A Letter to my Twin



A short story about a set of twins, one evil and one good, only these twins have a secret and once you find it out you'll be surprised at just how a set of twins can be closer then you realize.

A Letter to my Twin

      Jon Butler had a normal life, he worked 8 or 9 hours at his job as a manager of a large shipping company. He wasn’t married and right at this moment didn’t want to be.

        Jon was always on time, he never had adventures and he was now by himself.

        Returning home Jon looked around and wondered ‘I’ve no one left’. The death of his dad had been the final blow to Jon’s mind and heart. Sitting down in his favorite chair Jon felt tired, worn out, and completely done.

        Sighing he knew he had to unpack his stuff and get ready for work on Monday, he needed to get back to his life as best as he could. They wanted to give him more time off but he knew that the only thing now keeping him from going crazy was his job.

        Getting up he went and grabbed his bag from the front entrance and headed up stairs. After everything was put away he made himself some dinner and laid down to get some sleep with a list of what he needed to do tomorrow running through his head.

        Falling into a deep sleep Jon found himself dreaming about a green eyed monster and blood; so much blood.

        Coming to Jon found he had falling asleep on his couch, he didn’t remember falling asleep on his couch and he wondered if he had been sleep walking again after all this time.

        When he was ten Jon had started sleep walking, his parents had to lock his door and they had put a baby monitor in his room to listen if he needed help. Now when he became stressed or he didn’t get enough sleep he found he would sleep walk.

        Taking a shower, and eating some breakfast he headed over to his next door neighbor to gather his mail that she had picked up while he was gone. He had fallen hard for her and had become friends with her and now whenever either of them left for more than a few days they would get each other’s mail. He was working up the courage to ask her out but now he felt like if he asked she would say yes out of pity.

        “Bills, junk, letter from dads lawyer” Jon had known this was coming and laid the rest of the mail on his side table to read what he needed to do to get his father’s estate in order. Jon didn’t notice that when he laid the mail down one letter fell to the floor and landed out of sight under his coat rack.

        For the next few months Jon got his life back on track, selling his parents’ house, paying for the funeral and the bills his dad had left (which weren’t much).

        He had still been sleep walking and just thought it was because of all the stress he was under; if he stayed in his house he was fine. The only thing that bothered him was he kept having the same dream over and over again about the green eyed monster or that he was the green eyed monster and always so much blood.

        More and more when he awaked from those dreams he felt real fear, fear that he had done something really wrong and Jon hoped that what he was feeling didn’t have anything to do with him waking up in different places in his house in new clothes he didn’t remember buying.

        After a few more months Jon had come to locking himself in his bedroom and found it seemed to work. No more waking up in other parts of his house or suits he knew he would never wear.  

        Saturday came and he needed to run a bunch of errands and was getting ready to head out when he went to grab his keys off the side table and they slipped from his grip sliding a crossed his floor to end up under his coat rack.

        Bending down Jon reached under to grab his keys and found a letter. After finding his keys Jon took a look at the letter wondering how long it had been under there.

        It was addressed to him, and the return address was his own, but the name on it was Don Butler. Something in the back of his mind recognized that name but he couldn’t remember why or where he had heard it.

        Opening the envelope he found a hand written letter:

Dear Jon,

          You don’t know me, you might know the name and are wondering why the return address is your own? All will be revealed in due time, for now I need to explain a few things that should’ve been told to you long ago.

          My name is Don, I’m 32 years of age and my parents were Frank and Julia Butler. Now I know you’re even more confused, well this is the time to be, because unlike you I know all the answers.

          Our parents have been keeping things from you, like when you were nine you had an accident that caused you to be in a coma for six and a half months. After you woke up you weren’t the same, and by that I mean you weren’t you. For up to a year you lived in an out of state hospital for the insane. When I realized what they were doing I got us out of there and back home where we could be happy.

          This is also when you started sleep walking and they gave you ProSom a drug that helped calm your mind and helped you sleep longer at night without waking. You were also taking Zoloft but they stopped that after sometime and all the while you were taking these you were told they were vitamins there to help you and to keep you safe. What they really meant was to keep them safe but that didn’t happen did it?

          By the time you were 16 the sleep walking stopped all together and your parents never brought up the time you had forgotten. I on the other hand never forgot and have been trying to make you remember this whole time.

          The day you got the call about our dad was the day I could finally write this letter and did so that night. I knew with everything going on you wouldn’t read it if I left it for you to find so I sent it through the mail and waited.

          Now I know you are sleep walking again and you’re having dreams about someone with green eyes. How you ask do I know all this? Well it is because I’m the one you are dreaming about, I’m the one with the green eyes and I’m your worst nightmare. I have to laugh here because I’m thinking that it’s not only your nightmare but many many people have had the same one you have and you’re the only one who has lived through it.”

          I wanted to meet you but it isn’t possible for us to meet face to face, I’m sorry for this and sorry for everything else that is about to happen because it is my turn to live and while I never wanted to kill you well in order for me to live this is going to have to be done.

          You see when we were in our mothers stomach something happened, you were born and our parents were very happy to have such a healthy baby. The doctor told them that while for a few months there, there was two heart beats and then went on to explain that there was only one baby inside her and the second heart beat was nothing more than an echo. This wasn’t true!!!!

          It didn’t matter they said they loved you so much, our parents named you Jon, and because somewhere deep inside our mothers heart she knew that I was there, she named me Don. She never told dad and for nine years, she told you stories about us having adventures together and all about how her two boys with different eyes played together. It wasn’t until you had your adventure at the hospital that she stopped the stories and you forgot all about me.

          I fought to meet her and she had us locked up, then she helped you forget about me. NO! I had to do something and I did. Her so called car crash wasn’t just an accident and with her out of the way I had hoped you would come back to me.

          But again I was taken away and this time by dad (although he didn’t know what he was doing), all because you started sleep walking all over again. Now over these years you’ve gotten yourself the good life and none the wiser that you had or have a brother. A twin brother, someone who looks and acts just like you. The only thing that was different in us was our eyes, while you have bright blue eyes I have bright green ones.

          Now here is the crazy part you keep thinking that how is it possible that you have a brother and we’ve never meet or why our mother stopped telling you about me. Well here is the truth I’m not real and by that I mean I haven’t quite been honest with you myself.

          While you’ve a brother I’m only here because I’m you, and that green eyed monster that you keep dreaming about is you or rather me playing you. Those nights you sleep walk is actually me taking your body out for a stroll and getting my life together. The life I should’ve had but you wouldn’t let me, just like mom wouldn’t let me and look at what happened to her. “I’m laughing right now just to let you know” laughing at the memory of her taking off in a car that I used your body to sabotage.

          I know you are now ever more confused so I’ll explain even more. When we were in the growing stage inside our mother my body couldn’t support me and I died in a way that allowed you to absorb me into you. At five weeks my body gave up on me but my brain well just think of us as Siamese twins. Just like them we are two, but unlike them we aren’t connected by our bodies but by our brains.

          Now that doesn’t mean you have two brains, but two people living in here and I’m sick to death of being put on the back burner so to speak. You’ve had 32 years to do something with your life and you’ve wasted it, so I’ve taken it upon myself to create something that should’ve been mine in the first place.

          I’m glad that you finally know what is going on and why you’ve had all these horrible dreams. Oh and you can thank dad for this, because of him I’m back and trust me when I say I’m not going anywhere.

          After you read this and you go to sleep this night you won’t be coming back. The reason I’m writing this letter instead of just doing what I should’ve done so long ago is because unlike you I’m giving you the chance to say goodbye to the people you care about.

          I hope this answers many things and I know you probably don’t believe this and that is your privilege, but it won’t change the fact that I’m here and after tonight I’m staying.

          Goodbye my brother it wasn’t the best time to say the least, but at least it gave me a reason to live.

Your loving brother,

Don Butler.

        Jon laid the letter down and thought that this time he really was going crazy. Twin brother, absorbed into him and taking his body out for a stroll. What the heck kind of letter is this and why would anyone think that this made any sense?

        Shaking his head Jon got up and threw the letter into his recycle bin. Opening the door to head out but not before taking one last look at the envelope he had left on the side table and at the name Don Butler. Shaking his head again he closed the door and leaving it behind.

        That night as he got himself ready for bed he felt good about his day’s events and a little nervous. After leaving the house he had felt the fear he had felt after waking up from the dreams and he came back for the letter and envelope. He had decided to take them both to the police and because there was a direct threat to his life they had put two cars on his house until they could find the person who had written the letter.

        He didn’t get to do any of his things he had went to do because the detective that had taken his case kept him there for many hours asking him all sorts of questions about Don.

        They also reopened his mother’s accident hoping that it was just some sicko that was trying to scare him out of the money he had received from his father’s death. But like the detective said they couldn’t take any chances because clearly this person has done their homework or had been stalking him for some time now.

        Laying down Jon could see out his bedroom window one of the police cars that had been watching his house. He didn’t know why anyone wanted his life but what he did know is that he wasn’t going to give up on it that easy and this night he would wake up and live it again.

        The next morning after a great night’s sleep he walked into his bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth. Today he was going to quit his job, ask the girl next door out and head down to the bank to transfer dad’s money.

        Getting out of the shower never felt so good, brushing his teeth he checked himself out in the mirror smiling to himself he grabbed the contact lenses he had bought out of their hiding spot and got them ready to go.

        Blinking into the mirror he grabbed a blue contact and placed it into his left eye. Then again blinking into the mirror he saw he now had one blue eye and one green. Grabbing the other he placed it into his right eye and now he was ready to make sure that his life, his new life was going to start the way it should’ve so long ago.

        With a smile on his face and a little sadness in his heart Don stepped out onto his brother’s porch, waved to the police car and sipped his coffee. All the while looking at the second story window he knew his new next door neighbor slept behind and imagined what he would do once he got her up there.       

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