CHESS;     Take them all away.   Bloodsocks, my feet are filling up my thick socks with blood from the cuts, they are sweaty anyway so they have stuck to me, I'm too tired. I skidded across gravel and sharp things trying to esca...


Take them all away.
Bloodsocks, my feet are filling up my thick socks with blood from the cuts, they are sweaty anyway so they have stuck to me, I'm too tired. I skidded across gravel and sharp things trying to escape. I can fly, half-fly, I learnt how to do that in the red-masks. No, I'm in my squat, tired ready to go to sleep. I am disgusted.
Because one of the girls was a yellow. I should have been sure of how she would win. By gently coaxing me in, even kissing me on the first dates. We battle practised for weeks, in between the other signing on of every girl who petitioned. I picked girls, because, girls can hide better. If I had a merry band of men, all the plans would break down, just because of the sizes and loudness of men, everything would be revealed, and with girls, at least I keep in command. By being bitter, and detached. I can hide easier, by advertising kisses, and dating in that cafe, I am a regular customer, that meets girls to eat and drink good coffee.
I have gathered the right ones, we are a secret gang, of the best, the fittest, and most skilled at martial arts. Or, I choose the ones that have potential.
Chess, some fights are like that, chasing the bishop for example. It cuts all ways, the speed of it, makes a disturbance, crisscross, goes far one way, then quicken and right at you again, can escape with loudness, can't laugh, bishops don't laugh, they are women they wear a steeple hat the white ones are drinking sour milk, the black ones are leather-bound, they are being paid of the job, the other bishop piece, wont agree it's sister, they say  move alone, for pure killer joy, they have the plan, they are too clever to tell the plan, when alone they have the whizz,, they whizz all over the place, whizz like women in faint slipper shoes that don't scut up the floor, heads whizz, their head bang bangs, it's shrieking with all that wait for a kill, that needs to come quick, must come, always comes but never quick enough., it's a headache itself, it goes whizz bang to whizz bang, cuts off the other pieces, then slinks into a back position watching the entries game, with grand smirks, grand ideas of how to have you caught, in the last life, last empty unimportant life, and, it can't laugh, it's an automaton, that bishop, what does it want to do to me? 
It's a robotic guard, it does the Queen's will, only, it worships her only its her second in command, it wants to kill the realm of the other, it has a face like a woman, it looks at the loser like silent, grinding superiority, it will eat you up readily, like White widow spider, black widow spider. 
Cant break up an attack when the two of them are on. Sit together like evil sisters. Go invisible sharing the two squares.
The castle, i see, is a quiet little man, he is nice. His is the last place. He is a meek man idiot, not even needed until everyone else has had their turn. Wont be long if only the meek man is around, it likes the opposition kings, he says, hallo fellah! nearly there! End the game!
Fighting is  just one of those things, okay, block it with each pawn, soon cuts away at them, ends at being unneeded by the opponent, its there to upset you, because it's a woman, and it refuses t go away, until it's dead, and put back in the box, it leaves all these cuts across the board that skidded into floors to break the opponents mind down. IT takes you, one of you, then,. It's gone. 
Lost my shoes, cos there's was a puddle-mess she said, you have to watch out, you will hurt me. Then they came.
You cant cross them, the bishop women. She was with me dating me, on week after week. Not the longest relationship I've had, but I thought she was an innocent girl with expectations, some girl who 'could' fight, but had no training like this training. It's a primal type of kung-fu, where you give all out, like a crazy beast, but need to keep with the mind, so think of that dance as a cat can think. An aggressive but thin agile long legged cat, the way she looked. She chose the best place, the one most convenient for us. I gave in to the woman. She led me into a type of industrial park, to practice kicks and punches, I let her spin kick me, continually, showed her a roundhouse kick, the one where you can fly, and bring both feet to the neck and break it. Had no idea she would lead me into a battle against the yellow masks. 
 Glad, it was the first time they met me, without mask, as she didn't know who I was, completely,  Just that I date and drink coffee with her, in that cafe, I am sure she doesn't know about the other girls, then, she may have spied on the other girls.  And so because of that they don't know who I am by name. I won't call her again. She thinks I will, because I ended up dragging her away from the melee, and dumping her on the roadway... They went for her in the confusion, she really got shrieking.
If I am in the red-mask movement, then, I assume anyone against me is a yellow. So, I had to dump her. All those most important men in the red-masks, are invisible, we are all over.
 I have no defences, without a mask to hide my identity. The other girls are safe, because I say, don't make any other type of contact. They have people to watch over them. Most of the girls, i reject, them so, all they know is that I don't want to date them. Because it begins as a date where I am supposed to want a girlfriend, though I assume always that they know the real agenda. We've got innocent girls, who 'could' become us, as they look fit enough to fight, you can see that. I don't tell until the fourth kiss. All these leads are everywhere, even if the general public doesn't know, some red-masks, I don't know of, perhaps the waitress, is watching over me, because the first time she was very nice to me, or perhaps the cafe-owner who I know from her disappeared when the government stood down and went to overcome us all by the underground empire, is in my movement. The waitress is staying at an unpaid job, as it looks, until the official government returns, and she is paid for all this over-time, or until all the resources go, at the end, and she has to live on the food we leave over on our plates, and we all go back to our basic needs. But, I am not loud to look for friends with her, so I can sleep.
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