Journals of a Psychopath.



My psychopath grooms his son Smithson to sacrifice with him.


Advancing round the bend, Jayne hurried to us, and waggling her foot Rhea was vexed, I waited for the fireworks about to go off, and the anticipation bubbled.
      “Hi,” Jayne said.
Rhea frowned.
      “I stopped by to say hello.”
      “Leave him alone you are always trying to lure my man.”
Jayne was nonplussed. Losing the color and Rhea's face became white. Rhea stepped forward and she lunged to Jayne, Jayne jogged inside, Rhea chased her. She clobbered Jayne on the mouth and the gore leaked from Jayne's lip. Jayne fought back, she pushed Rhea, Rhea lost her balance, and she fell on the floor, the blood cascaded down Rhea’s legs.
      “The baby is coming!” She cried.


                                                                             Chapter Twelve


Rheanna was frantic, as we rode to the hospital. On our arrival, the midwife examined her.
      “Your baby is joining the world and is not in danger,” she said.
Rheanna calmed down when she heard the midwife’s words. She lost a great deal of blood. My son Smithson Samuel was born in the middle of the night, after a difficult birth. Entering the ward, I gazed at my son, and he was well built, his hands were balled into fists, as if he knew what was ahead. Strong blood ran through Smithson’s veins, I would teach him the ways, make Smithson aware involving the laws and he would obey. Smithson was arranged in the crook of Rhea's arm, she was well enough to hold him to her breast he sucked noisily. Rhea doted on the first-born from the moment she first saw Smithson, (The same way mother adored Hanson.) At least my son would not undergo the pain I endured and I was pleased for him.

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