thought the noise had came from. They all sat in silence, waiting to see if it happened again. Then all of a sudden it did, only this time even louder. BOO HOO HOO. Syd gripped Freddie's arm tightly. Erin was about to say something, when Suddenly the waiting room door rattled and slowly began to open. Erin rushed to sit besides her brothers, and gripped Freddie's other arm. The younger children huddled behind their big brother. The door began to open, and there in the doorway stood what looked like a giant snowman. Erin gripped Freddie's arm even tighter. 'Oh no' She said sounding scared. The snowman didn't see the children he just stood there and let out another loud BOO HOO HOO. Then without warning he began to shake himself. Help! Screamed Erin. It's the abominable snowman' she shouted. This took the giant by surprise. He jumped and then gave his own little scream argh!!! He shouted. He looked around to see the children. 'Goodness me' he said you almost gave me a heart attack there.' Look I'm shaking' he said. And he was, and the more he shook himself, the more the snow dropped off him, and it became clear, that he wasn't really the abominable snowman. That underneath all that snow he was just a man in a big coat wearing a chef's hat. He took out his hankerchief and gave a loud blubbery blow of his nose. As he finished wiping his face, he smiled at the Bateson children. ' Hello kids?' he said. .'What are you doing here on your own'?

It was Syd who spoke ''We are waiting for daddy' he said. And he will backs any minute and he's a policeman and he can do ju nitsu and boxing and he's got lots of brothers' 'Oh'said the man sounding surprised . Well that's good said the man because I heard their are abominable snowman on the prowl tonight. He stamped his feet and even more snow fell on to the floor. 'Brrrr....' He said' 'it's freezing outside, cold enough for icicles on bicycles' which made the children laugh especially Syd 'Icicles on bicycles He said. The man looked surprised, ' you mean you've never seen icicles on bicycles? The man looked shocked,like he couldn't believe it. 'In Bellybutton' 'Bellybutton' screamed Erin laughing out loud. The man looked surprised, 'You mean you've never heard Bellybutton in Ireland, it's my home town. I thought everyone knew about the icicles on the bicycles in Bellybutton. It's a very famous event, and it happens every winter. It gets so cold that all the bicycles get coverd in icicles. The children were laughing hysterically now, but it didn't deter the man from telling his story. 'And I don't suppose you've heard about what happens to the kids bicycles in Bellybutton have you? 'No said Freddie still laughing. 'Icicles on their tricycles' he said looking very serious. Which made the children laugh even harder. 'Tish tish' he said. It's no laughing matter. Have you ever tried riding a bicycle when it's covered in icicles. Then he broke into a big broad smile 'Its Wheelie Wheelie hard ' ha ha said Syd Wheelie Wheelie he repeated. You have to Come in and close the door' said Erin before we all catch a cold' I'd rather catch a fish said The man. Which made children laugh again.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dog eared packet of sweets. Would anyone like a mint' he asked 'it'll warm you up' Freddie looked at the fluff covered crumpled wrapper and politely said 'no thank you' cause 
'Why were you crying' asked Freddie . The man looked shocked 'I wasn't crying' he said 'yes you where' said Erin. No I wasn't he said I was singing. He pretended to sing Boo hoo boo Hoo it's an old Irish song , it's very popular in Bellybutton. he clicked his fingers and did a little dance. That made the children laugh. 

'I hope you don't mind if I wait in here with you, I'm expecting a train with a very special delivery and it's very very late. He looked at his watch and tapped it, then held it to his ear to listen, and check if it was working. 'Is it ticking' said Syd. No it's a watch said the man smiling. Whatever made you think it was a chicken? 'No I said ticking' said Syd again. No it's a watch said the man teasing the little boy 'it doesn't even look like a chicken, honestly you kids can't you tell the difference between a watch and a chicken' He looked out of the window at the mountain of snow on the platform 'Now where's that train' he said to nobody in particular.

Their are no more trains today announced Erin. They are all cancelled because of the snow. 

NO!!!! yelled the man as if he was in pain. Then he began sobbing  again. This time it was  even louder BOO HOO HOO he bawled. 'Is he singing again?' Asked Syd. 'No I thinks he's upset this time' said Erin ' Don't worry ' said Freddie trying to comfort the man. 'Daddy's gone to get us a hotel room for night I'm sure if I call him he will be able to book you a room as well. Then you can comeback in the morning and collect your special delivery.'

 The man was  sobbing very loudly. 'Tomorrow will be to late' he said in between his sniffling. He opened his coat and sat down to reveal he was wearing chefs overalls that matched his chefs hat. 'I'm Richard Currybum. The Queens new chef he said' Erin interrupted him. 'I knew I'd seen you before. Didn't you win 'Celebrity Cookie Cook of the year'? The chef stopped his blubbing and gave a little embarrassed smile. 'Oh you remember me do you'? I sure do said Erin I watch you all the time on my tablet. She waved her small book like computer notepad and then  typed in a few letters before the screen changed and a photo appeared of the chef holding aloft his award winning cookies. 'Aargh My Mackrel and chocolate raison cookies. He blushed. The judges described them as delightful and unexpected in flavour'.' Mackrel and chocolate urgh!!!' Said Syd. The chef was about to say something about the quality of his cookies, when he remembered why he was here, and he began crying again BO HOO HOO he bawled 'what does it matter, I'm ruined now I'll never work again after this' He sat down and took out his hanky and began blowing bubbly big blasts of snot into the cloth. What can be so bad asked Freddie trying to comfort the despondent chef. 

It's like this, he began, I'm supposed to be cooking a special Christmas Eve tea for the Queen and all her family. I had ordered all my ingredients, and sent my assistants to collect them. They where supposed to return here this afternoon. Giving me plenty of time to prepare a slap up feast for her Maj and all her kids. But the train was late and now you tell me it won't be coming at all. What am I to do? All my chefs are stuck on the train with all the Queens food. And what's worse I don't have any of my menus and recipes, and now all the shops have closed early because of the bad weather. It's a disaster and I'll probably be for the chop.' The chop? said Syd. He looked at Erin who shrugged her shoulders to indicate she didn't know what he was talking about, so typed the words 'the chop' into a search page on her tablet.  A list of answers quickly appeared, and she read the first one.

To get  the chop is to loose your job or to have your head chopped off usually by the King or queen as punishment.

'Gosh gasped Erin, the chef was blubbering again so she showed the page to her brothers who looked as shocked as she had been. It was Freddie who spoke up 'There must be something you can do' he said. 'No it's to late' moaned the chef I'm for the chop that's for sure' . Freddie had a little imaginary picture of the chef standing next to the queen who was holding s big axe' where's my tea' she was shouting. Freddie decided he wasn't going to let that happen. 'we can help'. He shouted. Chef Currybum sat up slowly and smiled 'that's very good of you kids but what can you do?' Freddie thought for a minute then had a brain wave. He gave the chef a big smile 'We've got food' He shouted excitedly, and pointed at two big shopping bags that stood beside the bench. 'And I've got my tablet so we can search for recipes ' said Erin, who waved the tablet in the air. The chef sat up straight and broke into a big smile of his own. Oh kids you might just have saved my neck' he then did his little jig again. The children looked at one and other. Does this mean he won't be getting chopped said Syd. Freddie shrugged his shoulders. Well I just hope he's a better cook than he is a dancer said Erin. He'd be terrible on 'Celebrity Dancing Chefs'.

Chef Currybum wasn't listening, he was dancing around excitedly. And sort of singing 'Oh this is going to be good, this is going to be good e I Yadeo this is going to be good. The Bateson's just watched they where speechless. 'He'll have to stop in a minute' said Erin, 'old people can't dance for very long' and she was right. After a few minutes he out of breathe, and had to sit down. 'Well that's warmed me up' he said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, 'urgh' said Erin that's the hanky he just blew his nose on' 'yuk' said Syd

Still sounding out of breathe, the chef said. 'OK kids, so what food do we have in the bags' Erin picked up one of the heavy looking shopping bags and was about  to reveal its contents when chef Currybum waved his hand excitedly 'No,stop stop', he said, 'Don't tell me. It will be like the Great Cookie Cook Challenge all over again. He stood up to address the children, as if he was talking into the camera on Celebrity Cookie Cook. 'I will take your bag of mystery ingredients, and turn it into a culinary masterpiece fit for a queen' He paused then began laughing 'Ha ha oh I made a joke Fit for a queen ha ha do you get it' The children didn' get it so they just smiled politely. Whilst he did another little jig and repeating fit for a queen Ho Ho Ho...

He picked up the shopping bags being careful not look down and see what was inside, and began to head for the exit door. 'Thanks kids, He said. You've been a lifesaver, but now I'll have to get back to the palace and start preparing the Queens Tea' he looked at his watch 'cluck cluck' he said 'its still chicken ha ha ha' He was laughing at his little joke' blimey, I haven't got a moment to lose'. He was about to leave the waiting room when Freddie shouted after him.

'We can come with you and help if you like' he said.

The chef stopped In his tracks, and thought about the offer 'well I could certainly do with the help, but I couldn't ask for your help, and What about your daddy'? Won't he be worried if he comes back and finds that you've gone'

'It's will be alright' said Freddie 'I'll can call him and tell him where we are going  and who we are with'. Without waiting for a reply Freddie took out his mobile phone and called his dads number. Their was no answer so he left a message.  'Daddy the Queen needs our help. It's an emergency We have to go to the palace and help make her tea'

Now some daddies might be a little bit alarmed if they received a message such as this. But not Mr Bateson. Freddie Erin and Syd where always having the most unexpected adventures. And few seconds later Freddie's phone pinged, it was his father replying. Freddie repeated the message, and added 'Chef Richard Currybum'. Then their was a silence. 'Daddy wants to speak to you' He handed the phone to the chef. The chef said hello then went silent he was listening. Then he said, Yes, Celebrity Cookie Cook of the Year.' Then silence he was listening again then said 'yes my Mackrel and Chocolate raisin' then silence, then ' the judges described them as delightful and unexpected.' Said the chef. Then silence then he said ' I will do' He passed the mobile phone back to Freddie. Who took the handset listened for a moment then smiled. 'Bye bye daddy' he said, And the call ended. He turned to his brother and sister. .'Daddy says that would be fine. He said he's been delayed anyway, he's helping an old lady across the road and now he's Carrying her shopping home for her. He says he can't talk for to long because the old lady won't let him get a word in edge ways and he doesn't like to interrupt. He said be good and keep in touch. Erin and Syd's looked excited. Freddie had to stop them running off after the chef. before we go daddy wants a selfie of us all including you chef Currybum, and he wants us to send it to him and to mummy. The chef looked at his watch and gave it another little tap. 'Cluck cluck' said Syd but the chef wasn't smiling now. ."Come on kids' he said 'We haven't got much time. 'No selfie no helpie' said Freddie which made Erin and Syd laugh 'No helpie' said Syd Ha ha ha...,'Come on everyone.' Said Freddie The children snuggled in close and Freddie reversed the camera on his mobile phone and stretched out his arm to capture the moment. The boys smiled and Erin pouted and said a loud 'mwah' the chef rushed to get into the photograph and ducked down just I time. They all smiled and said 'cheese' as Freddie clicked the button. He checked the image, he looked satisfied and said 'that will do' Erin wasn't so sure and shouted 'wait' and she snatched the phone from Freddie. She studied the photo, then crinkled her nose, I don't like it she said it's not a good look for me, delete it and let's do it again'
'No No No' shouted the the chef who was doing a different kind of dance. It was his inpatience dance. 'come on kids he pleaded There will be plenty of time for selfie later. If we don't hurry I'll be for it' Erin was about to protest and demand another photo be taken, then she remembered what could happen to the poor chef if he didn't cook the Queen a nice tea. 'Ok she said' disappointingly.

' Well that's settled said chef Currybum. Let's go' He began guiding the children out of the waiting room 'we've got a lot to do' Syd was looking out of the window watching the piles of snow growing higher and higher. ' How are we going to get anywhere in this' he asked pointing. The chef gave a big smile 'Ha Ha he said ' I have a secret weapon. Come with me.

The children followed the chef through the now deserted railway station. There was a big sign on the front door that said, — Closed  - 'No More Trains Until Tomorrow Morning' 

When they reached the car park the chef pointed to a big gleaming machine parked by the gates. 'DA DAH' he shouted with a flourish. 'What's that'  asked Freddie. Sounding surprised. 'That's  the Royal Snow plough' announced the chef. 'wow' said Syd. 'Wow indeed' said  the chef,  looking proudly at the gleaming Snow guzzler, It had a little flag on the front and Lions on the side. 'That's how you know it's the Queens' said the chef. 'Pointing st the Royal insignia. 'It was loaned to me by her Maj's personal assistant Sir Toby Posh,' He said to me that the Queens tea was a very important royal event, and he didn't want me to be delayed' The children were now very impressed. But the chef didn't have time to hang around admiring the monster of a snow guzzler. 'Come on, hop aboard, he said 'we've got lots to do'. The Royal driver gave the children a smile, then came round to the passenger door and gave the chef and the children a lift up into their seats. 'Seat belts on' he said. Then he revved up the engine and they were off.

The royal snow plough cut through the heaps of snow on the road like a knife through butter and in no time they were driving through the gates of the Queens palace

Sir Toby Posh the Queen's secretary was waiting for them at the front door when they arrived. 'Thank goodness your here' he said. ' in a very posh voice. The Queen has just called me and asked what times tea, she's starving, unfortunately she sounded so grumpy I panicked and said about half an hour, so you'll have to get your skates on, come on now chef, chop chop'
'Yikes', said Freddie. 'Did you hear that,he said Chop chop'
'Half an hour'! Shouted the chef That's impossible' he said. He looked like he might start crying again. 'No it's not' shouted Erin on Celebrity Cookie Cook Challenge you only ever had fifteen minutes and you always managed to create a feast just in time. The chef thought about what Erin had said, and immediately cheered up, 'Yes of course, he said. Thinking about his days on Celebrity Cookie Cook Challenge seemed to perk him up. He looked excited. 'Come on kids,we've got a challenge to complete'. He grabbed the bags and ran towards the kitchens, almost knocking Sir Toby over. The children raced behind him.

No sooner had they entered the kitchens than Chef Currybum was tearing off his coat and racing around the room. He put the kettle on, then began grabbing pots and pans whilst trying to put on his apron. He shouted to the children.  'I'll switch the ovens on, whilst you get the food out, and assemble it on the prep table so we can decide what we are going to make'. The children did as they were told and unpacked the carrier bags. Freddie said 'We should have exciting music playing. Cooking shows always have exciting music playing in the background. That's to build up the tension said Erin. The Chef heard the children talking. 'No music please kids all that blathering just makes me nervous'. 'I like the Ticky tocky music' said Syd. 'Tick tock tick tock'

 The chef's arms were filled with pots pans and cooking tools. He was weighed down by a great mound of kitchen bits and pieces, and he staggered as he made his way to the kitchen table, 'Are you ready to make a meal fit for a queen' he shouted. His big smiling face popped from behind the pile of pots. but when he saw the selection of foods the children had assembled, he dropped the lot. It made a loud crashing sound, but nowhere near as loud as the loudest whaling sound followed by a extra loud cry of NO!!!! the children had ever heard. ' What's the matter now asked Freddie?' The chef Es frozen to the spot. He pointed at the pile of goodies the children had laid out and shouted' that's the matter! He starred in disbelief at the selection of foods the children had put on display.Their was bags of crisps and  munchy munch cheesy puffs. There was fizzy cola bottles and jelly treats and their was lots of choccy choc bars and fizzy pop to drink. The chef shook his head and pinched his eyes tight shut, in case he'd imagined it, but when he opened his eyes it was still all their. A big pile of crisps choccy and fizzy sweets. He held his head in his hand and cried. This is a disaster he groaned. I'm Richard Currybum world famous chef I can't serve up crisps and sweeties to the Queen. 'Why not ' asked Erin sounding angry. 'We would be perfectly happy to have this for our tea' she said. And her brothers nodded I agreement. But Richard Currybum wasn't listening he was boo Hoo hooing again. Just them a bell rang and then they heard the posh voice of Sir Toby Posh coming out of a speaker on the wall. 'Chef Currybum' he said the Queen said she wants her tea in ten minutes, I'll send the servants down to collect the food shortly.

'It's a disaster' whaled the chef I'm for the chop that's for sure. She'll probably ask Jamie Oliveoil or Moooser Fronk the famous French chef to come and cook for her in future. It's a disaster.' Without thinking he picked up a bag of munchy munch puffs, and began eating them. Might as well have my last meal he said in between mouthfuls. 'Before I get the axe' 'Oh do stop moaning chef' said Erin firmly 'I've got an idea' She took out her tablet and opened up a search page. She typed in the words meal then listed all the ingredients they had. A second passed then the page filled with lots of recipes and ideas. 'Look chef' shouted Erin. The Chef lifted his head and stared at the small screen. He studied the first option then pinched up his nose like he'd just smelled a nasty smell. 'Crispy crisp surprise' he said. Erin interrupted him and read the cooking instructions. 'Place crisps on a plate and then cover and serve' Freddie and Syd didn't wait to be told, they followed Erin's instructions precisely. . Syd got a plate and Freddie poured the crisps on to it then found a pan lid and covered it. The two boys looked pleased with themselves. 'Well that was easy' said Freddie. I don't know why Mummy makes such a fuss over making our tea' said Syd. They quickly made up several more plates of crispy crisps and set them out to be served. 'What's the next course' asked Syd. 'Cheesy puff surprise' said Erin 'Place the cheesy puffs on a plate and cover then serve' The boys followed the instructions and had the dish prepared in seconds. Chef Currybum couldn't believe what he was seeing. He stood open mouthed. He was about to speak when the doors opened and the Royal servants rushed in. 'Is this the first course said the head waiter. He picked up the plate with the crispy crisp surprise. 'Any serving instructions' he asked. 'Yes' said Erin 'when you lift the lid shout out SURPRISE!' The servant looked at Erin and repeated grumpily 'surprise' Erin nodded excitedly that's it. The other servants placed the plates onto trays and traipsed out of the kitchen. 'Next' said Freddie. Erin studied the choices. 'What do you think chef' she asked. The children hadn't been paying any attention to the chef they were so excited to be preparing the Queens tea. Chef Currybum was sat with his head in his hands. 'Hello chef,'said Erin trying to attract his attention. 'We could use a hand here' she tapped at the tablet screen, 'Which would you suggest a choccy wokkie surprise or jelly wellie surprise' she asked. The chef didn't raise his head he said in a muffled voice, 'Why not give her majesty a choice and mix the two together' 'A choccy Wokkie Jelly Surprise. Erin broke into a big smile 'That's s brilliant idea' she said. 'But how do we make it' said Syd. Neither Erinor Freddie spoke, and it was silent until the chef mumbled 'Place the choccy on a plate and sprinkle the Jelly sweeties on top' said the chef, 'and don't forget to place the place a cover on the top' he said.

The children followed his instructions, and by the time they had finished the desert course the Servants had returned. The Queen would like a drink said the head servant. 'Give her the fizzy pop' said Syd 'Any serving instructions' he asked, The children looked at one and others for ideas tell her to take a big drink straight from the bottle, said Freddie that way she'll have a big burp at the end of it' The other two children nodded in agreement 'Ooh good idea' said Erin. Chef Currybum on the other hand just shook his head in disbelief. The grumpy head waiter repeated 'Drink straight from the bottle' and turned and left. The other servants picked up the trays of Cheesy Puff surprises and followed him out of the door.

When the final plate of deserts had been collected and served, the children felt very proud of themselves. 'Well how do you think we did' asked Erin. 'I'm speechless' said the chef. The children considered this a compliment and all smiled at each other. A few minutes later the kitchen bell rang, and a very stern Sir Toby Posh said 'over the loudspeaker 'The Queen would like to see you all, please come to the Royal dining room at once'

The chef made a loud gulping sound 'looks like this is where I get the chop' he said. 'Oh no' said Erin. A butler arrived and escorted them through the maze of corridors until the they arrived at the dining room. the children were amazed at how big the palace was.. The Queen sat at the head of the table with all her family alongside. They stood in the doorway waiting to be called forward . Sir Toby Posh banged his stick and announced very grandly would Chef Richard Currybum and his assistants please step forward.
Are we for the chop too' asked Syd. The chef put on his biggest smile No No you all did a grand job' he stood up straight did a little dance and said come on kids lets go and face the music'. The children held each other's hands and very slowly approached the table.

Everybody sitting at the table wore Christmas party hats and crowns except the Queen, her crown was real. She looked very stern. She stood up and walked around the table and stood in front of the Chef and the children. She was only small and when she spoke she had a posh squeaky voice.

'Chef Currybum Were you responsible for my tea today?' The chef hung his head and said quietly
'yes your majesty.....but I can explain' 'No explanations please chef' said the Queen she turned to her assistant 'Sir Toby bring me my sword' 'No' shouted the children And they swarmed around the Queen. 'You can't chop chef's head off, it was all our idea he's done nothing wrong' The room was silent and the Queen took a step back and stood looking at the children ''All your idea' she said 'oh no' said Syd,'does that mean we are going to get our heads chopped off as well ' The Queen looked at Sir Toby who was now standing next to her holding her sword. She then looked around the room at her family, then she stared at The Chef who couldn't look at her, and finally she looked a the children, who had gathered together and were holding each other's hands tightly. And then something very strange happened the Queen began to laugh, and then so did all her family and even sir Toby Posh was chuckling. In fact everyone in the room was laughing heartily. Everyone except the chef and the Bateson children who looked at one and other bemused. 'What's going on' asked Syd. The Chef shrugged his shoulders. 'Does this mean we aren't going have our heads chopped off' he said. The Queen heard what Syd said and began laughing even louder and so did all the Royal family. The chef took off his chefs hat and scratched his head. He didn't have a clue what was going on, so he just stood there watching everybody laughing with a puzzled look on his face. Which made some of the royal family laugh even more.

Eventually the Queen managed to compose herself enough to ask Syd 'whatever made you think I was going to chop your head off.' She looked around at her family and gave them a little smirk. 'Well' said Syd 'chef said that if he didn't make you a lovely tea he was for the chop' This made everybody start whole laughing again. In between her giggles the Queen said 'I'm not going to chop his head off I'm going to Make him a Knight Sir Richard Currybum as a reward for making me the best Christmas tea ever' . Richard Currybum beamed with delight, and he did his little jig. 'So why have you brought your sword then ' said Syd sounding a little bit disappointed. The Queen looked at the big shines sword which Sir Toby Posh was holding I use the sword to make things official' ' she said 'oh' said Syd, He turned to the chef, 'you said she was going to chop your head'. ' I never said that' said the chef sounding a little bit embarrassed. 'Yes you did' said Freddie, ' ' No I didn't' replied the chef, 'I was having a little joke' and he pretended to laugh, 'ha ha ha' He pointed his finger at the children, got you I tricked you ha ha ha ' he said again.
Then why where you crying asked Erin' 'Crying, crying ha ha me crying' said the chef who's face was now turning as very bright red.
' you've been Boo Hoo Hooing all afternoon' said Freddie. The chef was very embarrassed now so turned to the Queen to save himself . 'Kids eh' he said and shook his head and gave a little laugh. 'Quite' said the Queen who had stopped laughing now but still looked amused. 'Ok let's get on with it' said the Queen. Who took the sword from Sir Toby and asked the chef to kneel down. She was about to tap him on the shoulder, to make his knighthood official, when the chef raised his hands and shouted 'No stop wait this is not fair' He stood up ' I'm sorry your majesty he said but it was the kids who made your tea I just moaned, if it wasn't for them you would not have had anything to eat.' He turned to the children ' it's them that you should be knighting' 'OK' said the Queen. 'Come over here children and kneel down and let me tap you on the shoulder.' The children raced to kneel in front of the Queen. She raised the sword and was about to tap Freddie, when Sir Toby Posh shouted 'wait wait' For goodness sake said the Queen sounding exasperated 'This sword is heavy you know' 'I'm sorry your majesty' apologised sir Toby, but you have to be eighteen to be knighted, these children are to young' The children looked disappointed 'oh dear' said the Queen never mind come back when your older and we'll do it then.' She then swished round and tapped the chef on the shoulders. You are now Sir Richard and my personal chef, I have only one request and your must never forget it. At Christmas and Easter and on my birthday you must make me a special tea like we had today, but let me warn you Sir Richard if you do forget you really will be for the chop!'

The now Sir Richard Currybum bowed and promised he would always remember.

So said the Queen, turning to the Bateson children and smiling 'What can we do for you, to say a big Royal thank you' The children didn't reply, so the Queen
thought about it for a minute then said 'How would you like to stay the night in the palace?.' It was Syd who spoke up for the children
'No thanks' he said 'We just want to go home' 'Syd!' Said Freddie sounding cross 'You know we can't go home until tomorrow. There are no trains'
'No trains on Christmas Eve,' said the Queen sounding surprised. well that won't do.' She turned to sir Toby who bowed and said 'it's the snow your majesty' but the Wueen wasn't satisfied with Sir Toby's answer. 'Well this isn't good enough, We must get these children home in time for Father Christmas in the morning., whatever are we to do?' Sir Toby thought for a moment then said 'I think I have an idea'

A few minutes later the Queen and all her family where standing at the front door of the palace. The Royal snow plough's engine was running. 'This should have you home in no time' said Sir Toby. Daddy said he's waiting at the front of the station. He's helping the porters clear the snow. Said Freddie. The Queen gave them a final cheery wave then turned to the now Sir Richard Currybum. Anymore of that choccy woccy jelly cake left?' The Chef smiled, 'coming right up your majesty' he said and then someone shouted and some fizzy pop please. He gave the children a big thumbs up before he ran off in the direction of the Royal kitchen.

Have a safe trip children said the Queen and merry Christmas to you all. She turned to her Royal family 'let's go and have some cake' She was about to go. When Erin shouted to her, 'Stop your majesty',The Queen turned around, to see Erin searching through her bag trying to find something. 'Got it' she said finally. She showed what she was looking for to the boys who smiled, then helped her get down from the Royal Snow plough. She ran to the queen and handed her a box.'with all those sweets, you'll probably be needing this.' The Queen took the gift looked at it and began laughing again. 'Look everybody' she held up the box in it was a tube of toothpaste. And with that all of the Royal family joined I the laughter.

The children where home in no time at all. And where  tucked up in bed In plenty of time for Father Christmas. I wonder if Mummy will let us cook Christmas dinner tomorrow said Erin. I hope so said Freddie I would have loved a piece of that choccy woccie jelly surprise' 'me too' said Syd and with that they fell asleep smiling and dreaming of cake.


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